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Kevin Smith -- Not Large But In Charge

2/23/2010 4:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Director Kevin Smith made it to the premiere of his film "Cop Out" in NYC last night ... and didn't get kicked out.


With no one from Southwest there to bug him, the 39-year-old -- and his hot wife -- were not deemed a "safety risk."


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Milf Biggenson    

There's a certain mindset among some Hollywood directors who've made it to the "big time" that they just can't believe they get to do what they do for a living. Sam Raimi used to be one of them. However, he began dressing the part of a professional and started to take his career seriously. Mr. Smith looks like he would be at home living in his parents basement with that attire. It's a premiere! Dress the frick up you slob! If you're getting tossed off planes, go to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and stay there until you get the overeating under control. They say life is a journey. Well OA's journey only requires 12 steps. My fridge is further away then that.

1666 days ago


"Clerks" was the most overrated indie film that I can remember; mediocre at best. And yet that is the fart that launched so-called genius Kevin Smith into pop stardom. Now he never shuts up! He even gives speeches and seminars about filmmaking!

**Dear Kevin**

Please, for jimminy-chrissakes, SHUT UP YOU FAT DOUCHE! And choose a salad once in awhile instead of the triple cheese steaks you constantly cram down yer Dom Deluise-type blow hole. It's getting out of control. You are starting to make Mike from TMZ look like an underwear model.

Warmest regards,


1666 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

Kevin seriously bro your cool and all but those close got to go they are so 1995. Burlington Coat Factory bro that's all i have to say.

1666 days ago


This chick has definitely had some work done. She was down right nauseating in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II.

1666 days ago


You are missing the point. He is so cool and edgy. He is doing something never done before and going against the the mainstream. He is being a rebel and very original.

1666 days ago


Don't you get it???? The wearing of stupid looking, hand-me-downs that you wouldn't even catch a broke teenager wearing, just scream that he's "Joe 6-pack!!!" Just like Michael Moore. He's an every man's kinda man. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1666 days ago


Whats up with the girlfriends hair? Shes half bald! Such a big forehead. Kevins shorts look like they touch the ground. Guess the fat ass thinks black makes him look thinner...NOT! Wonder if had 2 seats for his movie premiere. LMAO!

1666 days ago

Dan Tanna    

Is that a Big Mac in his pocket??

1666 days ago


28. Posted at 3:24PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by MightyMad

Nice personal attack on a guy who was simply stating an opinion.

Oh you're so smart. Go f$ck yourself. What are you Kevin's little bitch? Let me guess you're one of those anti smoking zealots that think having a smoke is equivalent to smoking crack.

Apparently you're the important one here. Should we bow down to you now or later?

Well your opinion was STUPID, moron - aren't you clad someone finally care enough about you to tell you how STUPID you are?

And no, I'm not a smoker, but no what? I'm best friend, my mom and my dad were smokers, and some of my friends still are, and I NEVER GAVE THEM SH!T FOR IT - it's their life, so they can all do whatever they want with it... and so can you. I was just saying that you're A MORON for thinking that you would end up paying something if Kevin Smith would end up in the hospital for being too fat - that's not gonna happen, your money would NEVER be needed, and I don't need to be Smith's bitch, as you said, to point out how IDIOTIC your comment was.

As for bowing down to be, go right ahead, and, while you're down there, why don't you go on SUCKING MY D!CK? 'Bet you would love that, eh?...

1666 days ago


He needs at minimum two seats. Douche needs to go away and stop eating.

1666 days ago

Gus van Rant    

Fat piece of crap. Butt ugly wife. Horrible filmmaker.

1666 days ago


If you sat next to me and spilled over into my seat, that plane would not taxi out until you were moved. I would make sure of that. You're obviously too large to sit in one seat, as you purchased two before the SWA flight, so you know you have a problem. Loose weight dude.

1666 days ago



1666 days ago


For all those hating on fat people, any man who needs to wear a size medium shirt has shoulders wider than 17".

If that's you, you better buy 2 tickets on SWA or you will be crowding your neighbors. SWA might even single you out for public humiliation next time.

1666 days ago


he is fat, and I am not, so I should have to be uncomfortable because he is fat, I think not. What is he bitching about? If he wants bigger seats fly first class on another airline or buy your self some NetJet points.

1666 days ago
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