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Palin Wins -- Levi Johnston Ordered to Pay Up

2/25/2010 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston has been ordered to pay nearly $18,000 in back child support ... TMZ has learned.

Palin Wins -- Levi Johnston Ordered to Pay Up

During a hearing in the child support case between Bristol Palin and Levi, the judge ruled Levi must pay $1,688.42 a month in support, retroactive to the child's birth -- December 27, 2008.

Bristol was in court in Alaska for the hearing -- Levi was a no-show.

Bristol's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, tells TMZ, "Bristol is pleased with the court rulings today and looks forward to resolving the remaining issues with Levi."


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good make the dead beat idiot pay...he can make a kid but wants to not fully support it, and then go public about how he wants some did his mamas drug trail come out?

1704 days ago


eff Palin... oh wait thats how this all got started. The only wait to get her mother back is for her to get pregnant by a black guy.

1704 days ago


WRONG!!!!! No such thing happened in court today, only 20 mins spent in court and September court date set. Judge hasn't even received both parties financial earnings yet. Pay attention to truth TMZ, quit buying the BS the Palin's and their flea bag lawyer are selling!

FACTS of today's court found in below Alaska news links.

1704 days ago


TMZ, you're full of sh*t! Shame on you!!

The trial is not until Sept.
THEN it will be decided who pay what and how much!

1704 days ago


Levi would never sign off on that baby, to get out of his life. He wants to stay attached to Sarah Palin's coattails, whether he likes her or not. She is the only reason he has achieved any notoriety or money.

He is the baby's father, and should support the child financially.

1704 days ago


funny I have 3 kids I never needed that much per month to raise a baby!!!

1704 days ago


Bristol a full-time caretaker of Levi's son? Last time I checked, she was busy doing TV show guest shots...just like mommy.

So why do the rich and famous Palins need any cash from Levi? If he has to fork over that much, he deserves full custody.

1704 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

As Democrats, Socialists, & special interests EXPLOIT the Historic nature of Obama's presidency (including Obama himself) for BONUS MONEY to their districts (and themselves) or Leftist (socialist) amendments , this becomes a legacy of 2009. The year of 2009 will be the year of PURE DNC GREED , as they call others greedy in the so called private sector. WILL EXPOLITING OBAMA (a scare tactic that Obama also uses) FOR Millions in funding or wreckless socialist ideals be the DNC Tactic of 2010 ?

1704 days ago


TMZ your lyin'! You should know better than to trust the Van Flea for info!
"Attorney Thomas Van Flein previously asked that subpoenas be issued to obtain information on payments made to Johnston by Playgirl and media companies such as CNN, Entertainment Tonight, Vanity Fair, the National Enquirer, Star magazine and Insider.

Johnston has said he wasn't paid for many of the media interviews.

A judge hasn't ruled on the request.

The court is determining the amount of child support based on Johnston's adjusted gross income, which is estimated between $100,000 and $105,000. Johnston has said his income from the entertainment field can be erratic.

The judge on Thursday encouraged Butler to get his client's financial information to the court, saying it was past due. She granted issuing subpoenas to get that information.

Van Flein said he had "every confidence" that the child support issue would be resolved in the next two weeks."
And Hey Where is Bristol's income declaration??? From her LLC, Candies, People mag etc????

1704 days ago


Buy your kids condoms. Don't ask, don't balk, just do it because they are doing it.

1704 days ago


Mama Sarah must need the money. I think it's all about her. She is such a dumbass.

1704 days ago


Why hasn't Bristol shown her financial records yet??? She's livin' on Sarah's tit and her son and her have socialized medicine...he mom gives her a caddie escalade, oh yeah she needs money for more plastic surgery and tanning salon...!

1704 days ago

dirty diana    

spoiled little s%^t has a television show coming up soon, i forget what and when cuz i could care less, but yeah she'll be raking it in soon enough. maybe levi will be pissed enough to expose more of these low lifes dirty laundry.... go levi.

1704 days ago


Man Oh Man that was one expensive piece of Azz. I hope it was worth it. I don't know, it was pretty cool that he pollinated the governor’s daughter’s flower, but not a bargain.

1704 days ago


If you were wondering that is $364,698.72 dollars he owes Bimbo Bristol Palin over 18 years. That is alot of cash for one freakin' bastard kid.

1704 days ago
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