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Marie Osmond 'Devastated' Over Son's Suicide

2/27/2010 6:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie OsmondA rep for Marie Osmond just released this statement on Marie's behalf:

"My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time."

Marie's son, Michael Blosil, was found dead this morning after he jumped off his apartment building in downtown Los Angeles.


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Prayers go out to you and your family. Losing a child is devastating. God be with you.

1596 days ago

jack anderson    

Marie, God bless-stay strong. I feel such deep sorrow and pain for you. I to suffer from depression and feel alone and empty - wish I had known Michael perhaps to share thoughts. As for you dear lady, you have no reason to feel ashamed. As for Michael R.I.P.

1596 days ago


Yes, there are a lot of people who do not like Ms. "Fake-Smile" Marie Osmond. The overdone makeup, the self-promoting over-promoting "product" (herself) is what many people do not like.

Too many people here are bashing people for making true-felt comments about her and how she may make this an opportunity to promote herself once again.

Those who are angry at those who have not said the nicest things about her have said even more horrible things in defense of Marie Osmond. Some have told people to burn in hell, to kill themselves, that they are nothing and should die, or that karma will get them (whatever the heck that means).

Of course it is sad that this young man took his life, but every person has the right to comment on this situation, even if others don't like it.

It's like everyone is supposed to say the same words of heartfelt condolences in order to please those who worship at the Osmond throne.

1596 days ago


I know this is devistating Marie, I also know younhave faith and that faith, GOD will take you through this as He has on many ocassions. I do hope you and others will finally speak out regarding psychotic medications and doctors, so called experts prescribing pills, quick fixes to cover up patients symptoms, never getting to the root causes and having more and more people die at their own hand needlessely. I have been there in that hell of addiction, depression, helpless and hopeless, no where to turn, drugged up with psychotic pills t mask m symptoms so the doctors could feel good yet suffering inside and wanting the pain to end. Many times I tried to kill myself, than God I am here now and exposing this ruse, offering HOPE to anyone suffering. First it is Jesus Christ then a thorough house cleaning, getting to the real root of the problems that cause the depression then you too can have HOPE and FREEDOM from a life of misery and pain. read my story, I have been there.

1596 days ago


Everyone is entitled to have their opinion on things, but whatever happened to having some old-fashioned common courtesies? And for expressing yourself in a mature, respectful manner?? Instead some people are using such crude statements that they don't even know FOR A FACT are true, and the language is digusting as well.
People are also free to not like Maria, Donny or their family, if they choose. But they either seem to be so cold and unfeeling, immature, and disrespectful that they forget (or just don't care at all) about the saddness of the situation-that a young man died here for whatever reason(s).
Yes, people are free to speculate on why they think something happened; but when they choose to put into print such cruel and disrespectful things such as thinking it's funny that he died, that they wish Maria and/or Donny would do the same thing, etc. that shows what kind of shallow and cold person they are too for writing what they did. There is NOTHING funny about someone committing suicide, or for the family left behind.
But we live in an "it's all about me" world so guess that's how these people justify writing what they do. It's okay to do it to someone else, but don't you dare do it to me????
IF you want to discuss something about someone, at least do it in a dignified manner; and by that I mean without all the filthy words, without wishing death or misfortune on them, and without spreading false accusations UNLESS you know for a fact that they are true. Otherwise, you are no better than anyone else for being so cruel, ignorant, immature and disgusting; and people aren't going to take you seriously until you learn to express yourself in a more mature manner. And it IS true-what goes around comes around sooner or later.

1596 days ago


Bravo to Shakendra for her comments!!!!! This is a very tragic situation involving a young man who obviously felt he had no other alternative to ending the emotional pain he was in. It is about someone committing suicide, and therefore, the crude and negative comments aimed at his mother and other family members is absolutely cruel and heartless at this point and time, especially!

Don't like them if that is what you choose-but for those that are expressing themselves in such a vulgar and vile manner, shame on you. What IF you were someone left behind after someone committed suicide?? Would you want those same comments targeted at you???

This world is in the condition that it is today because of people like those making the nasty comments, and in the manner that they are expressing themselves. That is also very sad. My parents and grandparents tell about the "good ole days", and it's times like this that I wish we could either go back to those days when others were much kinder toward each other, or that those "old fashioned" values were much more previlent today.

Point the finger at the Osmonds if you want, but you have more fingers pointing back at yourself for what you have said, and the words you have used to express your sick and evil thoughts. You should be ashamed of yourself.

This is about a young man who died, but you are so mean and nasty, and obviously have a sick heart that you feel the need to turn it into something else by attacking the family of this young man. This is NOT the time, nor the way to do things.

May God forgive anyone who continues to say such vile things and in the manner that it's being done by some people!!!

1596 days ago


RE: Fyrman 324

What kind of person writes trash like Fyrman??? While feeling sorry for Marie's son committing suicide, people need to obviously feel sorry for Fyrman too. No one with a good heart, and who is emotionally healthy writes garbage like this.

As others have said-there is a time and a place to express one's feelings, however this is NOT the time and this is NOT the mature way either. This is about someone who used suicide as a way out of this world and to escape whatever emotional pain and sadness they were in.

But instead of being able to see/understand that, instead they go on a tirade about the young man's mother, her brother, and use derogatory names, etc. Does Fyrman know for a FACT that Marie was a terrible mother??? Does Fyrman know for a FACT that there is incest between Marie and Donny??? Does Fyrman know for a FACT that her son comitted suicide to escape his mother??? All of the above-NO.

Whether people like the Osmonds or not, is their choice, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to KNOW that it's irrelevant here. This is not about liking them or not-it's about a young man's life ending far too soon. But obviously Fyrman isn't mature, intelligent, or kind hearted enough to figure that out yet.
IF unhappiness, anger, etc. wasn't in Fyrman's heart and mind, then garbage like this wouldn't come out in the way that it does.
So we all need to keep that in mind, each and every time that Fyrman writes what he/she does. But just maybe. . . .Fyrman may be smart enough to at least change his/her name to spew the vile and mean spirited trash under another name. Fyrman should be embarrassed by what he/she wrote, but then the intelligence to be embarrassed may not be that high.

I mean look at what was written-calling people losers, and questioning some as to why they think Marie is a good person-after what he/she's been writing???? Helloooooooo!!!!!!

1596 days ago


I pray the lord give you and your family strength to go through this trying time.

1595 days ago


To Lamar and shakendra,

Probably the same person. You both said practically the same thing throughout your responses, "Don't like them if you choose, but it IS true-what goes around comes around. You will see at some point in your life." And shakerndra's quote, "And it IS true-what goes around comes around sooner or later."

I, personally, did not say any of the nasty comments you are crying about, but I was stating that many people just don't like Marie Osmond and their view was being expressed here. If Michael were not Marie's adoptive son, nobody would even know this young man killed himself.

So, by stating that "What goes around, comes around", what horrible things did Marie do, in your mind, to where she deserved this horrible "what goes around, comes around" death? See, your own logic is trash when used to apply to everyone.

1595 days ago


No, Lamar and I are not the same person. I just read what's posted before I write, and then use some of the same phrases because I agree with them, or I don't.
I do not want to "argue" back and forth with anyone, but I think the negative comments are just wrong at any time, but especially right now even more so. And I just think that those who are making the horrible statements (and language) need to think about what they are saying. Anyone should be able to express themselves, but that doesn't mean that have to be so cruel when they do it.
People need to learn to be more considerate of others going through a difficult time, like the Osmonds are now.

1595 days ago


I can't believe people are bashing Marie about her son. She is a wonderful person and gives so much of herself to others. When I told her about my sister having cancer she and Donny had me come to the show and gave us some dolls which my sister had been trying to find for years(they were no longer available). Two months ago my sister passed away. She never got a chance to thank Marie for her kindness. Every day she would look at those dolls. They made her happy and gave her hope. So shame on all those people who don't know her heart. God has blessed her as shes blessed others. Only her son knows why he did what he did. JoAnn

1595 days ago


Marie, I am sorry to hear about your lost. My prayers are with your family. And to the people who have made some comments, I think all of you should take a look at your life and think what if this was to happen to your family, some of the comments are rude and uncalled for if you can't say anything nice then keep your nasty comments to yourself.

1595 days ago


Yes! If her 18 year old son has a history of depression aggravated by substance abuse-what is he doing unsupervised, and living in downtown LA ( of al places) with some random roommates. Marie-why adopt and have so many children when you cannot even devote the time and energy to do what is in the best interest of your children? There is something so unreal and so hypocritical behind those huge smiles of these Osmonds!!!!Creepy!

1595 days ago


I give up with the Human Race, really I do. There are some really nasty people on this planet and a few of them seem to have ended up posting comments here! Leave Marie and her family alone. By all means post a comment and have your say, but is there really any need for being rude or insulting? Does it make you feel big to hurl words of insult at time when I am sure that the family is very upset about the loss of their son/brother/grandson?

What has Marie's make-up, hair or teeth got to do with it all anyway?? Honestly, get over yourselves!

1595 days ago


very sadened of your loss marie,,,you and your family are very much in my prayers,,,hoping the god we both know,, stands very close by you and,,,helps provide the strenght that is very necessary in this situation,,,diging for reasons why ,, doesn't ease the loss and the pain,,,,again just to say,,,i'm heartbroke for you and your family,,,,LONGTIME FAN OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,,,larry

1595 days ago
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