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Simon vs. Ellen - They Don't Idolize Each Other

2/25/2010 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres flat out don't get along, and the tension is building ... this according to multiple "American Idol" sources.

Our insiders say Simon and Ellen aren't even trying to hide it. Ellen can't stand what she believes is Simon's cruelty toward contestants. And, we're told, Simon actually enjoys pissing Ellen off with his blistering critiques.

People working on the show last night tell TMZ ... it was apparent on and off camera ... Simon's tolerance level for the contestants was at an all-time low, and he knew it was making Ellen uncomfortable but clearly didn't care. As one insider put it, "He was intentionally pushing her buttons."

It all started badly ... as Deadline Hollywood first reported .. when Simon showed up late for Ellen's first week of "A.I." taping and made her wait around. Producers separated the two -- who began the season sitting side-by-side -- but the tension has gotten worse.

But business is business. "A.I." is beating the Olympics, and ratings for Ellen's show skyrocketed last week. In Hollywood, contempt has its upside.


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its just a ploy to get better ratings he has to continue his "I treat everyone like crap" personna or else the whole Simon thing just doesnt work

1671 days ago


I don't understand why they picked Ellen for a judge, she absolutely SUCKS as a judge. So what she loves music, alot of people love music, but it doesn't make them experts. The producers hould have given Paula what she wanted, END OF STORY.
It wasn't Ellen who stole Paula job it was that PHONEY BE-OTCH Kara.
I think this show will be history when Simon leaves, I mean after all it's his show. Someone please tell Ellen to stick to her talk show and leave the judges to the professionals.

1671 days ago


ellen is the worst thing to happen to television. She has no clue what she's talking a out. I mute her whenever it's her turn to critique because her insight is risiculous. She makes no sense(even less then paula did) and tries to be funny when really she is making a fool of herself.

1671 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

I'm not interested in watching AI this year. Ellen's a joke (literally). Kara was bad enough, but Ellen?! She knows squat about the music business, not to mention she has a tiresome personality. I'm not wasting my time on this.

1671 days ago


Ellen is a joke and has NO BUSINESS being a judge. She has NO talent when it comes to judging singers NONE. Personally I can't stomach watching idol any more because of this BS

1671 days ago


Ellen "stole" NOTHING from anybody. Paula quit - Paula's choice. Ellen absolutely rocks as a judge. IMO Simon is a big jealous that Ellen is so well liked. I do think Simon is important to the show, but there is room for Ellen, too. As a matter of fact, I think the show NEEDS Ellen. At any rate, I'm on Team Ellen.

1671 days ago


There was tension whe Cara first started. Now that Paula's not there and Ellen is new, Cara is acting different. She seems more outspoken and not as shy. In her mind, shes not the new girl anymore. I don't think you have to be a music expert to judge though. I can tell if someone sounds good, bad, missed a note, wrong song choice.

1671 days ago


Simon owns the show and Ellen is looking weirder and weirder. Is her head really round or is she working with CHAZ and going through the "change?" The show is over when Simon leaves but would never be over if Ellen left. I only wait for Simon's comments. What was she even talking about???

1671 days ago


I agree it's Simon's show.

Ellen needs to keep in mind that she cannot rule everything. I was really shocked that the producer's hired her.

Her personality is really changing. She's acts like she is trying to take over.

1671 days ago


Oh yeah I forgot to also mention..Simon's leaving so who cares! If he really cared what the fans think, he would be staying. No one will be happy with the person filling his shoes either. Even if it's a singing expert, people will say "it's not the same, it isn't as mean and funny."

1671 days ago


I love Ellen... but not on Idol! she is driving me crazy, she does not no when they are singing pitchy or missing notes. The last two shows she has told each contestant the same thing... Was rushed and I hope you are back because I really like you. They need a judge who can honestly tell a good singer from a bad one. And, not to change the subject but this is the first season that at this point I don't have anyone I like picked out. This was the first show that I felt all but 3 are awful.

1671 days ago


Ellen sucks. Can't even stand to watch her. I tape it and fast forward when she talks.

1671 days ago


Ellen knew what Simon was like before she agreed to thake the job so I don't know why she is now complaining about him-he hasn't changed and it's because of him and his direct comments that most
people tune in

agree with him usually-maybe not his phrasing all the time but Simon knows great from good from mediocre and that is what the show is about-sifting through the talent to find the best one

personally I wish they would have approached someone like music legend Carole King to help balance out the panel if they wanted a woman

there are a lot of remarkable performers like her- both pop and country - who maybe have given up the constant touring and would have time to do the show and add more value to the critique than Ellen

love Ellen-just not on this
to me it should only be music industry people on the panel

1671 days ago

Rip It Up    

It's Simon's show, Ellen is a visitor. She needs to get over herself, or leave.

1671 days ago



1671 days ago
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