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Brittany Murphy -- 109 Mystery Pills

2/27/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy obtained a prescription for 120 hydrocodone (Vicodin) pills 11 days before her death .... and the day she died there were only 11 pills left in the bottle ... TMZ has learned.

What's more we've learned the L.A. County Coroner's Office cannot locate the doctor who prescribed the pills and they are on the hunt to find him.

According to the Coroner's report on Murphy's death, the pills -- which we've learned were prescribed specifically to Murphy -- were supposed to be taken a maximum of 4 times a day. Yet 109 of the pills were missing from the bottle when she died. If Brittany had maxed out on the prescription, only 44 pills should have been missing.

So why were so many pills prescribed in the first place? That's what the Coroner wants to know. The doctor's name on the pill bottle is Cohen, but so far the Coroner can't locate him. A member of the Coroner's Office went to Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, to assist them in locating the doc, but we're told Simon was no help.

The cause of Brittany Murphy's death is listed as "accidental" -- the result of pneumonia, along with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

UPDATE: Simon Monjack contacted TMZ and says the hydrocodone prescription was not Brittany Murphy's. He says it was written for either Sharon Murphy, Brittany's mom, or himself -- he said he was unsure.

Monjack also says Dr. Cohen did not write any prescriptions for Brittany.

As for the 11 hyrdrocodone pills that remained in the prescription bottle for 120 pills -- Monjack says yesterday morning, after we published this story, he and Sharon located 73 pills from that prescription.


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Just another celebrity drug overdose.

1696 days ago

happy day    

120 vicodin???? I cant even get 10 pills for a broken leg, Jesus Christ!!! Something smells fishy in that box 6ft under!!!!!!

1696 days ago


Ofcourse that bastard didn't want to help. He doesn't care. He's a POS who will never say what really happened. I never saw him and the mother on Larry King. I wish I did. I heard about it though. If he wasn't with her, she'd still be alive.

1696 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

#8 Heather who claims to be an RN (nurse)

She was taking VICOPROFEN 7.5-200mg
(7.5 vico/200 ibuprofen
(Hydrocodone/Vicodin with ibuprofen)


Hydroco/Apap 5-500mg
(5 vico/500 tylenol)
(Hydrocodone/Vicodin with tylenol)

BIG DIFFERENCE in the prescription, vicoprofen you are allowed a maximum of 5 per day (1 every 4-6 hours)

vicodin with the tylenol is as you stated the 1 to 2 every 4 to 6 hours.

Where As...

VICOPROFEN is sooooooo different in how the prescription is written

And I am Not an RN! Just a person getting help for back pain and in the meantime I have been prescribed both (at separate times) to see which works better for me while waiting/referred to another doctor for a cortisone shot series appointment with a pain specialist, and have better luck with Vicoprofen because of it's anti inflammatory qualities, so if she had cramps and was taken it for cramps, the articles I read, she was taking VICOPROFEN, not the one you are talking about with the vicodin and tylenol.

1696 days ago

Mary P    

#19 - would you like me to copy my label for you? The scrip, as it has been for me for every other time I needed, take 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours as prescribed for pain. If she was that sick, her body aches would have been just awful.

It's not doubling on the dose. In reality, that stuff, if you take it alone and take too many, you throw it up. Unless you have an anti-nausea like Reglan, Phenergan or Zofran, you aren't swallowing 4 or 5 at a time every 4 hours...

I now receive Norco for chronic pain - sister to percocet basically. I take 1 every 6 hours. I take 3 a day on average and I get the scrip for 60 at a time. When my husband had surgery, his scrip for percocet gave him 60. Vicodin is basically 1/2 the worth of percocet. It really isn't that strong. To say a doctor WON'T prescribe it is silly. It's not YOUR doctor, maybe YOUR doctor won't because he is too scared YOU will overdose, but my doctor trusts me just fine and it's completely legal to RX the amounts she was given - especially since it's fairly common knowledge she suffered from chronic pelvic pain with cramps (I'd have bet she'd had endometriosis).

1696 days ago


She has a long history of drug use but hey she is skinny and cute so let's just ignore that little fact. This would have happened no matter who she was with, idiots still blaming the husband just don't want to face facts. And the fact is this little darling was a drug addict and it killed, she threw her life away and chose pills even when she was weak and sick with pneumonia. Sad but it's all her own fault and whoever kept her supply of pills going.

1696 days ago


14. 120 pills is 30 days worth. Standard dose.
Posted at 2:52AM on Feb 27th 2010 by Kevin


Sure, for somebody in chronic pain. Or a drug addict. Oh, I forgot, though. She had a COLD...

1696 days ago


#51, agree with you on everything except spreading the blame... it was her fault and her fault only.

1696 days ago


"She was taking VICOPROFEN 7.5-200mg
(7.5 vico/200 ibuprofen
(Hydrocodone/Vicodin with ibuprofen)"

According to the autopsy report she was taking Hydrocodone 7.5/750 (Vicodin ES). The bottle of Vicoprofan was reported as empty.

1696 days ago


Can't imagine how much attention this would have gotten if she'd actually been famous. Oh yeah, I guess I can. They'd try to convict the prescribing doctor of manslaughter. (See Jackson, Michael.)

1696 days ago


Really Mary because my husband lost a leg and with his current chronic pain, bone spurs back aches, plate in his arm and pins in his ankle he only gets Tylenol and Codeine #3 and even that says 1 tablet as needed for pain every 4-6 hours. And he is a 170lb man. Now he was hit by a car so I'd say even in your case Mary unless you've had some major surgery or injury your doctor is doping the crap out of you for your 'chronic pain' ... My grandmother had her hip replaced then broke her knee cap she was on Vicodin for about 4 mths when her doctor downed her pain meds so she didn't become dependent and explained that taking them on a regular basis will actually make you feel the pain more when you do stop. So I'd call your doctor Mary and double check why on earth you are on that much narcotic medication for your chronic 'pain'.

1696 days ago


The Medical Examiner said there was no sign of drug abuse..... MOVE ON! that's what's wrong with the media you are so disrespectful to the deceased and the family! Let things go sometimes!

1696 days ago


California is broke.
She didn't take them- at least
that isn't what killed her.
Who cares- Next

1696 days ago

Mary P    

Really still not? Then if your husband is still in pain, he needs to go to a pain management specialist, because apparently he's underdosed. Codeine # is NOT vicodin or vicoprofin. If you were such an expert on your husbands pain and the differences, you'd realize Codeine 3 in the standard RX is much stronger than both and does NOT have hydrocodone in it. Two totally different animals. Because it is stronger, it's RXed for less times a day. when I was on Opana, I took two a day.. does that matter? No, because it's not the same class. POINTLESS argument on your behalf.

I'm on the medication because that is what helps me. I've suffered from severe endometriosis for 6 years (two surgeries) and during my last pregnancy split my pelvic bone along the cartilage (tech term is symphysis pelvic diastasis - look it up, WAY worse than anything your husband is going through, and requires 6 months of physical therapy ALONE). But the Norco is the management of my endometriosis - which in some cases, and I'd argue mine, is worse than what your husband is going through. It's debilitating, humiliating, severe enough requires multiple surgeries and most likely, a complete hysterectomy by the time I turn 30.

It's completely feasible this scrip was written for her to manage that pain, and she took some when she was sick with awful body aches. A period with endometriosis - feels like you have a knife in your gut and someone is sitting there twisting it, constantly, it doesn't stop. In some cases, you can't walk, you can't even eat because the pain is so blinding you'll throw up if you make it worse. She was known for having very severe cramps and pains before she even died. That's why I'd bet she'd had endometriosis. More women go undiagnosed because they think it's just "cramps" because the only way to find it is through laproscopic surgery.

As for your mother, that is correct dosing for an older person. Comparing someone who is much older to 25-30 age group is assinine, why do you think they have geriatric specialists? Because their bodies react differently to medications, taking too many meds which are safe for younger people has different effects.

1696 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

There are two blends of vicodin:
one with tylenol
one with ibuprofen.

The one with ibuprofen has more vicodin (called VICOPROFEN, the one she was on) generic name is hydrocodo/ibu then the vicodin with tylenol, generic name being hydrocodo/apap.

FYI: (Hydrocodone is the generic name for vicodin for those saying no, she was not on vicodin she was on hydrocodone or hydrocodo)

Hydroco/Ibu is Vicoprofen (the one she had)
Hydroco/APA is Vicodin/Tylenol

VICOPROFEN dose is less then the vico/tylenol dose, because more mg of vicodin in the vicoprofen blend.

5/500 hydrocodo/apap 5/500 = vicodin 5mg/tylenol 500 mg
7.5/200 hydrocodo/ibu 7.5/200 =vicodin 7.5 mg/ibuprofen 200 mg ^^(the one Brit was on called Vicoprofen)^^

See the vicodin strength difference in the 2?
(more vicodin in the vicoprofen)


the vico/tylenol 5/500 (or hydroco/apap) ----->1 to 2 every 4 to 6
the vico/ibuprofen 7.5/200 (or hydroco/ibu)----> is 1 every 4 to 6

SEE the dose recommendation difference?

Most doctors will write a prescription for chronic pain for 60 to 75 tablets or pills. In Hollywood I guess you can get larger quantities, but the standard doses are as stated above, or you risk kidney or liver damage, stomach bleeding, vomiting coffee ground looking crud is a sign of stomach bleeding and ODing on either.

GOOGLE is your friend and pain sufferers know these things! BUT THEY WISH THEY DID NOT HAVE TO!

Just because someone has a prescription does not make them a drug addict or user, yes some abuse it and then cause the reason why so many are coming on here shouting DRUGGIE or accusing others of being one because they have knowledge based on their experience.

Other articles said she took vicoprofen (vicodin/ibuprofen, generic name being hydroco/ibu (hydrocodone is generic name for vicodin) and it was for MENSTRUAL CRAMPING.

So before everyone gets in an up roar and assumes, check out the dose and strength of the vicoprofen one she was on, not the vico/tylenol one, the dose recommendations are less for the one she was on because it has more vicodin and a max of 5 in a day, is all that is recommended!

1696 days ago
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