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Charlie Sheen's Ex: He Pushed, Threatened to Kill

2/28/2010 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheens ex Denise RichardsThe D.A. in Aspen may call Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, to testify about an alleged incident that is eerily similar to the allegations of his current wife, Brooke Mueller.

We're told the Pitkin County D.A. has had law enforcement in L.A. County contact Richard's agent and lawyer, about Denise possibly testifying in Charlie Sheen's criminal case in Aspen. Specifically, sources tell us the D.A. is interested in a declaration Denise signed under penalty of perjury in 2005, when she got a restraining order against the "Two and a Half Men" star.

Richards claimed on December 30, 2005, in the middle of an argument, she was holding their daughter Lola, when Charlie "pushed me, shoving me with his two hands between my shoulders. I was forced backwards and tripped over one of the children's toys and fell on the floor with Lola."

According to the declaration, Charlie then pointed his finger at her and screamed, "I hope you f--king die, bitch." Richards says as Charlie was walking out the front door he said "he was going to have me killed. He said you are f--king with the wrong guy."

Charlie Sheen denied the allegations at the time.

We're told Richards will cooperate, but only if she's forced to do so by subpoena.


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do you people not read? The D.A wants her to testify because of PREVIOUS accusations in 2005.Denise Richards didnt say anything in recent news shes going to be subpoened so how is she out for attention?

1696 days ago


Why does Charlie Sheen seem to get a free pass of abusing women & the women become the guilty ones. I think its because of his witty, charming personality. People just seem to think hes just a nice man. Well he's not a nice man, he has a history of being abusive. And why Brooke would want him back is crazy to me, although she seems to have a drug problem.They have 2 babies under a year old, they are the real victims. I hope Charlie does not get away with this. I will never watch his show again..

1696 days ago


Bloggindiva and Jan...

no one seriously thinks he's a "nice man". And I wouldn't call him charming.

However 2 things... the accusation of abuse happened during a bitter divorce when she was spewing other unprovable accusations like searching kiddie porn or hitting on underaged girls.

and in a VERY RECENT interview with Oprah while they were trash talking Charlie Sheen the whole interview... when asked about abuse she stated that there was emotional abuse

BUT NEVER PHYSICAL. now all of a sudden, she's mad about her reality show where he wouldn't let her use the kids in it... she's still bitter about the divorce and his re-marriage so soon after... and she's back to being in the public eye thanks to this. How could a media whore resist?

And again... this claim of abuse happened while one party was seriously drunk... and not only did she recant... and in some of her statements before the recant... she contradicted herself more than once.

1696 days ago


63. Mayu ..... if it was true about Charlie surfing the web for young girls,young gay pornography this should have been investigated and his computer should have been seize by the authority a.s.a.p

I believe this is another celebrity justice issue, where the celebrity gets away with anything.

1696 days ago


let me clear one thing up in my previous post... the last sentence was about his current wife.

Denise's accusation came during a very bitter divorce where she was spouting other unprovable things like child porn... and this accusation by his current wife was made while she was drunk, and there were inconsistancies to her story.

The DA is pushing the matter because its great publicity for him... and Denise is joining in because she's back in the spotlight.

again, just recently on Oprah when she was already attacking Sheen the whole time... she could have said "yes there was physical abuse" but instead she stated she was abused emotionally BUT NEVER PHYSICALLY.

now we're back to physical abuse?

And funny how there are no reports of physical abuse, no going to the cops, no hospital visits, and with the cameras on them 24/7 thanks to people like TMZ, you think they'd have caught something... even when women don't report it out of fear, people around them suspect.

but nothing until a very bitter divorce and custody hearing. Denise is still a very bitter person and I bet she can't wait to jump all over the chance to stick it to him.

Sorry, I'm all for throwing abusers away. I dated one guy who slapped me. I kicked him in the balls, yanked him by his hair and kneed him in the face... so I'm all for sticking it to men who hit women (and vice versa cause there are men who are abused by their wives)

however this whole situation reeks, and I think they're playing on CS's bad boy image for publicity.

1696 days ago


actually Celebs suck... I believe he was investigated and was cleared of Child porn.

Also, after the divorce Richards recanted her story of the child porn incodent and all physical abuse accusations.

and again, in a recent Oprah interview she restated she was emotionally abused BUT NEVER PHYSICALLY.

So it's kind of odd that everyone automatically assumes he's guilty without looking at the fact that Denise is a very bitter bitter woman whose story keeps changing when it suits her.

1696 days ago


Mayu, you missed the part on Oprah where Denise said he pushed her. That is physical. Now stop repeating yourself over & over that she only said it was mental abuse, go watch the video of Oprah's show. Why do u have such issues with Denise? I smell a rat or a sheen.

1696 days ago


Heather Heather Heather! when are you ever going to stop attacking Denise? You should be embarrassed that you are still harping on her. Talk about bitter!

1696 days ago


Was there verbal abuse? Maybe, but no dout from both sides. Anyone who wishes to belive he 100% is blind to how things are in truth. Was there physical abuse of any kind? Don't know, but its hard to say. No man should hit a woman in the way she describes. But she has changed her story so many times, what should we belive on it all with her anyway. I just find it funny, that at her highest of fame, she was single. Now after her marriage, Charlie is more famouse then she is, and it was like they switched positions of fame level. So is this true? Agine, Maybe to a point. But please everyone keep in mind, she has changed her stroy so many times, this just might be her way of doin pokes at charlie over their history, to make him look bad, for her personal gain. Hell she was off tv for ever, ecluding a bad reality show about her that no one whatched, then this story hits, and the next few days she is on Ophra. So read into this as you want to, but keep in mind people who are scroned, tend to miss scew the truth.

1696 days ago


I wonder how many of these women will stand up and own it, they (themselves) were responsible for being a button-pusher.
My ex never hit me, did push me down once, because I badgered/wouldn't let him leave for hours. I'm ashamed of myself of being that way, Denise. Try and teach your daughter/s and son/s not to do that, as I do. Charlie is equaling wrong for his part, too. But, people do grow up...but what is Brooke's problem?
Another thing...even my daughter knows, you never poach another friend's husband, even if he is an ex...especially if they have a child together. Sorry, I have no respect for Denise Richards.

1696 days ago


Is the DA's case so week he has to bring up Denise? This court case is about Brooke and Charlie, not about Denise.

1696 days ago


I feel so sorry for all his kids - what are they going to be like when they grow up. What about his 20 somthing year old daughter - they should talk to her about what kind of man/father he has been to her - that is where you will see his true colors.

1696 days ago


Denise just like Brook are attention whores... Charlie...hold on to your kids and F both Denise and Brook. Get a divorce from Brook ASAP.

And as far as Denise goes...well she is a loser who has no life and will do anythign to get attention..

1696 days ago

susan thomas    

I have to wonder if Denise used her Playboy connections with Hugh Hefner to get revenge on Charlie.

Barbi Benton and her real estate developer husband live in Aspen and probably have some influence. The DA is refusing to deal on this. I wonder why. I mean Denise will only tell a similar story if she is supoenoed.....

What does eveyone think?

1696 days ago


At this point, I think the DA in Colorado will do anything to get attention.

1696 days ago
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