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Oprah Confidentiality Clause - Not So Confidential

2/28/2010 2:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey's company specifically told the physical trainers who are suing them to shut their traps about all things Oprah or there would be hell to pay -- it's all in good old fashioned black and white ... and we got a copy.

Oprah Winfrey

Unicus Performance Training
filed the lawsuit against Oprah and Harpo, Inc. earlier this week, claiming they never got paid for a workout program they were developing for Harpo.

UPT says Harpo fired them for violating the terms of their confidentiality agreement, after UPT sent out a mass e-mail promoting their upcoming appearance on Oprah's radio show.

According the confidentiality agreement, UPT wasn't allowed to "use HARPO's name,'s name or Ms. Winfrey's name" for any advertising or promotional purposes ... unless, of course, they wanted to get fired.

The document literally has UPT on lockdown when it comes to saying anything at anytime about Oprah and Harpo without "express, written permission."


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Oprah is GAY. Stedman is a coverup HAHAHA oh first beeeetches

1699 days ago

Oprah and training performance do not belong in the same sentence, much less anywhere.

1699 days ago


I guess the moral of this story is...don't mess with Miss O.

1699 days ago


It's pretty simple. Whatever you might think of Oprah, anything featured or promoted by her, her show, O Magazine, and her radio show tends to turn to gold in terms of increased sales and/or business for the product or service. I think that it is fair that they should decide which products or services get to benefit, and this was made clear to UPT by way of the contract they entered into. They knew the risk they were taking in promoting their appearance on the show without prior authorization from Harpo, so they deserve everything that is coming to them. Had they just waited a while, they'd have probably done very well for themselves.

1699 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Just another democrat well to do, who will always find a way to not pay for what they are receiving. You would think that business's would have figured this out by now. Why pay for things when you can steal and get away with it. There's a sucker born ever minute and Oprah lives off them.

1699 days ago


Oprah reminds me of a dictator. Damn lighten up your a billionare for Gods sake. I really hope the company suing her wins, I doubt it but if they can get some inside info on oprah and how she really is in real life it would be a good lawsuit. Not only is oprah a racist but she is also a homosexual. Nothings wrong with being gay but she wont admit it. Racist black people suck.

1699 days ago


Nothing this obsessive-compulsive closet scientw0t does surprises me.

1699 days ago


Not SHOCKING!!!!!! TMZ was there FIRST!!! Film at 11. Signed Ron Burgandy.

1699 days ago


Oprah and Larry King, BOTH should get off the airwaves forever and enjoy their millions without bothering the rest of us. What a pair of wastrel humans without any real talent, merely show, merely show.

1699 days ago

chicken head    

Oprah is the biggest phony of all time-
go to hell~!!!!!!! FAT ASS!

1699 days ago

chicken head    

she is a horrible person!
we all know it except the losers who watch her show and PC crowd=
Can't say anything negative about this FAT COW -MOOOOOOOOOOO!

1699 days ago

patty cake    

if i were a fitness company i dont think i would advertise oprah as my client...she is a failed fatty... and no fitness routine is ever gonna help her lazy fat ass

1699 days ago


Oprah sucks!!!!!! Used to like her, but shes too into HERSELF!!!

1699 days ago


The "confidentiality agreement" is pretty standard fare. I have personally signed more onerous ones more than once for other firms. Some even say I can't disclose covered information for a period of Seven Years after my end of employment by the firm. One has the time frame of Eighteen Years after my end of employment by that firm. One specifically has no expiration date. Oprah's "CA" appears to have failed to include a few things other "CA's" do include. One, as mentioned above, is a specific ending date or a notice that there is no ending date. Another is that if ordered to testify before a Court of proper jurisdiction concerning matters that are covered by the "CA" one may do so if the other party to the "CA" does not seek and obtain some form of court order barring such testimony.

1699 days ago


One of the biggest racists on TV.

Remember the incident in Paris when she showed up after hours at that department store and when the managers said they were closed her entourage made claims of racism?

Another example of her "back room" manipulations.

Good for her with all that money but she has a very "open" hidden agenda and its apparent to a large number of viewers.

1698 days ago
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