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Mom of MTV 'Teen Mom' Cops Plea, Gets Knives

2/26/2010 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- struck a plea deal after she was accused of choking her daughter ... and as part of the deal, she wants her knives back.

Mom of MTV 'Teen Mom' Cops Plea, Gets Knives

Danielson agreed to a deferred prosecution at Pottawattamie County court in Iowa today -- meaning if she has no other legal issues and complies with her probation, the case will be dropped.

She also pled guilty to a lesser charge and got a suspended sentence of 30 days in jail. As part of the plea deal, the prosecution had to return two kitchen knives that were seized as evidence.

Danielson was arrested last month after she allegedly choked her daughter Farrah, who appeared on the MTV show "Teen Mom."


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Everyone is blaming Farrah, and overlooking some very important facts.

1. Farrah's parents made her into a spoiled brat by indulging her every whim.
2. Farrah commented more than once that her Mum called her horrible names while she was pregnant (slut, whore etc), acted like it was nothing when Sophia's father died, and basically told her she would have to keep the baby as her punishment for having sex in the first place (That girl needed her mother through all that and received no emotional support whatsoever)
3. Debra comes across as extremely manipulative. After choking and hitting Farrah hard enough to draw blood, she acts like she's done nothing wrong and repeatedly tries to guilt Farrah into letting her see Sophia (who she repeatedly refers to as "my baby". Believe me, that pisses off the real mother. I have a friend whos MIL does that all the time)

1454 days ago


Keep your legs closed, finish your education, and start paying your own bills, then maybe some of us will listen to all that whining. Maybe when Farrah's daughter pulls the same attitude and makes her a grandma before she's 35, she'll understand why her mom justifiably choked her.

1442 days ago


i hope farrah takes the baby and gets out of that house and goes someplace safe to raise her baby

1440 days ago


Who the **** cares? Every person who has ever appeared on that show is trash, silly little whores who think they know everything. They're not even mature enough to raise themselves, let alone a helpless child. I remember when MTV stuck to entertainment, & wasn't just a constant fueling of reality garbage about entitled brats with such "dramatic lives". High Five!

1394 days ago


Deborah worked at my company for a very short time and believe me, do NOT feed sorry for her. She was nothing more than a pompous a$$ and acted like she was better than anyone. She was fired after having been on the job for no more than 2 weeks and asked for an "vacaction" time because she was going to do some filming for this stupid "reality" show. Then she blew up in front of the boss and started telling how the boss how things were going to go and blah blah blah. Unbelievable! I didnt even realize she was part of this show till one of my kids was flipping through the channels and I happen to see her face on the screen. Yikes! I could help but start laughing. I remember being at a meeting and we all went to lunch. A collegue, making small conversation as we waiting for our order commented on her watch and asked what kind it was. She then says "oh,this is an expensive watch, you've probably never seen one like this" then snubbed him off and looked the other way! I couldnt believe it! I've worn a suit and tie for 25 years and deal with a lot of people and I never, ever, have experienced someone as egotiscal as "deborah" is. In my book she deserves whatever comes to her in life.

1364 days ago


Everyone is talking about Farrah on here and her mom! Yea Farrah screwed up, but so has a million other kids in the US and No one is talking about them! Farrahs mom should have never baby-sat her kid and taught her to be responsible instead of letting her do what she wants! Kids can only do what their parents let them! I had a child at 17 and it had nothing to do with my mother. But my made me do everything for my child! Cook, work, clean, and never Baby-sat! And I had to finish school. All I got was a roof over my head! So if anyones to blame here it is the mom!

1303 days ago
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