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Travis Barker Fight -- The 911 Call

2/23/2010 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made this weekend when Travis Barker got into the nuclear showdown with a group of paparazzi.

Travis Barker Fight -- The 911 Call

The caller, who freaked out as the call goes on, tells the dispatcher about the fight at the Commons in Calabasas between Travis, his people, and several photogs.


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Haha that caller was SOOO Calabasas.

1670 days ago


the caller sounded like he was th eone about to get his ass kicked...HAHAHAHAAHA Someone should have really punched the fool filming this whole thing

1670 days ago


3. How is it that TMZ insists the 'original' pap who provoked him didn't work for them but yet they have tape (before the brawl) from that started the whole thing. Even if he wasn't on your payroll then, he sure is now. Shame on you!
Posted at 8:04PM on Feb 23rd 2010 by RabbleRouser

You're an idiot. There's nothing else to say...

1670 days ago


What an a-hole First off why would you call 911 for a fight in the street where both parties WANTED to fight?? Let them fight! If you where really scared for yourself and your daughter you should have been getting in your car and going home. I also hate when people assume that the 911 operator is not sending anyone. Every 911 call you here they are like "please can you just send some one?" Duh they are already on the way dumba$$ they dont dispatch to police over the phone lines it is called a computer as soon as the call is placed someone is dispatched.

1670 days ago


"21. What an a-hole First off why would you call 911 for a fight in the street where both parties WANTED to fight?? Let them fight!"

First of all, watch the video (the one with the two unrelated photographers, not the one with the one idiotic one that was provoking Travis). The photographers clearly did not want to fight.

Second of all, "let them fight"? Fighting in the streets isn't a legal event. What if the two parties wanted to have a gun fight instead that? Or crash their cars into one another. Would you not call the police then?

1670 days ago


It ought to be legal (encouraged, even) to use pepper spray on gossip photographers and paparazzi.

They're like wasps or flies; best if you spray for them right at the start when they begin to swarm!

1670 days ago


LEAVE TRAVIS AND THE KIDS ALONE .... He doesn't deserve this crap. Shame on you. Who raised you punks.

1670 days ago


I can't believe all the trash talk towards Barker (I suspect a bunch of paparazzi and their equally douche friends have been burning this site up). The original A-hole pap that threatened him while he was with his kids was so completely, and criminally, out of line, and the rest have been for a long time. I don't blame Barker for what he did. It's about time someone stood up to these useless pieces of sh*t. What kind of man chooses stalking celebs as a line of work and still be able to look at himself in the mirror? A useless tw*t, that's who. People wonder why Barker is famous? Are you kidding me? He's a kick ass, talented drummer. I'm not a huge fan, but at least I know he has contributed more to society than a bunch of pathetic idiot paps. I would be so embarrassed if my son chose that as a profession. Oh yeah, he wouldn't because he's not a worthless, lazy tool. TEAM BARKER!

1670 days ago


"The original A-hole pap that threatened him while he was with his kids was so completely, and criminally, out of line"

Criminally how? He approached Travis only to be apparently spit at and then swatted at. Both parties in this incident were pretty stupid. To attack someone while HOLDING YOUR YOUNG CHILD is completely and utterly retarded. Travis should have just ignored the guy and went inside the restaurant like a normal mature adult would have done.

Now, possibly if Travis had come back and brought his fat friends to assault/vandalize the /same cameraman/ from the incident, I might somewhat understand where he was coming from. But, he came out an hour later and instead decided to have his fat friends harass, assault, and vandalize property of two photographers that were sitting 30 yards away in their car. All the while, again, WHILE HIS YOUNG CHILDREN WERE NEARBY WATCHING.

Imagine if those two guys would have happened to just be two normal people sitting in their car, seeing him, and getting out their cameras to take pictures? They might as well have been as they seemed to have no relation to the other douche photographer from earlier.

Leave it to idiots on the internet to act like assaulting people to resolve really really really stupid disputes is somehow normal.

1670 days ago


I was waiting for the freakout. ... or was that it?


1670 days ago


We know Travis. He has shown us who he is, time and time again, through his actions, his life and his art. He has been through enough, his family has been through enough. Get a life and stop trying to deflect your hate on someone else. LEAVE HIM AND HIS FAMILY ALONE. BACK UP AND LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND EVALUATE YOURSELF.

1670 days ago


Who in the world is Travis Barker and why do we care about him?

1670 days ago


Put him back on the plane & finish the job.

1669 days ago



1669 days ago


Seriously Travis, move the hell out of Calabasas. No one wants you and the mess of paparazzi that comes along with you. Same to the kardashian's and Britney Spears. Calabasas is our city, we dont want it ruined by all your paparazzi nonsense. Move back to Malibu or over the hill and get out of Calabasas because you are going to ruin what is a really beautiful and quiet little town. Jerk.

1669 days ago
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