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Scotty Lago's

Olympic Conspiracy Theory

2/27/2010 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scotty Lago thinks the woman who got down on her knees in Vancouver and simulated kissing his crotch -- the infamous photo that got him kicked out of Vancouver -- was a set-up, because she tried to do basically the same thing to Michael Phelps.

Scotty Lago
The bronze medal-winning snowboarder was super chatty on his way into "Jimmy Kimmel Live," claiming the chick who kissed his medal and then went South had also approached Michael Phelps and tried dragging him into a make-out session.

As for the Olympic Committee making him leave Vancouver before the closing ceremony -- Scotty says he's pissed.

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k get your sources correct. the girl they apparently think is the same is NOT. not all asian look the same. idiots! i don't think he should've been kicked out, but to put blame on someone else?

1706 days ago


The woman Michael Phelps was referring to is a Canadian gossip blogger name Jacek Lainey who tried to kiss his cheek in a photo as a joke. She is not the same woman in the Scotty Lago photo and she is very offended to have been identified as such. Her comment was "C'mon Michael Phelps, not all Asians look alike!" She was also offended that he claimed she tried to "make out with him",

1706 days ago

Kathy in Canada    

Michael Phelps need to not racially stereotype. And Scotty wasn't kicked out by the IOC. He was pressured to leave by the US Ski and Snowboard Federation.

As for the Canadian underage drinking, Poulin is 18 and from Quebec - where 18 is the legal age to drink. Furthermore, she trained for 6 months leading up to the Olympics in Alberta where - again - the legal age is 18 to drink.

1706 days ago


ON CTV winter olympics (morning) coverage, Lainey Gossip, Entertainment Gossip blogger, mentioned it was she who was trying to kiss Michael Phelps on the cheek---it was a fun dare. She felt racial profiling was involved from Lago and Phelps side, being she is Asian, but looks nothing like the girl in Lago's photo.

1706 days ago

scott is yummy.    

Scotty, you got sent back because the USOC are a bunch of A-holes.

Guess what? The COC stood up for our ladies and said they did no harm.

The problem here is that the USOC are a bunch of prudes.

Cultural differences I suppose. Too bad, but it isn't our fault sweetheart, it was your OWN country's fault for sending you back, it was their call and we had nothing to do with it. Come back anytime and party with us, just don't bring your uptight Olympic committee with you.

1706 days ago


Not the same girl.
Just watching CTV (Canadian news channel here in Canada) and the reporter herself was on tv saying she was given a bet to get a pic taken with Michael Phelps with him kissing her on the cheek at an event. Completely innocent. And it's not the same girl who was in the pics with Lago.

Lago is just passing the buck and not accepting the fact that it takes two to pose in a pic like that. This is just some random chick... get over yourself.

I do think the banishing from the Olympic Games was a bit much... he was treated unfairly in that respect.

1706 days ago


Scott Lago looking to Mike Phelps for help in manners and deportment is bizarre! Neither of these arrogant jocks has a brain or wit or sophistication! They are both products of our sad sports-crazy culture that tells them that if they have one silly talent, like swimming or boarding, then ordinary rules do not apply to them, they do not need education, smarts, manners or good sense. Ditto for Cheetah Woods, of course. Phelps is semi-retarded, could barely be pushed through school. He is not a role model, except in tips on how to swim faster. Lago should find someone else to emulate.

1706 days ago


While they are at it, lets throw out Shawn White. That moron had no respect and ws posing and pointing, jumping up and down and playing air guitar while the US National Anthem was playing when he won the gold. Maybe it's just me but I find that completley disrepectful. I forgot why I hated him so much and now I remember, he's a fool who thinks he is gods gift to the world.

1706 days ago

metro gnome    

listen up! the people who *tried* to get a kiss (on the cheek) from Phelps were reporters from Canada's CTV network. it was all in fun and was only attempted on the red carpet somewhere. the fact that both Phelps and this board-riding idiot think that all Asian women look the same and are conspiring to bring down US Olympic athletes is ridiculous.

btw...anyone who plays hockey (at any level) knows that a beer after any game is almost a requirement. the fact that they just finished a hard-fought-Olympic-gold-medal game means shut the hell up and worry about something else.

1706 days ago


Yup totally diffrent girl and as for the Canadian woman drinking after the game there would be very little people left in any of the major sports if we kicked them all out for doing the exact same thing after winning a champioship game. As for the under age drinking there was only 1 girl she was 18 and from Quebec were the legal age is in fact 18.Oh and are any of you churh ladies even awere that there were no fans only reporters left in the building.
Grow up yes it is the olympics however it is still just a game after all.

1706 days ago


This is what happens when you allow a bunch of jackass christians to pervade an organization.

1706 days ago


Both those sports, snowboarding and womens hockey should be eliminated from the games---they've both proven to be nothing but occasions to excuse drunken orgy type behavior---and the dress and manners and look of the snowboarding crowd----good grief if there ever was a group who should adopt the tom petty song "rebel without a clue"---its that group...what exactly are you dudes and dudeettes rebelling against? You're in the freaking Olympics, acceptance at the highest levels of society and yet you want to act and look the part of a fool...bunch of dope smoking, not caring for their Country types is all they are. I mean, look at them, listen to them, watch them---manners and politeness out the window all under the guise of "we got our rights man"...

Eliminate them and Womens hockey, not just for their public celebration which is uncalled at that level, but for their beating up on beginner teams and rubbing it in as they did, padding their own personal stats.

Get the Olympics back to what it was originally founded under---respect, valor,fair play and good representation of your Country. All 4 of these missing from those 2 sports.

1706 days ago


They didnt ask him to leave he left on his own. Get it right TMZ

1706 days ago


Bogus claim. As was stated above, the reporter identified by Lago had absolutely nothing to do with his ousting from the Games. Lago shouldn't have speculated about the identity of the mystery girl on national television. Take responsibility for your own actions, Scotty.

As for the Phelps story, this is also inflated gossip. The Canadian reporter was doing a fluff piece for CTV's Olympic coverage. Her role for the network is similar to an "Access Hollywood" celebrity reporter. CTV is essentially covering the games 24/7 (outstanding coverage, incidentally), and so viewers are occasionally treated -- or tortured -- by fluff pieces. The "kiss Michael Phelps on the cheek" bit was among them. It was a time-filler, a silly bit to which Phelps' people overreacted. In the end, all the reported did was pose for a photo with him (no kiss attempt). In Canada, this reporter is a fairly well-known entertainment columnist. She's no hard-hitting journalist by any stretch, but she's not a floozy.

Slamming the Canadian Women's hockey team because of Lago's situation is misdirected anger. The girls should have exercised better judgement by confining their celebration to the locker room, but it's not like they paraded themselves in front of the fans or got staggering drunk. Champagne and cigars after a major sports victory is pretty standard fare. The arena was empty, except for a few prying cameras (this does not excuse the act). The team immediately apologized for their error in judgement and Hockey Canada gave them a slap on the wrist. The USOC was less forgiving with their Scotty. Them's the breaks.

1706 days ago


When I saw the picture, I thought the lady looked like Michelle Kwan. Must be just me. I'm not saying it is her. I don't think she would do something like that, especially with that degree she has. I'm Chinese too so I'm not being racist. It's true that not all Asians look the same. I look different from most of them, and I would never be confused with her.

1706 days ago
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