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Andrew Koenig's Dad: He Took His Own Life

2/25/2010 9:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An emotional Walter Koenig -- father of "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig -- just said his son, who had been missing since February 14, took his own life.

Andrew Koenig: Click to view
During Walter's brief statement, he had a message for those who may find themselves in the same emotional state as his son, saying, "What you can learn from this ... is that there are people out there who really, really care."

Walter continued, saying, "Before you make that final decision ... talk to somebody."

Once the Koenigs were finished speaking, a police spokesperson said Andrew's body was found today in Stanley Park in Vancouver. The spokesperson said they are not releasing Andrew's cause of death yet due to the sensitivity of situation.


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barbara miller    

My older Brother killed himself in August of 2004... I know he is now with God and all the Holy angels and that his loneliness is a thing of the past. May the family/ friends/ coworkers find some comfort in knowing Andrew is no longer suffering. Thank you for listening.

1703 days ago


Good for Walter making such a statement to reach out to others like his son in his time of grief. His message will reach out to someone else who may make a different choice, we can hope. RIP Andrew.

Having worked at the convention center I can tell you some of the "icons" coming thru for comic cons and star trek conventions are quite full of themselves, never this man.
Shame on Larry King and that B.S. of his having these people wait the entire show to speak and then tell them to wait again. Maybe he can make up for it by having them on some other night because they do have a message for people.

1703 days ago


this is so sad, when you see this guys father and you imagine what pain he must be going through, its as bad as whatever made his son end his life. i used to be immune to these stories, as i get older im 39 now i feel worse and worse when i hear them, those two young girls, britney murphy and the johnson heiress, yea maybe they had there problems, and maybe people write them off as over priveledged and how dare they let them selves decline to the state of dying from abusing themselves, but regardless if its a natural disaster or a suicide or a person who lets a drug habbit end there life, think that the person we just brush off in our minds, has a mother,father, husband, wife, sister brother, people whose whole world changed forever. its really heartbreaking, and alot of it can probably be avoided if people feeling so down and out that just going to sleep for good seems like the best option, but im sure most would wish they had that moment back. rest in peace star trek guy's kid, and the two young girls who died recently , and to all the young people or any people out there considering ending there life at a minimum really think what your doing to those you leave behind. being miserable isnt always the worst thing in the world. and it passes many times. just sad stuff on a snowy depressing day here in ny city.

1703 days ago


To Common Sense - in another interview Andrew's landlord said it was actually Andrew's mother he did not get along with. I suspect both parents were overbearing but apparently the mother was the bigger problem not the father.

1703 days ago

Paul Priore    

Re: The recent suicides of the following young youths:
These young children ended up committing suicide as a result of being bullied and for either being gay or perceived to have been gay. Asher Brown age 13, Seth Walsh age 13, Justin Asberg age 15, Billy Lucas age 15, Tyler Clementi age 18, and Raymond Chase age 19. We have failed these young children, because when these kids brought to the forefront the problems they were experiences, no one took the time to help them and put a stop to the constant bulling that they all had experienced.
Where were the Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers, Teachers aids, Counselors, school boards, school clubs, Elective Officials and so on?
As a victim of discrimination and bulling, I know all to well what it feels like to be treated differently, because of who I am and when I complained about the problems that I was having with some of the baseball players at my former employer the New York Yankees, no one would take the time to help me or do anything about it, they just ignored me and pushed me aside, I suspect that is what had happened to these young kids.
They probably felt that they had nowhere to turn for help and they felt that killing their selves was the only way to escape from the constant abuse and bulling they were all subjected to.
We need to recognize the signs of depression and bulling and help these kids from thinking about killing themselves; parents need to recognize any and all signs such as appearance and attitude change, lost of interest in daily activities and they need to listen to their kids cries for help.
We are all one people, whether we are White, Black, Spanish, Asian, Indian, male, female, gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, bi-sexual, tall, short, fat, thin, ugly, good looking, young and old, we all have feelings and should be treated equally.
We should not be so judgmental, critical, mean spirited, or any other such things as that, no one is completely without having some type of flaws, whether it be, having bad teeth, bad hair, bad body, and some form of disability, we are all human beings and should all be treated the same as we would like to be treated by others.
We must help these kids in every way, shape and form from ever feeling that this is the only way out of their troubles.
We must do everything in our powers to make sure no other kids consider thinking about killing themselves; we all have some kind of problems in life and need to help those that feel too weak to go on alone.
Respect everyone, knowledge is power, education and tolerance is the key to all the worlds’ ills, not by force, but by educating people.
These are my own personal opinions and beliefs.
Thank You.
Paul Priore
(Flushing, New York.)

1483 days ago
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