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'Ax Men' Star's Daughter Killed by Family Dog

3/1/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Ax Men' Star's Daughter Killed by Family DogThe 4-year-old daughter of Jesse Browning -- one of the stars of The History Channel's "Ax Men" -- died tragically yesterday in Oregon after being mauled by one of the family's pet Rottweilers.

Jesse -- whose father owns the "Browning Logging" company featured on the show -- called 911 around 1 PM after the dog attacked his daughter Ashlynn at the family home, this according to Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin.

We're told Ashlynn was airlifted to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland shortly after the attack ... but was pronounced dead on arrival.

We're told cops are investigating the incident.

Sheriff Bergin tells TMZ the dog involved in the attack -- along with another Rottweiler owned by the family -- was taken to a nearby animal shelter for a mandatory hold.

The family will be given three options on the fate of their dogs -- they can take them back into the home (with restrictions), adopt the dogs out to another family ... or choose to have them euthanized.

And there's this: Bergin said four months ago to the day, one of the family's other Rottweilers attacked another family member -- that dog was put down after the attack.


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"Begin said four months ago to the day, one of the family's other Rottweilers attacked another family member"

Crap training and/or crap breeding and insufficient supervision of a dog with a child.

RIP child.

1699 days ago


This tragedy could have been prevented. They had another dog that attacked and they put it down? Now 2 rotties involved in the attacked. I can't believe the stupidity here? They say the choice is up to them either adopt them out to another family, put them down?
Once a dog has attacked they will do it again. They have the taste of killing and any breeder will say the same. The number 1 dog to attack i the us is the Pit Bull 2) Rottwieler 3) German Shepard 4) Chow 5) Akita

1699 days ago


Any dog can attack..not just rottys or pitbulls. I know people with those dogs that have children around and they're a pile of mush. You can tug on their ears or tail and they let you. Look at how many little dogs bite your feet or go for your legs. They may be afraid b/c they are little, oh still doesn't make that right either. We don't know why dogs snap, they just do.

1699 days ago

eNuff of U    

I hope the father gets mauled to death, too. Idiots shouldn't have kids!

1699 days ago


If you love your child you would take every precaution necessary or use your fathers intuition sense if the dog is irritated or agitated and the child is being taunting or aggressive, these are red flags for me.

1699 days ago


Posted at 2:42PM on Mar 1st 2010 by YOUR MOTHER


Rottweilers are aggressive and dangerous dogs if they are not with the right family. They need a tremendous amount of training and socializing. They also need to learn right away that they are not alpha dog that all family members in the home including children are the alpha.

This happens not by bullying the dog. It is making them go last out the door or down the stairs. It is also hand feeding them when they are young to learn you control their environment and not the other way around.

This family obviously never put the time into training these dogs. I think everyone agrees you never leave a Rottweiler alone with a small child.

BTW a Rottweiler has the strongest bite of all dogs. One bite could have killed this child.

1699 days ago



So you are saying that Rottweilers are not naturally aggressive but children should never be left alone with them unsupervised? That makes sense.

1699 days ago


This is a story about the tragic loss of a child, not about your personal rant, White Folks & Their Mess - You racist pig, go away.

That poor child, seems like the family should have known the danger given a different dog attacked another family member 4 months ago - hindsight is wonderful. My condolences to all. I can't imagine placing the dog with another family. Big, aggressive dogs + children not a good mix.

1699 days ago


The poor child :(

The dog who attacked her needs to be put down. Certain breeds of dogs have no place in families with small children.

1699 days ago


Where is the dog whisperer when you need him? Dogs can be rehabilitated, but people need training. If the people never get the training, this tragic story will be repeated over and over again.

1699 days ago


I don't care WHAT breed of dog it was.....after the first attack 4 months ago, they should have removed - I'm not saying destroyed - the other dogs. Poor little girl is dead now. Geez!

1699 days ago


Wow.. Ok maybe this family shouldn't have dogs. I have had Rotts Pits Boxers etc. They are not the type of dog that would go after a family member.

Something isn't right and this doesn't need to happen again.

1699 days ago


Ok first and for most. ALL ANIMALS ARE UNPREDICTABLE. It doesnt matter if you trained them right and are wounerful to them. There is always a chance of them turning on you. Yes the owner does have a big factor in how they behave but you NEVER know. You should never leave a young child around any animal at all.This could have be avoided if they would have taken there precautions. I feel bad for the familys lost and for there poor little girl who did not get to live a longer life. May she rest in peace. As for the dog unforuantly it should be put down. I hate to say it but they said that there is three things that could happen to the dog. 1) go back to the owners home. 2) be adopted to another family. 3 ) put down. WHY WOULD YOU ADOPT AN ANIMAL OUT TO ANOTHER FAMILY AFTER IT JUST KILLED A 4YEAR OLD? You know the family wont want it back. So the best thing to do is put the dog down. I hate to say it but its the true. Once again i am very sorry for your familys lost.

1699 days ago


Instinct CANNOT be trained out of an animal. It doesn't matter how an owner treats a pit bull, presa canerio, rotweiller, or any killer animal, it will kill because it is instinct..

Only ignorant, foolish people own animals like that...

Insurance companies will not insure households who have these killer dogs..

1699 days ago


My parents owned 2 rotti's and a pit bull mix while we (4 kids)were growing up. Never once did these dogs attack a human or another animal. They were trained very well and never trained with aggression or to be aggressive. If you can not control and train your dog, you should not be allowed to have one! Obviously this dog and the one who attacked before it were not trained properly by this guy. This man should be banned from ever owning a dog again!

If you have a dog, you MUST train it properly! No matter if it is a pit bull, rotti, poodle or any dog. Properly trained dogs will not attack and kill people!

That poor child...I feel so bad that she had to die so tragically like this. What a rotten set of parents to let her be around untrained and aggressive dogs!!! How very sad for all involved.

1699 days ago
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