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Gabby vs Sandy

Who'd You Rather?

2/28/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabrielle Union (left) and Sandra Bullock (right) both attended the NAACP Image Awards on Friday night.

Gabrielle Union, Sandra Bullock
Question is ...


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your mom!

1644 days ago


Mmmm both very tasty....

1644 days ago

your grandmother

1644 days ago


the only reason they want sandra more is because gabrielle is black. i noticed that. nobody wants a black woman over a white woman. no matter how much more attractive the black girl is. sad.

1644 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Sandy after jessie,eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww SICK!!!!!!!!!!

1644 days ago


@ just sayin...i agree with you...especially on a site like tmz..people show you their true colors and how they really think of you. And the racist comments start in 5....4...3...2...

1644 days ago

i'd be proud too    

nothing like the internet to bring out the closet racists right? but yea i think theyre both hard working gorgeous ladies

sad fact about Gabrielle Union is that she was raped when she was younger so this poll is a tad inappropriate in my opinion

1644 days ago


i think people in western world have a problem admitting anything is sometimes more beautiful than blond hair and blue eyes or the next best thing like sandra bullock's look

sperm banks just about only accept blond hair and blue eyed men as the demand is high from OTHER races trying to get the genes in their family such as blacks and latinos
i heard once the mother-in-law of my latin friend tell him he looks too indian to have babies with her daughter who is latino as well but she has white features,that was so embarassing for him

with blacks ,heck we already kno they love to mix with whites more than their own,so no explaining that one lol

no one says it,but we all know it

its the way of the western world,if u want change,dont try to change what is tradition,just move to the east of the world where being beautiful is accepted more for just who you are,rather than what u look like

1644 days ago


Is it me or does TMZ have some underground racist on their site..

Wow, Do any of you know who the Fx#k Gabrielle union is?? OMG F'N GOD.. I was quiet when TMZ pitted Beyonce against FERGIE??? and Beyonce not even coming close. Come on now people, wow, if you want that tore up ass don't get me wrong sandra got a big ass for a white girl but I would be ALL OVER GABRIELLE UNION in a HEART BEA And I'll be over Beyonce Definitely over Fergie. Wow come on TMZ what's next. Megan Good vs Megan Fox.. Damn TMZ we all know who everyone is gonna pick.. Next time when you try to pin two stars of different races please make sure their Star power is on the same level..
Halle Berry woulda been a better pin up.. anyways peace

1644 days ago

Chris Klinsman    

Both very sexy and beautiful...but I voted for Gabrielle.

1644 days ago


beyonce against fergie? please. tmz, please stop. you guys want controversy.

1644 days ago


Gabrielle without a doubt (and I'm a white guy, btw)

1644 days ago


Not that I totally disagree with everything you are all saying, but come on its 23,000 votes with Sandra onnly winning with under 60%. At least thats what it is now for me. Now as I said some points are valid and yes racism is alive and well in America, but COME ON.... Give our country just a little credit cause 40 years ago had there been an internet these two women would not been allowed on the same page. You can't tell me no white people or even non blacks did not vote for Gab... Sorry whites and blacks but just goin on numbers both are race's are no longer the majority.. So valid points but its a poll on who'd you rather... LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE... Oh and FYI I am white voted for Gab and would tear that ass up :)

1644 days ago


If you've seen Fire in the Amazon with Sandra, this is a no-brainer. But Gabby is quite pretty, no doubt. It's all about experience and kink!

1644 days ago


I'm gonna have to go with Gabby on this one. Although this is an odd comparison. If I'm not mistaken, Sandra Bulluck is like 20 years older than Gabriel Union. Could be wrong. Any ways, both women are hot but Gabby is SMOKIN!

1644 days ago
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