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OctoMom Goes Clubbin' in NYC

2/25/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman celebrated cracking up on "The View" by hitting the NYC club scene on Wednesday night.


While someone else watched her 14 kids, the 34-year-old OctoMom did her best "Sex and the City" impersonation and partied with pals at some hotspots in the Meatpacking District -- including Tenjune and Greenhouse, where this photo was taken.

Octomom: Click to watchWe're told Octo partied way past 2 AM -- and the DJ kept shouting her out in the middle of the club.

Sources inside Tenjune tell us Octo was pretty quiet inside the joint -- no drinking, no dancing.


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I find her to be a little creepy. Don't know what it is, but she gives me the heebie jeebies every time I see her.

1663 days ago


OMGAWD!!! She is gross.

1663 days ago

Fed Up with Octo Mom    

I am so sick of this woman. She has 14 kids and no job and keeps having babies. Some bleeding heart buys her a house for free and she's gets free child care and whatever else. Because Americans are bleeding hearts. She goes out to party while others take care of her kids. We are billions in debt and joblessness is climbing. It's so hard to find a job. And We give money to this person. Then we send billions to Haiti. I got an idea pay the huge defcit first. Priorities people priorities. I'm an American ...but our priorities are screwed up. Lets take care of the economy first then help others. Just needed to rant.

1663 days ago


This nasty ugly thing looks nothing like Angelina Jolie my god dose people need glasses??? Angelina Jolie is beautiful, this ugly thing is a freak.I can't belive anyone would spend 1 second chasing this weird big lipped nasty freak down,what a waste of time and energy. She is a lazy welfare bum,who takes handouts,if i was a lazy disgrace to women like her i would hide my face also.Was it free to get in the clubs she went to, or did she pay to get in with food stamps???

1663 days ago

They were in it for the money    

if she said she doesnt drink, she is not tellin the truth. Call up El Chollo and theyll tell ya her drink is blackberry margarita. and she likes their greasy cheesy enchiladas too.
call up the local albertsons and ask them how nerve wracking she is or the new target down on imperial and i da ho ... she makes real shoppers sick with that laugh
and yes her eyes do glow like that and her kisser look like dat at the local gym at midnight or 2 am, she wore out her welcome, not to mention her incubator a long time ago with her fraudia ways

1662 days ago


How does this woman find the time to go out and party...? Oh yeah, U.S Taxpayers are paying for her 14 kids! F@#king disgusting! Only in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1662 days ago


You know she's a beast in the bed. I'd tear it up in a heart beat!

1662 days ago


It's sad that all one has to do to gain celebrity status these days is to be mentally ill - which Nadia clearly is. I suppose the kids are far better off with babysitters than they are with their mentally ill mother around.

1662 days ago

Bobo Frog    

That picture is frightening. She looks like Angela at the end of Sleepaway Camp.

1662 days ago


Who is watching the crowd of kids??? Is there anything even up in her head???

1662 days ago


greg please, im bipolar and have a 3 year old, that doesn't make you a bad parent.

1662 days ago


I agree with comment 60

1626 days ago


#102- All of those others you mentioned who are getting the "same level of support" were actually employed and self supporting prior to their over sized broods. This skank lived off the states dime, scamming and scheming all the way to the bank.

Bad behavior should never be rewarded.

1644 days ago


So instead of working to support 14 kids...she goes clubbing.!? Go Home!

1611 days ago


Where is child services when you need one? those poor kids!!!!!!!

1610 days ago
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