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Bubba the Love Sponge Accused of Hate Call

2/25/2010 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A professional wrestler says someone claiming to be radio host Bubba the Love Sponge called her at home and unleashed a hateful, n-word laced attack ... and now she wants the phone records to prove it was him.

TNA Wrestler

The woman who received the call is TNA wrestling star Awesome Kong -- aka Kia Stevens. We're told she and Bubba have been feuding since January -- when Bubba said "F*** Haiti" on his radio show in the wake of the tragedy.

Now, Stevens has filed documents in Florida state court, in which she states that someone claiming to be Bubba called her from a private number two weeks ago and said, "You'll be dead like all those other n***ers in Haiti you fat black bitch ... F**K HAITI!"

Stevens wants a judge to allow her access to Bubba's phone records so she can see for herself if Bubba was behind the call ... and set the stage for a lawsuit against him.

But Bubba says Stevens' allegations are "one hundred percent false" and that "Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statement and physical threats to me is disgusting."

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#50 is a wrestling mark .... get a friggin life idiot ..... you know its fake right????????????? Kong has filed a baseless lawsuit and all this is going to do is make more people listen to his show to see what he says....you will all see when the lawsuit gets thrown out for lack of evidence/frivolous....

1595 days ago


Any Bubba fans think this might be MJ? I do.

1595 days ago


I doubt Bubba did it. It's more likely that she wants the Publicity!

1595 days ago

Todd Richards    

Bubba never said F--- Haiti on his radio show, he wrote it on Twitter.

1595 days ago


"17. No matter what you have bad to say about Bubba, ask yourself this one question: If you were Howard Stern's #2 guy...the obvious predecessor to someone who makes $100 million a year, would you do something like this?"

YOU ARE DELUSIONAL Pal! Stern's number 2 guy??!!!! Sirius pays Blubber exactly ywhat he's worth, squat. Hence, that's why that fat-ass has to moonlite on regular radio. (Maybe by number 2 you meant Sh*t)

1595 days ago


#45 Is a racist, and this is prolly his daddy...

1595 days ago


SHE IS A FUGLY DUDE. I Think they should see who has the bigger JUNK

1595 days ago


Put an IMPLANT BUSTER on him, Kong! Burst his jiggly man-boobs!

1595 days ago


You dummies just don't get it, do you?

It was Russo; Vince Russo. Just like Hogan has been telling everybody. He even told Bubba while on his radio show. Bubba just
shrugged it off and said "nah. stop playing with me Hulk and get serious".

TMZ, if you're going to do articles about the wrestling industry, at least show that your writers have knowledge about their subject. Millions of fans have figured out what going on with this situation already. The marks have no clue and are giving russo what he wants; attention for a stupid ass gimmick match of his.

1595 days ago

marky spark    

I'm surprised this guy quit talking about racing dune buggies and his arbitron ratings long enough to make a phone call to someone other than Hulk Hogan.

1595 days ago


49. To post #43 Jon - You must be a racist, obnoxious idiot. I'm sure you tune in to his show every day just after you are finished with your Klan meetings. Makes perfect sense, Dumb Ass.

Posted at 6:02PM on Feb 25th 2010 by SUN

Racist please define that, obnoxious idiot maybe, I tune into his show once or twice a week and I do it before the Klan meeting thank you very much. Gives us "Racist" something to talk about.

Again another unsupported message by a DUMB ASS

O yeah don't forget to post YOUR meaning of what a "Racist" is.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/02/25/bubba-the-love-sponge-accused-of-hate-call/4#comments#ixzz0gcM0P6vZ

1595 days ago


Would not surprise me if this is true. In the 90s he cruelly tortured a wild pig, then killed it and roasted it during a live outdoor broadcast. People were horrified at the time and he received a slap on the wrist. I hope they get his phone records, prove it and prosecute. Just look at him! Big redneck loser!

1595 days ago


For those who think Bubba only said "F Haiti" on his Twitter...


1595 days ago


The beauty of freedom of speech; just don't cry when it gets you a shot in the chops. TMZ, it would have been nice if you explained that this was an ongoing feud between Kong and Bubba after his little twitter comment about Haiti made Kong smack him up backstage back in January. Ok, I need a job and you obviously need a researcher. Harvey, give me a ring, you have my email.

1595 days ago


#30 says Bubba is a sex addict?!?!?!

Thanks for the laugh! His wife sure doesn't think so! Even in her begging he doesn't give it to her.

Listen to the show before you judge and cut the shizz with a z.

TMZ has way too many idiotic losers posting comments. Don't talk bad about somebody unless you know them. Bubba isn't a child. Children prank call people.

Oh and Bubba still let's people call him by his real name "Todd Klem" all the time. DO YOUR RESEARCH IDIOTS! Kill yourselves!

And I'm a ex-gangbanger and listen, I guess his audience isn't all white trash now is it?

1595 days ago
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