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'Deadliest Catch' Castmate: It's Been Tough

2/26/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Captain Phil Harris' death has impacted everyone on "Deadliest Catch" -- including the men from rival fishing crews.

Sig Hansen: Click to watch
Though Captain Sig Hansen of the FV Northwestern and the late Captain were professional rivals, Sig tells us, "Even though you're competitive, you know these guys too closely ... it's been tough."

As we previously reported, Phil died earlier this month after suffering a stroke unloading crabs.


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Oops I droped my F-n pocket bud

1699 days ago

dr cyclops    

boo hooo he is swimming with the fishes now.
the real tradgedy is the canada girls hockey team smoking dope and drinking beers on the ice after winning the gold medal.they should be kicked off the team and sent home .ohh the humanity,what kind of excample does that set for the kids of the world,these games have been just the worst ever

1700 days ago


Crocodile tears.

1700 days ago


Of course they were rivals and friends too.

I live near a fishing port. Everybody knows everybody. All the boats go out at the same time in a sort of buddy system. If your boat sinks, who else will be around to haul your sorry butt out of the water?

They face the same challenges. They face the same buyers. They face the same suppliers. They know each others' business. Who else can they brag to about the size of their... um... catch?

1700 days ago


Are you kidding, Jonaie?? This is the forum you use to complain about a completely different topic? Insensitive. It really is sad about Phil dying, no matter if you liked him, or don't even know who he is. He was someone's son, father, friend.

1699 days ago


On a different note, Sig is GORGEOUS!

1699 days ago


I have watched "Deadliest Catch" since it began. I have a close friend who worked on the crab boats to put himself through college. He said he came close to death on several occasions. My condolences go out to Captain Phil's family and friends. He will be missed by fans such as myself.

1699 days ago


Jonaie-you are a colossal idiot

Sig is a great guy, and he and Phil were good friends, as are all the captains of those fleets. If you have ever seen an episode where a ship goes down...ANY ship, it has a huge impact on the guys.

RIP Phil

1699 days ago



I hear that drinking beer and smoking dope lead to misspellings, poor grammar, and an inability to capitalize words properly.

1699 days ago


I dearly hope I am not the minority of followers of this amazing & surreal program TLC was smart enough to capture several years ago. The strength, humility, personalities & faith all of these men show each & every day while earning a living "way out there" keeps me truly humbled. My love & admiration, prayers & faith goes out to the Harris family. I have faith, all of the "fishers of men" have a safe & friutful season. My heart breaks when I think of Captain Phil, how he will be missed by so so many. I can only imagine how it must be for all of those who knew, loved & worked with him. I find it so very difficult to watch this seasons epeisodes, I have been a fan since DAY 1.
God Speed, Captain Phil, you have left quite a legacy, even if you did not meant too! God bless you Jake & Josh, your Dad gave you quite a pair of boots to fill, but no doubt, FILL THEM YOU WILL!!!

1645 days ago


HeY CarL: I am nither drunk or in a drug induced stupor, just a poor typist & dabbing tears off my keyboard as I type this...Lighten up, OK?

1645 days ago


Oh, Carl: By the way, I am neither drunk or in a drunk induced stupor, just a poor typer while my tears are spilling on my keyboard. Lighten up, won't you?

1645 days ago


Did any of the fishermen on Deadlest Catch ever think that SMOKING COULD BE BAD FOR YOU! These dudes have a cigarette in their mouths non-stop. Ya think that could have anything to do with why Phil had a stroke?????

1645 days ago


I have a few things to talk about? Phil's death struck everyohe I know. It was so sad I really believe he would come out of it. But when they hired derrick I knew he as a real pain. Reminding thoughs boys how many times their father died was a cruel thing to do.

1255 days ago


it,s to bad phil harris sons are such ****-ups they will never come close to being half the man there father was

1239 days ago

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