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Bubba the Love Sponge Accused of Hate Call

2/25/2010 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A professional wrestler says someone claiming to be radio host Bubba the Love Sponge called her at home and unleashed a hateful, n-word laced attack ... and now she wants the phone records to prove it was him.

TNA Wrestler

The woman who received the call is TNA wrestling star Awesome Kong -- aka Kia Stevens. We're told she and Bubba have been feuding since January -- when Bubba said "F*** Haiti" on his radio show in the wake of the tragedy.

Now, Stevens has filed documents in Florida state court, in which she states that someone claiming to be Bubba called her from a private number two weeks ago and said, "You'll be dead like all those other n***ers in Haiti you fat black bitch ... F**K HAITI!"

Stevens wants a judge to allow her access to Bubba's phone records so she can see for herself if Bubba was behind the call ... and set the stage for a lawsuit against him.

But Bubba says Stevens' allegations are "one hundred percent false" and that "Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statement and physical threats to me is disgusting."

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Ned Dragons    

Bubba is a douche. NED DRAGONS!!!

1703 days ago


what exactly would the charges be? Leaving a mean phone message? I don't get it.

1703 days ago


No matter what you have bad to say about Bubba, ask yourself this one question: If you were Howard Stern's #2 guy...the obvious predecessor to someone who makes $100 million a year, would you do something like this? No, and neither did Bubba. If you believe this lawsuit, I got a bridge to sell you jackass.

1703 days ago

Rich M.    

You people are stupid. She claims in her papers that Bubba called her "on the radio". IF that's the case, where's the tape????

This fat woman couldn't kick anyone's a**. If any of you knew anything about fighting you would know she's just fat. Only in pro wrestling are people this fat considered some kind of athlete. I would love to see her try an actual sport. Now she's playing the race card. As if that's not predictable.

1703 days ago


9. Rot in hell MICHAEL JACKSON

Posted at 2:48PM on Feb 25th 2010 by mjfan212

1703 days ago

S D M F    


1703 days ago


I cannot believe the fat f*** is still alive. About twenty years ago I ran across his show and he told some lady that he hoped her children would die in a firey car crash. That was enough for me. I hope this fat*** chokes on his food, looks like he will get plenty of opportunties!

1703 days ago


Well, if he truly has nothing to hide, show the phone records.

1703 days ago


7. Tito Ortiz sure has packed on the pounds since becomming a dad!

Posted at 2:43PM on Feb 25th 2010 by Abusement

haha, was thinking same thing

1703 days ago


You idiots defending that loser are as dumb as he is. It's not the first time he's dished out racist comments. Get a grip, the guy is the very white trash he refers to many of his listeners as.


1703 days ago


I think that this wrestler chick physically attached him a few months ago. Bubba sucks and is a bit mean, but I do not think that he would go that far.

1703 days ago

Black Power    

This guy's so racist he only uses white sheets on his bed. Probably the same sheets he uses for his Klan meetings. Now I'm all for free speech, but when it comes to degrading people and making horrible remarks about race, religion or sexual preferences, you need to have your speech privlidges suspended.

1703 days ago


Now I'm all for free speech, but when it comes to degrading people and making horrible remarks about race, religion or sexual preferences, you need to have your speech privlidges suspended.

Posted at 3:56PM on Feb 25th 2010 by CCC


So in other words....you really aren't for free speech unless you agree with it? Typical liberal.

1703 days ago

chitown lady    

as someone who used to listen to this fat racist...He just might be dumb enough to do it....Even worse one of those clowns who work for him.......either way F haiti is right on...they have lived that way for years...the earthquake is whats going to change Haiti for the better.all the money funneled in there year after year and now all teh cash they are getting now...they gonna be living like kins soon enough. They actually have it better then this damn country right now. BUBBA the fat pig is way old. I have NO clue why Stern still allows him to be part of his channels. Bubba sucks and he is a racist,blowhard,troublemaker and lets not forget sex addict.How can can sit there and talk about his personel sex life, send naked pictures of his wife out to people is way beyon d me. WHo wants to hear that crap. She only married his fat ass for his money. as soon as the money goes ...I assure you she will too....with bells on!

1703 days ago


This bi*tch reminds me of that whore that was a dirty stripper in the Duke Lacrosse case. A f*cking liar!!! Throw this slut in prison where she belongs already!!!!

1703 days ago
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