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2/26/2010 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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Allen Ridak    

If I had to rate her out of ten, I'd give her eight - and then I'd give her one!

1678 days ago


I am definitely checking out her video when it gets releaased.

1678 days ago


I'm not buying this, personally. She was very outspoken when she got booted off the Bachelor for "inappropriate behavior" and adamantly denied doing anything wrong. She also went on to say how she worried about her child seeing those news stories.I definitely believe realitysteve's view of that story over the other media garbage. Also, if she really had a sex tape out there, she would be scrambling to keep it from coming out to save face. Especially since that is the route most celebs take when one of their sex tapes are leaked. I wouldn't be surprised if its just another way to rip her reputation in the press and to buy more PR for the show.

1678 days ago


I am beginning to wonder if all of this nonsense witht he bachelor show is for ratings and nothing more. I cannot believe they let it air when she accused Chris of trying to hit on some guys wife in Austrailia. They let that air---he was such a gentleman about it all--it is all for show I am thinking.

1678 days ago


I seriously can't believe that a woman who willing competes for a man against 24 other women would have made a sex tape! I would think she would have far too much self-esteem for that! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

1678 days ago


I've focked many chicks just like this one. And when I fock 'em, they STAY focked.

1678 days ago


Dont lie, we're all just jealous we'll never get a bombshell like this...BB, call me, I'll hit that...If I ever kicked you outta bed, its only so we can F** on the floor..

1678 days ago


"I swear on my life of my child that this is not true"

She must really not like that kid!

1678 days ago


Tell me.....what child/girl/woman in Hollywood does NOT have a sex tape? To NOT have one is career suicide. Hollywood, and everyone in it, should implode. The place is a high end cesspool.

1678 days ago


OF course that didn't take steps to stop it, because they're the ones behind it.
And of course there's no knowledge of tapes, because there's no knowledge of screwing the producer either.
The ex-producer probably set this all up. JMO

1678 days ago


This whore denies messing around witht he producer of the show. But she isn't denying a sex tapes and not taking any action to stop the person from selling. def slept with the producer now!!!

1678 days ago


Did anyone ever think "Hrmmm maybe she just IS a porn star."

1678 days ago


WTF would she block the sale of these tapes? She'll be invited to Hef's mansion, get her own reality show, have 9 babies to beat octowhore and we'll have to look at her stupid face (and body parts) for years to come!

1678 days ago


she's not worthy of a comment, other than that I feel awful for what she is doing to her childs life, she's about as gross as you can get.

1678 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I have no time for women who let them selves be filmed while they are banged and then claim its was for private use what a load of BS you can bet you a*ss at some point some one else is going to see that you did, so you can expect the fall out to start

1678 days ago
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