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Whitney Houston -- A Hot Mess in Australia

2/24/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a performance that can only be described as rocky at best, a sweat-drenched Whitney Houston attempted to sing her hit "I Will Always Love You" during a concert Monday night in Australia.

Whitney Houston

Whitney's weirdness reaches its peak right before she's supposed to hit the high note -- when she suddenly turns around, walks over to a table behind her, and then spends an excessive amount of time gearing up for the big finish.

When Whitney finally gets ready, she comes back to the mic and belts out the chorus to the song ... and let's just say she gets an E for Effort.


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u can all go to hell...whitney is rebuilding... u r the most insatiable, impatient, obnoxious people on earth. THESE THINGS TAKE TIME!!! stop bad-mouthing her! stop calling her names... she is trying her best. SHEESH... its not fair. at least she is trying. and to the person who said she will be found dead, SHUT UR MOUTH... how dare u speak something like that. she is on her way up... its rocky... u dont have to keep kicking her... how about a lil support. GOODNESS!

1544 days ago


well finally somebody told TMZ about there attitude, complex of doging the reputation of STArs,

1543 days ago


sang Whitney sang I am glad to hear of your come back, eventhought you don't sound the way you should you need reherasls, you will regain you voice again so I pray for u at this time in the name of Jesus, and he will heal you and restore your voice. Thank you Jesus, that you are no longer married to Bobby brown you are on your way to being a heaven bound "If any man be in Christ he is a new person, old things have passed away behold all things are new." your blessed by the best Whitney, Keep on Keeping on a fan in USA

1543 days ago


Mal ganz im Ernst ich war bei ihrem Konzert in Nürnberg und ich finde sie hat das echt gut gemacht, sie hat alle Töne getroffen gut ausgesehen und ein tolle performance hingelegt vielleicht ist sie nicht mehr ganz die alte aber ihre Stimme hat sich verändert und ich persöhnlich finde das dass alles viel besser ist als das was sie früher gemacht hat! Also ein ganz ganz großese lob von Mir!


1525 days ago


She was beautiful, she was talented, she had it all...and she blew it up her nose. Sad, sad, sad. She is over, done and kaput.
All the die-hard fans can waste their money on a has-been, but the rest of us will forget about her.

1506 days ago


I dont think it was so bad! No; she is not young anymore so what? So she cant hit those notes anymore so what? That song is a heavy weight to carry. I wish her the best whatever she has been through.

1506 days ago


I Love Whitney! And I am praying, (and not disgracefully JUDGING) for her and her family. And to those of you that are "so called Christians" I'm sure that you're feeling like a bunch of undercover Hypocrites!! However, Whitney has done what alot of people won't do, and that is admitting to her addiction! And how many of your MOTHER'S, Father's, Sisters, Brothers, Uncles or Aunts have addmitted to doing drugs? After all Whitney has put her time in and has and always will be a legend to many of people for her accomplishments and hard work.....No one will ever have a talent/ voice as strong as Whitney. Just like Micheal Jackson...there be will ONLY be one Whitney Houston!

1495 days ago


It is obvious to everyone who watches this that her hair was intended to hide her face from when she paused to sniff her drugs.Big hair hides alot!another give-a-way,as she turned around,she seemed to have difficulty and had almost fallen,she almost lost ballance.Whitney takes longs breaks,yes we know,but this is longer then usual...big hair hid what she was really doing,which was obtaining drugs from either under her wig or in her clevage area...i'm just being honest!I am too observant.Please someone help her!!!!!

1472 days ago


Okay; So you people see most stars become drug addicts and when you say she was NEVER good. You got that ALL MESSED UP! She used to be wonderful until she took her down fall; drugs ruins a person looks to me as if she's starting to loose her voice. And personally for someone who is on drugs she did and okay job! Whit was a good person; but all the fame got to her. She used to be good; stop saying she never was.

1448 days ago


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1353 days ago


What's sadder to me is that people are STILL paying to hear that HOT MESS. ahhh the gullable public.

1346 days ago


If Whitney could just find the strength to get off drugs and alcohol, and STAY off of them permanently, then she could still have a lot of good and happy years ahead of her. The human body is remarkable in its ability to heal itself if given a chance.

She may never be able to perform again, but she could still have a good life if she were to give herself a chance. And she needs to get Bobby Brown TOTALLY out of her life, FOR GOOD !!!

I will pray for her.

1218 days ago


mindless comments the lot of you! RIP whitney xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

929 days ago
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