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Octomom's Laugh Infects Daytime

2/24/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a Real Doll on uppers, Octomom Nadya Suleman brought her own brand of crazy to "The View" this morning ... where her self-proclaimed "obnoxious" hyena cackle took center stage.

Octomom: Click to watch
Whoopi's expression says it all.


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Why annoying druggie narcissists are considered news is puzzling.

1699 days ago

Freedom Blue    

When will Social Services step in, after the children are all killed by her??? She has severe mental issues and really needs professional help and someone has to save those innocent children she HAD TO HAVE!!!

1699 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

Ok, so why was she on the View anyway?
is she promoting a book, or a show or something?

She obviously likes the attention, she was practically manic in the spotlight. The hosts' faces definitely says it all - look at whoopi & elizabeth, both got that "did someone escape?" look on towards the end of the clip.

1699 days ago


Why in the world would The View have her on? This woman is clearly insane....nuts or whatever you want to call it. She really didn't answer one question. I want to know why SS didn't step in and take some of these kids away from her? How can she pay 3 nannies?

We saw on some tv show what a terrible mother she was to her other children....they slapped her and called her horrible names. She is not dealing with a full deck. Something needs to be done. I don't believe her when she says she has not had any tummy tuck or anything. She lies about everything.

1699 days ago


OMG! I never heard her speak before. Didn't know she sounds like Sylvester the cat! Really adds to her charm.....NOT!

1699 days ago


WTF - Why would The View ruin a good show with such a MORON? I could not believe what I was watching. Octocrazy Mom is definately on drugs (obviously speed of some kind). Maybe that is why she sleeps 2 hours a night. She babbled and made absolutely no sense. She could not even stay on one subject at a time, and danced around the questions that made her look bad.

I laughed each time the cameras zoomed in on Whoppi. Her facial expressions and body language were priceless. Gee, I wonder what she thinks about Nadia? LOL!

Hey Whoopi, your thoughts, please.

1699 days ago


Ugh...this woman should not be on tv...or out in public at all for that matter.

1699 days ago


TMZ usually posts stills of this lady. The cliche statement of "some things are better left unsaid" applies extremely well when it comes to Nadya. She's certainly in left field somewhere. To think some may have thought she was somewhat intelligent...I guess that theory is thrown out the window. It did come to mind while watching this segment of lunacy...this is a woman who takes care of 14 children? I am quite certain that any chance of career opportunities as a guest host on The View are now dead and buried.

1699 days ago


Nadya Suleman is the poster child of mental illness.

1699 days ago


The taxpayers support this bitch and now she is on t.v. as any celebrity .... only in US!

1699 days ago


There is a problem with this lady. She's got to be on something. Her body movement and laugh is something to be desired. She's is smoking something.

Can anyone tell my why she a guest on the View? What is she promoting, etc.

1699 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

THIS WOMAN IS CRAZY!!! CPS should step in now and rescue those kids from her--she is total poison. UGH GO AWAY YOU Octo-ass...

1699 days ago


Sad - Barbara Walters has gone from interviewing Castro to this. Time to call it a day, Barbara!

1699 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Nadya, I'm usually a good sport about banging marginal broads like you, I have always found your kind to be really hot in the sack.
BUT, in your case, while it might be swell to make out and nuzzle your funbags, neither I nor any other guy will because of your voice (nails on a chalkboard), that demented cackle (a crow being sodomized), your neurotic mannerisms (a tweaker jonesing) and the fact that your girly parts have been so stretched you can't possibly have any vaginal definition left (I'm picturing 6 pounds of ground liver in a hairnet).
Get those things fixed and maybe some guy will do you.

1699 days ago


Wow....stupid, crazy, mental chick. How can she raise all these kids? I don't know. Please take her out of the TV

1699 days ago
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