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Simon vs. Ellen - They Don't Idolize Each Other

2/25/2010 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres flat out don't get along, and the tension is building ... this according to multiple "American Idol" sources.

Our insiders say Simon and Ellen aren't even trying to hide it. Ellen can't stand what she believes is Simon's cruelty toward contestants. And, we're told, Simon actually enjoys pissing Ellen off with his blistering critiques.

People working on the show last night tell TMZ ... it was apparent on and off camera ... Simon's tolerance level for the contestants was at an all-time low, and he knew it was making Ellen uncomfortable but clearly didn't care. As one insider put it, "He was intentionally pushing her buttons."

It all started badly ... as Deadline Hollywood first reported .. when Simon showed up late for Ellen's first week of "A.I." taping and made her wait around. Producers separated the two -- who began the season sitting side-by-side -- but the tension has gotten worse.

But business is business. "A.I." is beating the Olympics, and ratings for Ellen's show skyrocketed last week. In Hollywood, contempt has its upside.


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WHO CARES?! Big bad Simon is leaving AI for another show. This is Ellen's big thing now. Shuffle off now, you too tight shirt wearing a-hole. YOU ROCK ELLEN!

1612 days ago


Simon knows music. Ellen knows comedy. She had no business being a judge on American Idol. It's like asking Simon to be a judge at The Comedy Store. Oh wait. He'd probably do a better job.

1612 days ago


I too think Simon looks bored,but I still enjoy him and sorry to see him leave. I think this season of girls and guys are the worst so far.

1612 days ago


If Ellen has the first say after a performance, she says 'you look good', 'I like that song', or other generalizations. The other three judges all have music backgrounds and know the technical aspects and can pinpoint the good and the bad. I like Ellen but they should have replaced Paula with someone more musically experienced.

1612 days ago


Simon rakes in $50 million a year & Ellen's bank deposits are getting fatter each payday.

It's all about publicity, ratings and $$$. How many of us deal with annoying & downright rude co-workers everyday and we will never earn a fraction of their money? Ellen and Simon can bash each other's brains out right on national tv for all I care.

1612 days ago


He didn't seem to get along with Neil Patrick Harris when he was on either. I'm just sayin'.

1612 days ago


Ellen is boring on AI. Simon continues to be the only reason I'll watch that show. That show will be so dead without him. Hey Ellen, don't quit your day job.

1612 days ago


give me a break - like she didn't know simon made those comments BEFORE she joined the show???

1612 days ago

Noah Marshall    

No, when last tested, my IQ was 123. I think people who like music watch AmIdol.

Everyone’s viewing tastes are different, but, I think AmIdol is more entertaining and less exploitative than other reality shows, based on the promotional ads I recall seeing for shows like “The Bachelor”; and who can forget the reprehensible, “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire”?

1612 days ago


inthink Ellen and Simon's conflict ia all part of the script. AI producers think that there has to be conflict with the judges. I would rather they focus on the music and stop with all of the fake drama with the judges.

1612 days ago


Seriously? Ellen knew what Simon was like before this, I'm sure.

1612 days ago


this is just sour grapes by Idol to try to damage Simon Cowell prior to the start of his new show that Idol does not own...and which is on a different network.

and to drum up ratings...'what is going to happen next between Simon and Ellen (who has no star presence in this format and seems 'off key') la 'what is Vanna going to be wearing next?'

1612 days ago

J C    

Simon knows Ellen's 'aw shucks, cutesy persona ' is just a front and She knows He knows it ,so it's stressful for Her to maintain this public image She's portrayed when She's not in control.
She's going to bail on AI.Just watch.

1612 days ago

Maui Girl    

Ellen has been in the entertainment business for over 20-25 years. She know entertainment and star quality, even if her music background isn't that extensive, other than her claiming she's a "fan of music". I think she's in her element, and brings a unbiased viewpoint to the show, plus her wit and tactfulness gain her points, as well.

ON THE OTHER HAND: Simon is on his way out after this season...he's bored as hell, he's mean as hell, and none of his critiques will help any of the contestants. He's just pulling them down, bringing them down with his sharp razor tongue. The very qualities he praised the contestants for having, are the same qualities that he's bashing now. Geezzz, make up your mind, Simon! Do you like their individuality or do you not?

Ellen has just as much music experience as Simon does, so I guess she's just as qualified to be a judge. I like her as a judge, but cannot stand Kara. She's obnoxious, she wears too much jewelry and ugly hairstyles / heavy make-up, and she's always "clinking" her jewelry on the desktop, while moving her hands around everywhere while she talks. She's unappealing in every way as a judge.

I hope Ellen stays on, and bored, unhappy Simon moves along on his way to produce his own show.

1612 days ago


Business is business, but in my opinion, money is not everything, the relations between people is more important. What's your opinion?

1612 days ago
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