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Gatorade to Tiger Woods: See Ya Later, Alligator

2/26/2010 7:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gatorade is no longer thirsty for Tiger Woods -- the drink giant has officially cut off their endorsement deal with the golfer.

Gatorade to Tiger Woods: See Ya Later, Alligator

A rep for Gatorade told CNBC, "I can confirm that we no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship."

The rep added, "However, our partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation will continue. We wish Tiger all the best."

Gatorade is the third company to give Tiger the boot in the wake of his sex scandal -- Woods was already dropped by Gillette and Accenture.

UPDATE: Tiger's agent released the following statement: "We have been in discussions with Gatorade, and while we are disappointed they have decided to not continue with Tiger in their marketing plans, we appreciate their continued involvement with Tiger through his foundation."

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Pierce Aero    

I have drank my last Gatorade. Full of High Fructose Corn Syrup that has recently been shown to cause liver damage. True. See UCSDTV. Tiger does less damage. Gawd, give the guy one single solitary life "Mulligan". Damn!

1698 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Poweraid is better anyway....

1698 days ago

dirty diana    

good, hope everyone drops him.... maybe condoms will sponser his ass.

1698 days ago


Yeah - I will continue to drink Gatorade and NOT be buying anything Nike.

1698 days ago


I like Tiger woods, don't follow golf too much. Don't really care what he does in her personal life so long as it is not illegal. He apologized and I believe that this issue is between him and his wife/family. The man deserves a second chance with the general public, he is an awesome athlete and does his part so far as giving back to his community and children.

I don't need to hear the details of these affairs. He deserves a break and the only person or people he needs to explain himself to are his wife, mother and children.

1698 days ago

Legally Bonde    

Tiger Woods should get back out there with his head held high. It is obvious that his needs physically and emotionally were not be fulfilled at home with Elin and the kids. The decision Tiger made DID NOT effect his golf skills or the outcome of the golfing tournaments. So leave the guy alone to allow him to do what he does best play golf. The sponsors who are dropping him are the ones who will regret the decision made to drop Tiger Woods. Tiger has been a money making machine for those Benedict Arnolds.
Shame, Shame on all of you heartless greedy sponsors. Think about this!!
When will another Tiger Woods come along again? When it happens you will be TOO OLD to enjoy the benefits of the profits!

1698 days ago


You play, You pay. Can't feel sorry for Tiger but do for his family. Tiger will be paying big time when his wife is ready to
drop his sorry ass. Just waiting to get all her cards in a row..
she is playing him for BIG BUCKS and will get them too.
This is not some new sickness he picked up as I am sure he has
always done this even with his father knowing. Men love tramps and you can see how quickly they all came out of the woodwork to be
acknowledged as if it's OK to insult their families.

A business would be nuts to sponser him now. Let's just wait and see if he can ever recover his swing. Such a creep he is.
how well his game

1698 days ago


A lot of people are saying horrible things about Tiger, & I know he did wrong. He has messed up so many people's lives, the most his lovely wife & beautiful children. What I'm trying to say is if something awful happened to Tiger everyone would be posting how great he was. He doesn't have to answer to anyone but his God & his family. And if he truly is sorry he should be forgiven. I have said this many times "Money is the root of all evil" I hope Tiger & his family find peace & heal.

1698 days ago


Good. I prefer Gatorade to Powerade.

1698 days ago


hold on . he did not commit murder . im sure many at gatorade have skelatons in there closets . leave him alone . now you could not pay me to drink there below par product ........... they loved him when he was making them rich . bs to them

1698 days ago


#50, it sure is obvious that you're legally blonde with that ignorant post...

1698 days ago



1698 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Broke people commit crimes and cheat also. This isn't exclusive to rich people. Will some of you knock it off with the "He messed up soooo many lives" nonsense! If Tiger Woods messed up your life and your name isn't Elin, you never had a life! Why does so many of you worship someone just because a camera films them doing their job? If your local UPS driver were followed around with a camera, would you worship him too? You've just heard some common sense, class dismissed!

1698 days ago


I can't believe he banged all those chicks lol

1698 days ago


Wow- he paid a lot of dough for those hos..... Oh wait, is that legal, to solicit prostitution? Gee, wonder why he's being dropped by sponsors.... And yet not suspended by the PGA or facing Federal charges?

1698 days ago
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