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Scotty Lago Parade Blown Back a Day

2/23/2010 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scotty Lago Parade Blown Back a DaySnowboarder Scotty Lago is gonna have to wait an extra day to receive the key to his hometown in New Hampshire ... but the delay has nothing to do with that racy photo that got him booted from Vancouver.

A parade for Lago was originally scheduled for this Saturday in Seabrook, NH -- but according to the parade coordinator, Shaylia Marquis, it had to be moved to Sunday because Lago is appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Friday in Los Angeles.

Marquis said the parade is set to go down at 1 PM, and will end with a private ceremony in which Scotty will be handed a key to the town.

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In 20 years people will be asking him what all that black writing crap is on his side. "It means I'm a dunce"

Wait, there asking him that now! lol

1673 days ago


19. Bad enough this country doesnt finance our american olympians now that is something we can be a tad ashamed of.

Nice shawn, americans should be ashamed of not using tax dollars so all americans can go snowboard for free! Or did you mean only americans who are the best snowboards?

1673 days ago


I am still mad that TMZ posted the picture before the Olympics was over with. You guys knew the repercussions and you haven't even apologized. It has made me twice about coming to this site when I see how you treat people. He is a snowboarder, not a celeb. He had a moment of fun after years of hard work and now he can't even attend the closing ceremony. You are to blame TMZ.

1673 days ago


TMZ gave Scotty a raw deal. The only good that has come out of this is that millions have had the pleasure of seeing THOSE ABS that would put The Situation to shame!! His hottness was exposed! He also seems like a really fun guy. Still hope he is allowed to go to the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Can you work on that TMZ!

1673 days ago



Don't you mean the photo you POSTED that got him kicked out of the Olympics? Are you ever going to own up to it TMZ?

1673 days ago


Can we have a vote on who has better abs The Situation or Scotty Lago!

1673 days ago


HOLY HOTTNESS!!!!#!@$%&&^#

1673 days ago


If he (Scotty) only had a brain. Even the scarecrow would have known..."Um, I just won a medal I need to behave"

Dumb douche...go get your key from your little, itty bitty town. YES!!! You can put it up your poop-hole in the privacy of your own bedroom. Better yet, invite that bimbo you let ruin your future to put it in for you.

"Jimmy Kimmel" LOL, Big Time...NOT !!!

Ye-Haw !!

1672 days ago


Why are women not up in arms about this kind of garbage? How degrading. He was treating that woman like dirt and she was acting like it. You gals out there need to get some self-pride. You don't need guys like that who don't even see you - all they see is T & A and they'll laugh at you with all their little buddies. You don't get respect unless you give it to yourself first.

1672 days ago


People, lighten up! No, wait. Isn't that Michael Phelps smokin pot in the background?
How is it that you accept lying politicians, pervy clergy, biased news networks AND sarah palin, yet you get your panties in a knot over youthful indescretion.
Face it people, he's a nice looking young man who won an Olympic medal and is probebly going to get laid because of it!

1672 days ago


A key to the city? For what? Being a drugged out, snow boarder, with nothing better to do?

1672 days ago


I'd totally lick his medal...and the key to his city and almost anything else.

1672 days ago

Holly Sue Hanscom    

Might have already posted this but I like this link better. Scotty's home town (Seabrook, NH) was the model for Al Capp, known for his Sunday Comic Li'l Abner, with everyone in Dog Patch (Seabrook)like Grandpa with his XXXJug, based on real life people. Yup - was quite a few years ago, long before Wal Mart (which Seabrook now has). He lived for some time in Amesbury, MA which is only a few miles from Seabrook. Thought you'd like to know.

1671 days ago


too bad tmz makes the kid look like a typical, cookie cutter crazy boarder who drinks and get rowdy and the like. Shame, as Scotty is a perfect example of how looks and what happened in Vancouver, can be utterly deceiving. He is one of the nicest, most respectful guys you could ever meet, with a top notch family who supported his dreams from a very,very early age. I have never seen such ignorance in my life, but then again why would I expect anything less than people that post to TMZ.

Ingrates of the most profound kind.

1670 days ago
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