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Sean Penn --

Lifesaving Hero in Haiti

2/26/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn is personally responsible for saving two lives Thursday during a rescue mission in Haiti -- a woman and an orphan child badly injured in the rubble of a collapsed building ... TMZ has learned.


Penn -- who runs the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization -- drove an hour and a half with his daughter Dylan to rescue a woman and child who were trapped in rubble outside Port-au-Prince, possibly from an aftershock.

An eyewitness tells TMZ Penn helped extricate the woman, who suffered leg injuries, and the child, who suffered head injuries. Penn drove them in his truck to the University of Miami hospital camp in Port-au-Prince.

We're told Penn waited while the woman and child were treated for their injuries and then took them back to his place.

The woman and the child have nowhere to go, and Penn won't leave them until they have a safe place to go.


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Rills & cassimusmaximus:

My sentiments exactly!

1667 days ago


Penn is another rich Leftwing Liberal Hollywood Spoiled Punk "AHOLE!". It would give me no greater pleasure than to run into this Punk on the street! What a worthless sack of CHIT!

1666 days ago


Be very careful if you happen upon this troll looking Penn twink on the street;
He goes for your zipper before you can blink.
Rumor has it that he made a tape of himself chowing down on Gary Coleman to raise funds for his daughter's sex change op.?

1666 days ago


Thats what I'm talking about..A real celebrity that gets their hands dirty. Stop singing and go over there and help someone!

1666 days ago


Sean penn is a hero of mankind. He is one of the greatest heroes in history and has saved thousands of people. He is the best!

1664 days ago


He's a hero because he has someone drive him two and a half hours to a colllapsed building in which the women and child were already rescued? Had Penn not shown up someone there would have transported the victims. That's what rescue workers do, w/o benefit of publicity and personal drivers. Penn using tragedy to build up his ego-`look at me, look at me!" Yet, there are men and women who actually risk their lives continually for the benefit of all of us, doing it without cameras, doing it w/o recognition-doing it for no other reward or reason than it is the right thing to do. What they do is heroic, what Penn does is self-congratulatory and Hollywood fawns over him because of it. Afterall, he is an extension of them.

1664 days ago


so. someone was all "sean hop in the car and get over here, iv got this lady and her kid. GREAT PR" ill make sure they stay buried for ya till u get here

1664 days ago


no matter what sean penn's opinons are, he is a good person for the work hes done in HATI. PEOPLE NEED TO RELIZE THAT!!!!!!!!

1660 days ago

J.D. Rourke    

Good for Penn! Anyone who puts the paparazzi in their place and helps other in serious need is all right by me...

1659 days ago


I am an American Red Cross employee and I just had the chance to watch Real Time w/ Bill Maher from last week. I saw the segment with Mr. Penn and I must say that while he did mention American Red Cross I wonder if he realizes that all of the American Red Cross' employees and volunteers (who we value to a great extent) have been working tirelessly since the disaster has occurred. Many of our blood donors who traveled to Haiti and have been deferred for travel reasons called to offer blood and because of the fact that we are monitored by the FDA we could not accept these donors to give blood. I have been with the American Red Cross for over three years and I am proud of the organization that saves lives on a daily basis. I realize that my comments about Mr. Penn's appearance are coming over a week late, but at the American Red Cross we work around the clock to provide our services when needed. I am a great fan of Mr. Penn and the humanitarian efforts he is defending but I would like to let him know that the American Red Cross was a first responder in this crisis with Haiti and we have wonderful volunteers who sacrifice their lives to aid countries around the world on a daily basis. I agree with Mr. Penn about the political and media areas of this issue, but as an American Red Cross employee I can only say, please get to know our organization and what we stand for before you go on a live broadcast and trivialize the roll our organization has played in not only this crisis, but other disasters around the globe.

1653 days ago



1668 days ago


Wow, nice job Sean! That is awesome. I just wonder why he seems to hate amercians so much, but everyone else, he loves.

1668 days ago


Although I dig Penn the actor and paparazzi beater.......I was waiting for the punch line line like; "while waiting at the hospital, Sean Penn beat the tar out of two paparazzi's who were near by eating lunch".

1668 days ago


They're lucky neither of them was holding a camera.

1668 days ago


He's still a douchebag.

1668 days ago
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