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Bruce Springsteen

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

2/28/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Springsteen really is The Boss.

Here's the 35-year-old Jersey boy back in 1984 (left) -- and 25 years later, the 60-year-old at an event in DC in December (right).

These are Bruce's glory days.

More Good Genes or Good Docs:


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I loved Bruce many years ago before he sold out and became a liberal mouthpiece. He hasn't put out much good music since probably "The River". Sorry, the "Born" album just didn't cut it for me. Now you want to hear great Bruce; get a copy of the "wild" album. THEN, he ROCKED! Now, he just looks like another 60 yr old man, Botox or not.

1641 days ago


The answer is neither. He was never attractive even when he was young. When he did have youth on his side he looked far beyond his years. I'm less surprised he looks the same, ugly and old then is ugly and old now. To say something nice...he had a nice butt and arms during "dancin' in the dark" and "Glory days"

1641 days ago


He looks like Hugh Jackman in his younger days!

1641 days ago


I have been a Bruce fan ever since I was 11 years old. He was gorgeous at 34 and gorgeous he remains. Bruce Springsteen is one good-looking man, not to mention the most talented singer/songwriter the world has ever known. (I Love You Bruce!)

1640 days ago


#23, Can you please let me know how I can detect an obvious homosexual?
My mum tells me some men have gay eyes, but I noticed also that a gay actor on TV seemed to have gay teeth.
Is it a penis thing too, now? Do the all the black men know, and will they feel a bit jealous? I won't mention the gay black men because I really don't want to imagine... (dear lordy,).
And ...does Mr Patrick Camp-bell , well, how is his "situation?"
Camp is a bit, well, camp.
oh good grief, somebody make me stop watching TMZ...
Sorry #23, I am only being silly. I enjoyed your message.

1640 days ago


Sherry you are to compare the left picture to the right one,,not the other way around. I think glasses are in your future or should be. If he had surgery, they missed those crow's feet.

1640 days ago


A fair comparison would have been two photos with him smiling. Then you could match line per line. Come on. Let it be. Question shouldn't have been asked in the first place. He is a super great performer, for many of us, and that's that story. If he has had some nips and tucks at least he doesn't have trout pout, eyebrows up to his hairline, eyes pulled to his temples. He doesn't look like Wayne Newton or Kenny Rogers and we can be thankful for that. Rock on Bruce. You're still the Boss.

1640 days ago


He is still so so so so handsome! I love him!

1640 days ago


The Obamas are sucking the life out of him.

1640 days ago


I first noticed Bruce on his Dancing in the Dark video, and thought he was a hunk then, and is still a hunk now for his age. We've all aged since then and many men of his age look dreadful now. I don't think he's had any work done, otherwise why has he still got wrinkles and a slacker jawline? He still looks in great shape too, no pot belly or flabby arms, etc. Not many men of his age could do the huge number of concerts he did last year either.

1640 days ago


I really hate the Hollywood "older man" look that Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rodgers, Wayne Newton and others adopt. I want my men to look like men. I want the craggy good looks of yesteryear (think Clint Eastwood). Men pretty-ing up their appearance, is just wrong. It would be like Bruce taking that wonderful gruff smoky voice of his, and youthing it up to sound like the Jonas Brothers.

I do like the hair work though, though I wish he'd wear it a bit longer.

Yeah, he's a handsome guy. I have a male friend who is Italian (from the same part of New Jersey as Bruce) who looks amazingly like Bruce, especially in the eyes. Sometimes I see him and have to do a double take the likeness is so amazing, anyway, he can't sing worth a hill of beans, so he has to take a back seat for now lol.

YAY Bruce. Love you for 25+ years. Listen to you almost daily for all those years, that's over 9000 days of my life spent listening to Bruce. You've helped me through horrific times as well as the most awesome ones. You have sung me off the ledge, so to speak, and for that I thank you for your support and understanding of what it means to be a human and to love and to lose. Thank you.

1639 days ago


Still has (own) hair...good genes!

1620 days ago


He's always been beautiful...just wish he would have kept his own teeth too...kinda got the chicklets thing goin on

1595 days ago


So what if someone looks sixty? He looks good for (almost) sixty. And so what if he has had hair transplants, dye jobs and minor cosmetic procedures? He is in the entertainment industry -- a rock and roller -- so why wouldn't he maintain his appearance to a reasonable point? He clearly works out -- that't a fact. I'm sure some of the negative commenters on this post would be the first to pile on the criticism if Bruce let himself go. There's no pleasing some people. Who are the real losers?

1590 days ago


Obvious hair plugs.

1478 days ago
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