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Andrew Koenig's Parents -- Why We Walked

2/25/2010 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Koenig's parents claim they bailed on Larry King last night because they felt the show was being "disrespectful" by pushing back their live interview several times on last night's show.

Walker Koenig and Larry King Live

TMZ spoke to Walter Koenig who told us they felt Larry did not give them "enough time to do credit to what we had to say."

The Koenigs were supposed to do an interview from the Vancouver hotel room where they've been staying, while continuing to search for their missing son.

Well placed sources tell TMZ the Koenigs were told they were supposed to go live at 6:30 PM PST -- but the interview was pushed back after LKL decided to cover the breaking SeaWorld whale tragedy.

We're told at 6:55, after looking at his watch several times, Walter and his wife walked into the bedroom and asked the crew to leave.

Walter told us, "We felt it was disrespectful."


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Its all part of the media food use us to get your story out and we use you for ratings. Sadly and to be honest, it is far more interesting to hear about a whale killing a trainer, than a 41 yr old man who walked away from life.

1671 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

#66: What kind of an interview can you do in 5 minutes?

Well, a commercial lasts 60 seconds (sometimes only 30) and the advertiser can easily get his message across.

If the Koenigs couldn't say what they wanted to in 5 minutes, they should just give up and go home.

Be real folks, five minutes on network TV is worth 127 years of passing out flyers on the street.

1671 days ago


These parents should have waited for whatever opportunity they were given to speak to the world via CNN. Sure, they were upset that they were pushed what? It's not about them. It's about getting the exposure to talk to a wide audience about their son's disappearance, regardless of how much time they were given. I wonder how they feel now that instead of spreading the word about their missing son, all everyone is talking about is them (the parents) walking off the set. Ridiculous! They made the story about them, not their son.

1671 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

You want to find your son? Forget about Larry King. Go on America's Most Wanted. That show really finds people!

1671 days ago


I don't understand why it matters if news is 'breaking' or not. This is about a person losing their life and a missing person - both important. If Larry could could have only offered them one minute, they should have taken it. No one knows if their appearance would have made a difference, but anything is worth a try, it might just make the difference. It's all beginning to make sense now. I hope that Andrew is found, and has people in his life who really care about him, who would leave no stone unturned to try and find him, and who would always put him first before their own egos.

1671 days ago


The missing person did send them a note when he disappeared. It is not like he was kidnapped. They should be grateful to have had the opportunity to get national time on LKL. They were not going to be able to provide anything new - just a plea for him to return. LKL has done this before in very short modules at the end or start of a show. If they don't understand that a death trumps a person who is missing by their own choice, then that may have been part of his troujbled relationship with them.

1671 days ago


Not all Canadians are watching the Olympics. I watched Larry King...Andrew's missing posters are plastered all over the place here anyways.

1671 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

On Wednesday's show, Larry King featured friends of Andrew Koenig's along with Andrew's sister Danielle. This segment lasted several minutes. It didn't help. And most likely neither would his parents' appearance.

What the Koenig's really want is for their son to see them on Larry King. They are aiming at ONE PERSON watching the interview. They should really buy commercial time on Vancouver TV stations. That's the key to all of this: having Andrew see their pleas on TV.

1671 days ago


It's no wonder he whacked himself, his parents drove him to it.

1671 days ago


I absolutely understand the Koenig's reaction, but they must also understand that Larry has a job to do, other instructions to follow from the management, and the WORLD will not stop from spinning just for them.

1671 days ago


I understand why they walked. They probably felt that because their interview kept getting pushed back, their sons well-being was not of concern to the show's producers and they were just being used for the ratings until a bigger, better story came along.

1671 days ago


If you work in the news industry and something unexpected happens, sometimes you have to go off schedule. It's called NEWS. I can understand why the parents were upset but you know what..Andrew wanted to leave. He sold his things, left notes to people, gave his landlord 30 days, got his security back, turned his cell phone off. So, even it was for only 5 minutes, it's better than nothing. I agree with comment 69. I'm sure it's all over the news in Canada that his parents are there so if he's alive and wants people to know, he'll come out.

1671 days ago


Larry King is older than death itself. He's no longer relevant. Was he ever relevant? He's a dried up hack and a moronic twit to boot. Never make it in Hollywad, honey!

1671 days ago


I watched and there was about 3 min. left of the show and Larry King said "We will be back with the parents of some star from Growing Pains". When the show came back and Larry said the parents left the building, I understood why. It was disrespectful to have them sit threw the show to give them 30 seconds at the end. People on here act like this was their only option to get their story out. They have been on a ton of shows and when your emotions are running high and you feel your son is being disrespected I understand why they did what they did! I would have also. They probably gave up other shows to be on Larry King which did disrespect them! What could they say in 30 seconds? It was a total disregard for their son's life!

1671 days ago


MOST PARENTS who have missing children never get the chance to be on T.V. let alone Larry king? There kid is an adult, but the kids who are missing never get air time. Good luck with the search, but GIVE ME A Fu@kin break. Cover other parents who truly need the chance to show pictures nation wide.

1671 days ago
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