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ESPN Host Suspended Over 'Hurtful' Comments

2/23/2010 7:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN has officially suspended "Pardon the Interruption" host Tony Kornheiser for 2 weeks -- after TK made "hurtful and personal comments" about a female SportsCenter anchor.

The drama began last week on Kornheiser's radio show -- when he commented on an outfit Hannah Storm wore during a recent SC broadcast, saying her "Catholic school plaid skirt" was "way too short for somebody" her age. He also claimed her tight shirt looked like a "sausage casing."

Yesterday, Kornheiser did not appear on PTI -- and now an ESPN executive VP of content John Skipper is finally offering an explanation: "Tony Kornheiser's comments about Hannah Storm were entirely inappropriate."

Skipper added, "Hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable and have significant consequences. Tony has been suspended from PTI for two weeks."

Kornheiser has already issued an apology on his radio show.

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Dirt Burger    

Instead of suspending Tony why don't they just fire him? he's loud, obnoxious and has no talent! and take his fat black partner with him,those guys suck.

1705 days ago


please dont make that the reason why women shouldn't be in sports just because she cant take a joke. In sports there is this mens club & just because she cant take a jokes or was offended doesn't mean she shouldn't or other women cant be in sports. As a women & a sports fan its really hard 2 get respect b/c men will say stuff that's hurtful and if we cant take it then they get mad at us, then won't except us, but they must realize that we are still women and certain stuff cant be said and wont be excepted.
On the other hand i love Tony and think he is so funny espcially when he dose the peguin dance and Hannah Storm does try just a little 2 hard, and that outfit was horrible.

1705 days ago

Oh No    

Tony was completely right! Her outfit was hideous. And he shouldn't be sorry for being completely right about her attire. Dress your age lady!

1705 days ago


Unreal...even though I don't agree with what she wore, the last thing we need is some gray-haired, balding, mouthy middle-aged man be the judge of what women should and shouldn't wear.

1705 days ago


Yep, he was most likely telling the truth....and we all know that hurts. Somebody needs to get a life.

1705 days ago


Do you have to be stupid, hard up or drunk to get a job as a male talking head at ESPN? What about these guys and their botox, weaves, grecian formula and unintelligent sports banter - not to mention their penchant for women other than their wives- what a gold standard!

1705 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Hannah looks like an aging prostitute and Tony looks like an old, bald NEW Yorker you would see at a Miami rest home. Why doesn't ESPN start with a clean slate and dump both of these idiots?

1705 days ago


I'm a woman, and I agree with him. How is that 'hurtful?' Seriously, when you're in the media or when you're a public figure, people are always going to have opinions about you.

Tony voiced his opinion about her. So what? Personally I think he's right. Does a woman have to dress like a sl&t in order to be respected in sports? I don't think so. So give up the act and dress like an adult.

1705 days ago


host Tony Kornheiser probably was telling the truth. Why would the anchor woman dress like a school girl.
Get with the style bitch. He was right what he said about her. HANNAH STORM should of dressed more appropriate for live televion.
School days are over for you HANNAH STORM. GROW THE F UP.

1705 days ago


So many of you totally miss the point. It doesn't matter what Hannah Storm wears-he shouldn't have trashed a colleague on the air. Hannah's bosses apparently don't have a problem with how she dresses, so it's completely irrelevant and inappropriate for him to comment. And this comes from someone who thinks she looks like a used-up crack whore.

1705 days ago

Apres Ski    

Nee #15
He was suspended because he said out loud what he was thinking. When you're at work, you cannot talk out loud about everything you see . . . including how bad your co-worker dresses.

If you name is not on the lower right hand corner of everybody's check, just shut up and do your job! No need to point out how bad things are going for another co worker. Remember, when things are going bad for you at work, you don't want people pointing that out. You want them to keep it to themselves because you know when they leave, they're going to talk & gossip full out at the local bar and have a good laugh at your expense . . .

1705 days ago


Just look at those eyes.... that face.... they've got ALCOHOLIC written all over them!!! Betcha he's got a little wee wee to boot. No wonder he's bitter, chauvinistic, sports guy!!! I see a crumbling career and rehab in his future...

1705 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Kornheiser also needs to apologize for his appearance, but I guess that can't be fixed with new clothes.

1705 days ago


The chick looks like a Troll with a wig on. I can barely even watch the show anymore with her LOU FERRIGNO looking grill.

I guess she forgot this lil mishap a few years ago? And she only got 1 week.

At a roast for co-workers Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic in January 2008, an allegedly intoxicated Jacobson reportedly cursed the University of Notre Dame, Jesus, and Touchdown Jesus.[1][2] ESPN and Jacobson both released a statement apologizing for any offense given to those offended by the comments[1]. Jacobson was suspended from ESPN for one week. Upon returning from her suspension, she apologized on air for her behavior and comments. No video or transcript of the roast was ever released.

1705 days ago


My bad. Wrong Anchor.

1705 days ago
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