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Mom of MTV 'Teen Mom' Cops Plea, Gets Knives

2/26/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- struck a plea deal after she was accused of choking her daughter ... and as part of the deal, she wants her knives back.

Mom of MTV 'Teen Mom' Cops Plea, Gets Knives

Danielson agreed to a deferred prosecution at Pottawattamie County court in Iowa today -- meaning if she has no other legal issues and complies with her probation, the case will be dropped.

She also pled guilty to a lesser charge and got a suspended sentence of 30 days in jail. As part of the plea deal, the prosecution had to return two kitchen knives that were seized as evidence.

Danielson was arrested last month after she allegedly choked her daughter Farrah, who appeared on the MTV show "Teen Mom."


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Farrah (the daughter) is a BITCH! She always leaves her baby with HER mother so she can go out and party! The mother has just been trying to get HER daughter to do the right thing for her baby. That girl Farrah is so darn obnoxious and rude that it's no wonder the mother finally lost her cool. Some people should be required to get a license to have a baby! This girl has no business being a mom, she is way too selfish and there is no place for selfishness in parenting!

1698 days ago


@4 that's Racist

Child molesting isn't a white problem it a every race problem and as soon as people get over the stigma the sooner we can help ever race effected by these child molesting pathetic bastards. You need 2 read up more and stop offending ppl, i've worked with RAINN and its really sad 2 see what those victims go throw on a everyday bases cause of jackass like you. As a black person it really bothers me when other races think that
Ps. I've watch Farrah on that show and i would've called child protective services on her along time ago and tried 2 keep my grandchild because it very apparent that farrah isn't ready for a child

1698 days ago


How did Phil Spector get out of prison and commit another crime???

1698 days ago


Farrah is a spoiled little bitch that runs the rule of the house. The parents need to kick her out on her ass and let her see what real life is all about. The prosecutor should watch one episode of the show Teen Moms to see what this vile brat is all about.

1698 days ago


If you've ever seen the show, then you know Farrah totally had it coming.

1698 days ago


They are both wonder why the step father left before he got put in the slammer by the wife or kid. The best thing they could do for that baby is givve her up to a normal family.
They remind me of the crazy demonic Cindy and Casey Anthony.

1698 days ago


They both are mentally ill and both unfit mothers

1698 days ago


The people I know say that the mother is much worse in person and has some severe menatl disorders that has rubbed off on the daughter. The mother is feared my many because she goes extreme crazy, I've heard bipolar.

1698 days ago


That brat had such a great wonderful future and ruined it. It would be heartbreaking as a mom to see that happen. Then for the mother to have to always take care of the baby and take Farrahs ungrateful crap! I do not condone the physical part of it all but hey, she may of a moment of utter madness!

1698 days ago


I feel badly for her mom -- I can't imagine the restraint it must take to deal with that ungrateful bitch, Farrah. Plus, the poor mom has to watch Sophia most of the time (I'm sure she would love to kick Farrah's dumb ass out, but then what would happen to little Sophia). Farrah should have given Sophia up for adoption when she was born. That would have been the unselfish thing to do and Sophia could have been raised by a family who appreciates and adores her.

But, of course, Farrah is too shelfish to do that -- all she cares about is partying and boys. Grow up, Farrah! You're a mother now -- so mom up!

1698 days ago

alex k    

first off, teen mom was a heck of a series, tyler and caitlin where an example of how ALL should handle the situation at that age.

Farrah, annoying? sure...but she had parenting as well and it was BAD parenting, that is is NEVER your fault when your mother bashes your face in... .thats uncalled for....Farrah is indeed a brat, but she was raised this way...its no excuse, but its just the way it is.

best of luck to all the women of teen mom, and I hope Gary gets it together, I hope Tyler and Cait have a child once tyler is set and stationed in the military. I hope Farrah can find a way to be the mother...and I hope Lacy drops Ryan, and finds a way to find bentley a REAL father

1582 days ago


LOL, so lets say a wife disrespected her husband the way that Farrah did to her Mom, paid all her bills, etc... should he have chocked and pulled a knife out on her too? Would everyone be team Husband just because the wife was rude? Just wondering. Double standards.

1553 days ago


I feel for Farrah and her mom.

But they both are sico and rude and need to mature.
i wonder how the dad is doing with this whole situation?? hm..

1549 days ago


That lil bitch Farrah deserved to get a backhand. She's rude, disrespectful and acts as if she's the center of the universe. She's using her parents as babysitters...I'd choke her down too the way she acts. Then later in the series she's talking about how she gets free babysitting now from whatever assistance she gets and bitching that its the only thing thats free. This country is soooooo F'd up people. Is everything supposed to be free? What is everybody gonna do when we all stop working? They'll be no more free stuff cuz no taxes will get paid. Ever hear about Greece's money problems?

1531 days ago


Is Farah mom on some kind of drugs?

1509 days ago
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