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Shiloh's New Look Is Really, Really Brad

2/26/2010 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt's adorable daughter Shiloh Nouvel is fashioning herself right after her daddy.


The newly shorn three-year-old little Miss showed off her preppy outfit this week ... and it's almost an exact replica of what papa Brad wore just days after she was born.

Makes sense since Shiloh's a little too young to be dressing like mommy Angelina.


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London not England    

ALL I KNOW IS: According to those OLD photos of Brad at his Mexico Villa, BRAD PITT HAS A LITTLE D!CK .....~!~!~!

So Angie can HAVE HIM!

1678 days ago


I know plenty of children who are little tomboys but they still have cute little ponytails and pigtails...not a dyke cut. They wear jeans but still wear a cute and colorful top. Angelina always has Shiloh in drab colours with awful haircuts. It's obvious Angelina feels some sort of animosity towards her own child...perhaps because she ruined her body? Poor Shiloh is such a beautiful little's such a shame she's being raised by mentally ill trash.

1678 days ago


what a little dollbaby but every one of those kids are darling - bravo for this philanthropic family

1678 days ago

Debra Disney-Dior    

I noticed this a year ago when Shiloh was wearing a daddy look alike golf cap. Mark my words,the world is looking at the NEXT "Jodie Foster." Nothing wrong with that at ALL -- you are what you are. Little Zahara is such a princess -- absolutely adorable. I just can't see Shiloh toting a designer bag like her sister, diva Zahara.

1678 days ago


Shiloh looks like Britney Spears youngest son Jayden.

1678 days ago


She's adorable :)

I have a fairly normal list of things I'd like to see/do before I die (e.g. skydive, visit London, see a great white shark close-up *preferably not immediately proceding death*, touch the Blarney Stone, etc.). Then, I have a list of the things I don't like to admit to wanting to see before I die(e.g. get to watch all of the Harry Potter movies, find out what the *uck is happening to the island in LOST, get to read all of George R.R. Martin's Fire and Ice books, etc.).

Well, wanting to see how Shiloh turns out as an adult falls into the second list. I know, it's sad, but I want to see what this super-combo of genetics produces! XD

And for those attacking the poor girl's style... for god's sake, she's what, 3? It's bad enough you spend so much time attacking the way adult strangers look! Well, maybe with the exception of Lady Gaga. XD She kind of has it coming.

But really, Shiloh looks like a healthy and happy adorable little girl, and I wish nothing but the best for their clan. :D

1678 days ago


come on, leave the kids off of the site. seriously.

1678 days ago


She is adorable, what sickos you are calling her names.

1678 days ago

Leane Campbell    

Why do they always dress her like a little boy?

1678 days ago


124, I could give a rat ass about meeting the Jolie-Pitts but I care about people attacking children, especially when girls have dressed like boys and turned out fine. Short haircuts make girls a lesbian? how laughable. I brought up the Aniston fans because they have called the twins--retarded, deformed, etc. They've called Shiloh a lesbian and worse. We won't even talk about the adopted children. It is sick. Suri Cruise gets attacked, Sunday Rose gets attacked by grown ass adults..what the hell is wrong with people? Do you all not have children of your own? Does it make one feel good inside to call a child ugly names and speculate on their sexuality at age 4?
I haven't even seen half the movies from any of the parents but attacking children is cruel. I bet most the people commenting don't even have kids, one day they might and they will understand.

1678 days ago


Wow, amazing how much ferociousness there is in the world. An innocent, hopefully happy child, dressed in cool comfy clothes and a cute short do and all the ignorant, vicious losers come out of the woodwork, well some. It's embarrassing for you guys that are insulting Shiloh so. Get a life. Any good parent knows that kids can go through phases like this, and either change or stick with it through time. Good for them for having her dress this way. it's cute. When my niece was about the same age she was playing around a lot with the boys, sports and stuff and when she went to get her haircut she said she wanted a real short hair cut like that too. Her mom let her and it was fine. Eventually she wanted to grow it out, fine as well. You people with all the negative commentary, well just feel sorry for you is all. Tragic.

1678 days ago


The little girl is beautiful, but Shiloh has been raised as a boy... by this I mean- there is no way this child would desire everything male at such an early age... I can understand a couple of things, but everything about this child screams male. If Shiloh is attracted to everything male; than there may be a physical issue there, but I doubt it. One of the parents is focusing on exposing her/treating her to everything male.

1678 days ago


When I look at Shilo Jolie-Pitt, I see a future Chaz Bono.

1678 days ago


I guess to be totally diverse, they have to buy kids from various countries and make at least one kid gay. Why force a beautiful little girl to dress like a guy and chop her hair off like one? They have been dressing her like a boy from day one and we all know Shiloh is too little to be making such adult decisions about hair and wardrobe. As in everything Brangelina does, its planned and staged for attention. They sicken me to the core.

1678 days ago


God, you people are freaks. trying to decipher the sexuality of a 3 year old based on her attire. I already saw the same sickness on perezhilton. It amazes me what society tries to force on people. Just because she's a little tomboy doesn't mean she's a lesbian or a tranny or abused by her parents. (that comment made me roll my eyes -CPS? Really?) A girl doesn't have to wear pink dresses and pig tails to be a girl. If you think all tomboys are gender confused maybe you should tell Pink that.

1678 days ago
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