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Tiger Mauls PETA's Billboard Plans

2/25/2010 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods has sunk his claws into an animal rights group -- scaring PETA into pulling a series of controversial billboards featuring the golfer's image.

Tiger Woods

TMZ has learned PETA -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -- is temporarily bagging plans to run the ads, which feature an image of Tiger next to the line "Too much sex can be a bad thing." The ad was intended to promote pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered.

PETA tells TMZ, "In light of conversations we have had with Mr. Woods' attorneys, plans to run our billboard are on hold at this time."


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1666 days ago


PETA is very smart, they don't have to pay a cent to run it...all of the media covering this story are running it for them. Very cost effective PETA.

1666 days ago


Tiger Woods should be neutered. Can you imagine how many people he may have exposed to a sexually transmitted disease? Also, how many little tigers are out there not knowing who their daddy is? As outrageous as the PETA ad seems, I don't see what is stopping them from running the ad. PETA has gone after the Olesen twins far more vigorously than a simple billboard. The Olesen twins are worth only $100 million though. I guess when you got a billion, you can get whatever you want. I bet Nike will be monitoring Tiger like a hawk to be certain that he never whips his shaft out again.

1666 days ago


Tiger brought upon himself all this ridicule, he should have known people just don't forget 14+ mistresses (all low class skanks), just because he says he is sowwy! Give me a freaking break, I have an adorable kitten I call Tiger (not after him, she is too sweet for that), and this billboard would make me want to get her spayed. Peta may be geurilla like in their ways, but they usually get their point across!

1666 days ago


I hate these animal rights freaks and all that support them. These people are nothing but domestic terrorist. alf,elf and peta are all the same and they need to be stopped. Anyone who supports these freaks must be out of their mind when america is a country with millions of homeless people and millions without jobs.

1666 days ago

alchemist's okay to cut a dog's balls off, but not to put it in a dog show?

1666 days ago

Low Down In Windermere    

Regions filed two lawsuits on 12/23/2008 naming Menaker Investments I as the defendant.

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Regions Bank filed the lawsuit on 1/27/2009 naming Giles-Menaker as the defendant.
2009-CA-002547-O for default of $1,700,000.00

*Mitch Menaker files for Bankruptcy on 7/29/2009
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Does anyone smell something fishy:
**How does a man default on over $8,000,000 in construction loans from Regions Bank, File for and get approved for bankruptcy, and in the meantime form and develop a new business with the man who was the main contact with Regions Bank for both companies?

*How does Regions Bank allow for the overdraft of a "purchase card" to reach over $140,000 before turning it off (as laid out in lawsuit)?

1666 days ago


The media, his old hoes, other golfers, and other orgs. need 2 just leave them the @#$% alone!!! That stuff was Tiger & Elin's buisness on Black Friday(after Thanksgiving)!!! They were gettin' doped up after dinner, he snitched on himself, she kicked his ass and all these other people have been lookin' 4 attention since.
Tiger screwed up last week with that press conf. and the org. that ran it!!! He might just need to finish rehab + hang with his fam' more!!!!

1666 days ago


PETA needs to leave this one alone. They really owe Elin and the children an apology on this one. Really? Let's humiliate the family more.

I don't condone Tiger's behavior; however, he's right to jump on this one. It's not fair to his family. Yes, he made mistakes, but that doesn't mean it's okay to take cheap shots at the family..because that is basically what would wind up happening.

1666 days ago

Capo Flynn    

Furlover, I could not have said it better myself!! UFCK PETA AND THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON!!

1666 days ago


PETA are the worst,most sanctimonious and most abusive nuts going!! Jeez, there is genuine caring for animals and all wildlife then there are these nutters whose tactics to date put them more on a criminal offenders list than an animal rights organisation!! If you can neuter THEM Tiger you're doing us all a favour lol!!

1666 days ago


While funny this is yet another sad thing PETA is doing and put this up near Tiger's home where his kids, wife, family and friends have too look at everyday, SHAME on you PETA!

1666 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Ok kids, class is now in session. So far on this site I've heard Tiger should be neutered,castrated, killed, beaten, sent back to Africa, isolated on an island etc! In a country with a 50% divorce rate, who are the perfect little angels that will carry out this sentence? Oh I forgot, cheating on your wife isn't even a crime!! I guess when it does become a crime, the judge, jury and executioners with be you brilliant, moral, pure as the driven snow TMZ FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! Can you people walk on water too? You've just been served up a big fat dose of common sense! Chew on it and swallow every DROP!!

1666 days ago

Jose Castillo    

This is BS... Peta makes me sick they are super stupid.... i think if they get away with this then Tiger should hire someone to splash these ads with red paint like they do people who wear fur...

1666 days ago


Now that is really funny.Peta should send TW an honorary Peta membership and a gift certificate for neutering at his local veterinarian's office. Might cut down on TW's prowling.

1666 days ago
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