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Octomom's Laugh Infects Daytime

2/24/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a Real Doll on uppers, Octomom Nadya Suleman brought her own brand of crazy to "The View" this morning ... where her self-proclaimed "obnoxious" hyena cackle took center stage.

Octomom: Click to watch
Whoopi's expression says it all.


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Forget the laughter, that voice can drive you crazy, and not in a good way. Her entire behaviour is grotesque.

1641 days ago

No Comment    

As if that show needed another crazy loon.

1641 days ago


Those babies of hers should have been put up for adoption long ago. There are so many people who could care for them better than she can. She is not a sane person and isn't fit to be a parent. Her own mother and father have said she has real problems. Her doctor should loose his license for letting this crazy women continue having children.

I'm sure they all will be on welfare before we know it. Those kids are her all all going to end up nuts her.

1641 days ago

Tila Is Trash    

She acts bipolar, at least the manic part of it. She's not a normal person. She needs a professional to sort out her crazy ass.

1641 days ago


What is with The View these days? First they have The Jersey Shore sluts/kids on and the next day they have this Crazy train on. I don't believe anything she said.....she is just completely nuts....

Take those kids away from this nut case now......before it's too late.

1641 days ago



1641 days ago


Well at least Whoopie didn't start trying to talk like a white valley girl like she always does which is so annoying. How would she like it if Elizabeth and Joy started talking like a sista LOL!

1641 days ago


CPS should be notified. She is not qualified to be responsible for 14 children....

1641 days ago


Why are people giving this woman media coverage??? This is a country of IDIOTS. someone is made famous because they sit up and take fertility drugs and have 8 kids. This woman should get NO media coverage she should get no charity or anything else.She made the CHOICE to have these kids and she should have to care for them the best way she can.

1641 days ago


Caleb, please slap this Beeetch!

1640 days ago


Tangled, you hit it spot on! Thank you for putting the truth out there about Nadya, her lies and inability to parent even one child nevermind 14!

1640 days ago


I feel sorry for her kids. Poor babies got a crazy @ss mother.
If she were my mother, I would probably be like Stewie (Family Guy) and spending all my free time plotting to kill her.
She says she only sleeps 2 hours a night. If that is so, she is 2 seconds from being committed.

1640 days ago


I saw this too, and there is no way this woman is not on drugs. She had all the mannerisms, that innapropriate laugh, the way she was jumping all around, and she never could answer a question. I thought Elizabeth was the stupid one, but octomom out did her today.

1640 days ago


TMZ got it right when they titled that video The Last Laugh.
Bottom line is she's just too toxic for TV and she is getting so much more visibly worse. In those videos from the other site at least she was able to control her mental conditions somewhat when this frst started... Now she can barely talk. She's doing a crash and burn and probably is every bit as wigged out on pharmaceuticals as Anna Nicole Smith ever was.

But with 14 dependent babies the thing to remember is that they have a father. Who has a good probability of being well off enough to take care of them himself. And he is obligated to--that's why they call it child support He deliberately spawned them over a course of ten years. If she goes totally bonkers they are still his responsibility.

1640 days ago

Real People    

Who is Paying for the sitters and Nannies to Watch her 14 Kids..
This women doesnt have a Care in the world.. 14 Kids? Where?

1640 days ago
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