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Admiral Ackbar Closer to Ole Miss Mascot Status

2/24/2010 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Admiral Ackbar -- the Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance fleet -- is one step closer to becoming the new on-field mascot for the University of Mississippi.

Admiral Ackbar

Ole Miss is in the middle of a movement to replace their old mascot -- Colonel Reb -- after the school decided they wanted to update their image.

Tuesday, the students voted in favor of crowning a new mascot to represent Rebel Nation ... and the favorite so far is none other than the most famous Mon Calamari in the entire universe.

Several pro-Ackbar websites have recently emerged -- making the Admiral the heavy favorite. The University tells us the decision on the mascot is entirely in the hands of the student mascot committee. The University will hold a vote in the near future -- we'll keep you updated.

May The Force be with you.

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I think the University of Hawaii needs to change their mascot to a Shark.. Not any shark.. But me Dharma Shark.....

1700 days ago

Col. Rebel    

This is so typical of the Ole Miss student body. Someone comes along to change the traditions of the University, and they respond with tongue-in-cheek humor. I will say that most of us alums are made enough about the steady erosion of traditions that we would rather have no mascot at all if we lose Col Rebel. I'm not saying bring back the Confederate flag, but what I am saying is that it's gone far enough, time to stop.

ARE YOU READY to listen, Chancellor Jones?

1700 days ago


Yes there was a vote, over seven years ago, to keep Colonel Reb. New generation, new students, times have changed...and for the better! Besides, who wouldn't want to see the hot sorority girls in the Grove wearing Princess Leia bikinis?


1700 days ago

London not England    


I wouldn't want to go to a school with some "THANG" like that as a

Then again, as a Black person, i wouldn't want to go to a school in
Mississippi Anyway.....

they might try to make me drink from a different water fountain or

then deny it, or call me a "racist" for objecting to it....

1700 days ago


This is classic!!! Please pick this Star Wars character as your new moscot!! If the school is going to be pu$$y enough to be bullied by ignorant, bigoted, liberal Commies that know as much about our national history as they do astro physics, then I say punish them with the most absurd, stupidest looking moscot you can possibly find!!!

Misguided, overly sensitive, hypocritical PC bullsh*t has/is destroying this country

1700 days ago


You Earthlings think Earth is old enough to have traditions? What a joke! You babies! You're all still diaper poopers, your cultures are barely able to stand up. What you need is the culture of Atlantis to be reestablished in order to show some dignity and relevance and progress. Atlantis not only had great learning and advanced democracy, it also had no net negative environmental impact, "corporations" would not have been allowed because it was a responsible, creative, responsible society with advanced liberties, and nobody paid rent or owned property because there was no money. Parasites and their evils did not exist. What was needed was obvious and people made things happen. It was the most liberated and psychologically healthy society ever, and after the island submergence, very little has come along to try to match it. The United States was meant to be a light in the dark, to correct the error of the European/Asian tyrannies and decadence, and people around the Earth know this, but it seems now the United States understands itself least of all people now. Leave it now to others to seek freedom, equality, advancement of new learning, science, a healthy environment and development of the free arts.

1700 days ago

South Bay Native    

I don't think it is up to the student commitee but more up to George Lucas. He is very possesive when it comes to his Star Wars characters

1700 days ago


Great idea! Anyone remember when the U of Cal Santa Cruz students selected the Banana Slug as their mascot??

Of course y'all are going to have to get this past the oldmiss alumni. And that means that oldmiss grads are going to have to look up from their septic-tank pumping, stump-grinding, and liquor store businesses to try to understand what the argument is about.

I imagine that there are very few real people (those from outside Mississippi) who could name the oldmiss mascot in any case.

The important thing will always be the multimillion football factory, not the alleged education available at oldmiss.

1700 days ago


Admiral Ackbar is an image that's owned by a film company, like Ronald McDonald is owned by McDonald's corporation and Mickey Mouse is owned by Disney.

1700 days ago


It's a tarp!

1700 days ago


Go to Hoth, LSU!

1699 days ago


Nice idea, but they might actually want to check into their ability to license the Star Wars character before they hold their vote to select a character to promote football game and merchandise ticket sales.

1699 days ago


It is obvious that many of the people posting negative things about the state and university here, have never even set foot in Mississippi or visited the campus.

1699 days ago


Man who run behind car get exhausted.

T O O T !!!

T O O T !!!

1699 days ago


You cant repel a college mascot of that magnitude!

1699 days ago
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