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Rapper Juvenile Arrested in Pot Bust

2/26/2010 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

JuvenileJuvenile had to back that thang up to a jail cell yesterday -- after cops say they found a bag containing "up to one ounce" of weed in a house he was using as a recording studio.

According to the St. Bernard Sheriff's Office, cops showed up to the Arabi, Louisiana home when an anonymous caller complained about marijuana smoke coming out of the house.

Juvenile, real name Terius Gray, was cuffed after cops say he admitted that the bag of marijuana found on the scene was his.

The rapper was arrested for misdemeanor possession and taken to jail, where he posted a $1,750 bond.

As we previously reported, Juvenile was also busted for pot back in 2008.


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I need to move too Canada and quick or at least Seattle, WA lol

1698 days ago


The way this country is being run,especially when W was president, is pathetic!"How are we going to cut the deficit,we will tax more!"Democrats=stupid!@2001-2009 under "W" Bush "Let's give the wealthy a much deserved tax break".**** Cheney "I think we should give oil companies and Haliburton that $$$ instesd of spending it on armor to protect our troops""W'spent like a drunken sailer and he also charged the taxpayer for those stupid "the anti-drug" commercials which basically honed in on how bad pot is!The "war on drugs"is a stupid,expensive joke on the US citizen.The drug cartels are actually making deals w/the top brass of the DEA and FBI.The cartels let them bust around 10% of the drugs to make law enforcement look good.The DEA gets the bribe $$ and their token busts,the cartels make more $$ because that causes the price to stay high,everybody wins but the US citizen loses.More taxes to keep up w/the expensive war on drugs and to keep non violent "dope fiends" locked up for a very long time while the real criminals(thugs)go through a revolving door type justice system right back out on the streets to carjack and kill again!

1625 days ago


I just wrote a whole page and the idiots that run this site didn't even bother to post it!!

1625 days ago


Hey 'to hell w/her' So that poster that made an intelligent observation about cops wasting thier resources and our tax dollars on some guy who was smoking weed in his own house,not bothering anybody and YOU call him braindead!You call him braindead becuase the subject of the story was breaking the law,whooo,you have a great argument their,you really know how to debate and use logic."He was breaking the law"you say,I guess you win the debate,genius!!Ok for arguement sake,say you are in a state that has 'sex between unmarried couples are against the law' and you and your girlfriend are getting it on in your own house.By some chance,you forgot to close the curtins and the nosey neighbor sees you and your girl going at it.The neighbor calls the cops and they bust you guys.You end up sentenced to 6 years of hard time at the states maximum security prison!Some guy argues that the state is wasting $$ for locking people up for premarital sex,then some other dimwit counters by saying "you're braindead,he was BREAKING THE LAW"!So hypothetically people that think like you would keep voting for politicians that want to keep these stupid laws on the books,and not only that but enforce these stupid laws;meanwhile you are doing 6 years of hard labor,seems fair right?See where I'm going w/this,hopefully you were able to comprehend what I'm telling you.Oh and there are laws like this on the books in some states.So back to the argument about the rapper that was busted because he was smoking weed in his own house,not hurting a soul;you sir are braindead for arguing "it's against the law"!there are many laws still on the books,some of them are really dumb laws that are counterproductive and need to be abolished!

1625 days ago


I signed up on this site an hour ago and this STUPID,RETARDED site put my very long post on a blank page!1 IDIOTS!!!!

1625 days ago

bruce walker    

This is just a wast of time,money,a person right to do what they want in thier own home . When are they going to STOP wasting our tax dollars,locking people up for smoking weed. God made weed man made alchohol, who are YOU going to trust ?

1601 days ago

big aaron     

why the f..k day do tht 22 him :P

858 days ago
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