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Scotty Lago's

Olympic Conspiracy Theory

2/27/2010 2:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scotty Lago thinks the woman who got down on her knees in Vancouver and simulated kissing his crotch -- the infamous photo that got him kicked out of Vancouver -- was a set-up, because she tried to do basically the same thing to Michael Phelps.

Scotty Lago
The bronze medal-winning snowboarder was super chatty on his way into "Jimmy Kimmel Live," claiming the chick who kissed his medal and then went South had also approached Michael Phelps and tried dragging him into a make-out session.

As for the Olympic Committee making him leave Vancouver before the closing ceremony -- Scotty says he's pissed.

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the person in the picture and the person who "tried" to kiss michael Phelps is NOT the same person!
Lainey Lou is the person who "tried to ksis michael Phelps... but she didnt even try to kiss him. Jesse from MTV Canada pretended to kiss Michael Phelps.
Lainey has long hair, half way down her back.... the picture poser.. has short hair!
Its not the same person!
Its all over CTV Canada... you will prove this guy wrong..
Hes just a hater cus he got in trouble... poor guy wants to blame someone.

1644 days ago


Scott Lago entered the 2010 Olympic Ice-Fishing competition when he dangled a bright shiny bronze thingie over his crotch and bagged himself a Giant Big Mouth Asian Carp. I think he now wishes that he had thrown this back!

1644 days ago


It actually wasn't the same girl, CTV explained what happened this morning.

1644 days ago


thanks Dorinha more or less what I was trying to say very well put.

1644 days ago


Hey, dummy: it might be smart to shut your trap or the USOC might take more drastic action than just kicking you out. Apparently, they don't appreciate "athletes" defiling and tarnishing the medals so many have devoted their lives to earning.

1644 days ago


First of all. The photo was no big deal!! He was celebrating just like our Canadian Hockey Women were celebrating. Come on...the photos aren't that bad. However there is a correction. The Asian female was NOT the same female who was seen in photo with Michael Phelps. The woman in the picture with Michael Phelps, was a photo op comedy pic done by a Canadian Television Reporter. She was interviewed this morning on tv here in Canada and she was laughing about the fact that people seem to think all ASIANS look a like. Not the same woman. All in good fun. GO CANADA!!!!!!

1644 days ago


My husband and I thought the same about Shaun White playing "air guitar" during the national anthem, totally disrespectful. My husband an Army Veteran couldn't believe what he was seeing. Scott, the medal should have been around your neck showing your pride, not on your crotch and then blaming a women for her conduct. As for the Canadian Women's hockey team, so what...they earned their medals and drinking champagne/beer for a personal photo op is all they were doing. I keep wondering if it were the Men's teams we would not be discussing this issue.

1644 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

He should be ashamed of himself!!!! ... I mean come on .. What was he thinking?? He didn't just embarrass himself he embarrassed the whole USA... What a LOOSER !!!!! *Although he is kinda cute

1644 days ago


Sorry, Q, but goal differential in hockey matters during the Olympics. "Running up the score" is not a valid argument, as goals have a direct influence on standings and home team advantage (e.g., last shift changes). It matters entirely to the medal-bound teams.

Eliminating women's hockey and all snowboarding events from the Olympics because of questionable judgement by a few athletes during the height of celebration is beyond prudish in suggestion. The energy and excitement of the snowboarding cross and ski cross events will attract thousands of young people to these sports. Women's hockey needs more competition, and it may be eliminated if the rest of the world doesn't catch up with Canada and the USA, but the game's fate will thankfully never be decided by a few beers after a gold medal victory.

1644 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Next stop posing for Play Girl, with Levi ... That one moment will define the rest of his life... Did we learn anything here?

1644 days ago

scott is yummy.    


so who is scotty and micheal trying to piss off by saying this?

The Canadians, by basically putting full blame on them saying it was a "conspiracy" against him by some Canadian woman?

.. is he just trying to piss of the ENTIRE Asian race, by perpetuating the stereotype that they all look the same,


is he trying to piss of ALL of America by feeding them a BS story about how he was a "victim" and not taking any blame for himself???

You decide!

1644 days ago


Place your bets! How many more people here will tell us that these are two different Asian women?

I say 20 more posts will contain this info. I bet $10.

1644 days ago


The smile on his face looks like he hated every minute of it too.
Go back to Seabrook, N.H., you loser, and enjoy the parade the morons there are planning for you. I'm sure it won't be long before we'll be hearing reports that first graders from the Seabrook Community Center (who are calling you their hero) are mimicking that act.

1644 days ago


I have really come to like this guy and so glad I got to see those AMAZING ABS again! However, he is losing me with blaming his actions on the girl(when is she going to tell her side!) I am sure he was giving her directions on what to do. In lots of pictures u see him biting stuff! Just sayin'

1644 days ago


Poor defenseless Scotty!

1644 days ago
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