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'Ax Men' Star's Daughter Killed by Family Dog

3/1/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Ax Men' Star's Daughter Killed by Family DogThe 4-year-old daughter of Jesse Browning -- one of the stars of The History Channel's "Ax Men" -- died tragically yesterday in Oregon after being mauled by one of the family's pet Rottweilers.

Jesse -- whose father owns the "Browning Logging" company featured on the show -- called 911 around 1 PM after the dog attacked his daughter Ashlynn at the family home, this according to Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin.

We're told Ashlynn was airlifted to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland shortly after the attack ... but was pronounced dead on arrival.

We're told cops are investigating the incident.

Sheriff Bergin tells TMZ the dog involved in the attack -- along with another Rottweiler owned by the family -- was taken to a nearby animal shelter for a mandatory hold.

The family will be given three options on the fate of their dogs -- they can take them back into the home (with restrictions), adopt the dogs out to another family ... or choose to have them euthanized.

And there's this: Bergin said four months ago to the day, one of the family's other Rottweilers attacked another family member -- that dog was put down after the attack.


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My girlfriend's granddaughter was mauled by a rottie who was "gee always so good around kids we just can't understand it". No child should be left unattended around ANY dog. They can be just great then some little trigger sets them off. And yes, I am a dog lover, I have a chocolate lab.

1675 days ago


I agree. There are not bad dogs, only bad ownders. If you don't interact with your dog, then yes it's obviously going to go with it's instinct and attack a small child that is running from it. I'm not saying what the dog did is ok, but look at the owner before you automatically put the dog to sleep.

1675 days ago

Vicky Bershok    

For those of you who obviously didn't read ALL the article. The first dog that attacked was put down. This dog probly will too. Animals can be unpredictable. Stuff like this happens more than the media tells us.Leave the parents alone. They are grieving over the loss of their baby girl. It was a tragic accident.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. RIP little Ashlynn.

As for you conspiracy idiots. Get a life!

1675 days ago


I agree w/Your Mother on the training needed for these types of dogs. Unfortunately too many people handle them incorrectly and they become dangerous killers with the wrong owner.

I have a Doberman Pincher who I adore! She's very well behaved but I have put alot of time in with her training and obedience.

1675 days ago

dr cyclops    

well looking at his picture he doesnt appear to be the brightest person..looks like a dumb hick who proabaly likes his dogs better than his kids..stupid jerk...
"well they done chewed up one of ma kids but i didnt know they would chew up nother one"..he was heard to say.."maybe they was hungry cuz i forget to feed dem"
"guess i gotta get some new kids now to help round da house"

people own a cat..... never heard of one cat that killed a kid,,maybe scratch them a little but never kill one..

1675 days ago

Knuck Game    

You can take the dog out of the fight, but you can't take the fight out of the dog. Natural dogs are straight up killers! With the human bred ones you just don't know what you get.

1675 days ago


Sad about the little girl but maybe daddy needs to see a jail cell for a while.

1675 days ago


The loss of a child is unimaginable. My deepest sympathies to the Jesse Browning family. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

In this local town here years ago, a 4 year old was killed by a part ROTTWEILER/PIT that was chained but kids kept tormenting the dog with sticks and rocks thrown while the owner was at work(they had been warned before, parents warned their kids were doing this). One day they got too close and the dog snapped, killing the child. I guess the dog was a good dog, but after so much of being beaten and stoned, the dog struck back. Not saying Browning's child did this, but parents please, teach your kids to leave animals be in peace.

1675 days ago

dr cyclops    

dogs are animals so they can never be totally trusted..i grew up with a female begal that over the years bit every kid on the block including me..she was protective as hell of our family but that didnt mean she might even bite one of us,,she was never abused but she was a dog and we understood that and accepted just had to make sure you could run fast when she came barking at you..other than that she was a great dog..very playful but when she got in that mood ,,ya better watch out..these dogs need to be shot right after they shoot the dumbass owner

1675 days ago


I am so sorry to hear what happened to that little girl. Those dogs need to be put down because now they believe it is acceptable to attack human beings. I can't believe the humane society would put those animals up for adoption -- with their history I would question the type of person who would adopt them.

1675 days ago


I'm sure the guilt he feels is unbearable. It s@cks that we have to be human and make mistakes.

1675 days ago


This is the families fault. They allowed a bunch of dogs who they knew were mean with a 4 year old child. These people should never own dogs again. They obviously love mean dogs and allow the dogs to be mean. That is why his daughter was the 2nd family member to be attacked by one of their dogs.

1675 days ago


What a tragedy!!! My heart felt prayers go out to the family!! ;(

1675 days ago


Before people condemn a particular breed, you should know that 90% of dog attacks are committed by unneutered males. If people would just get their damn dogs fixed these tragedies would be far less common.

1675 days ago


White trash rednecks who keep devil dogs send their kids to heaven.

1675 days ago
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