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'Ax Men' Star's Daughter Killed by Family Dog

3/1/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Ax Men' Star's Daughter Killed by Family DogThe 4-year-old daughter of Jesse Browning -- one of the stars of The History Channel's "Ax Men" -- died tragically yesterday in Oregon after being mauled by one of the family's pet Rottweilers.

Jesse -- whose father owns the "Browning Logging" company featured on the show -- called 911 around 1 PM after the dog attacked his daughter Ashlynn at the family home, this according to Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin.

We're told Ashlynn was airlifted to the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital in Portland shortly after the attack ... but was pronounced dead on arrival.

We're told cops are investigating the incident.

Sheriff Bergin tells TMZ the dog involved in the attack -- along with another Rottweiler owned by the family -- was taken to a nearby animal shelter for a mandatory hold.

The family will be given three options on the fate of their dogs -- they can take them back into the home (with restrictions), adopt the dogs out to another family ... or choose to have them euthanized.

And there's this: Bergin said four months ago to the day, one of the family's other Rottweilers attacked another family member -- that dog was put down after the attack.


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you just don't get it    

Posted at 3:29PM by Sammie

I blame idiot owners' poor judgment. Why blame an animal bound by nature. That is smug and arrogant.

1695 days ago


"There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.."

"There are no bad children, only bad parents..."

Really? Don't delude yourselves.

1695 days ago


harpo marxist may not live in the Ghetto but you live in trailers is that any better? You all have not respect for human life and in particular your children's. How many stories Nancy Grace has to air every night about some dead child, all belonging to some white trash family. White trash is no better than Ghetto.

1695 days ago


Nice....adopt out to another family. STUPID!

1695 days ago


That's what they get for having a dangerous dog. Everytime you hear of a dog mauling, it a Rottweiller. Why on earth would you have any option other than putting this dog down.

I'm glad it was his own daughter and not someone else's who was mauled. If you want to risk your family so be it.

1695 days ago


So sad.

Animals are animals, people. If you choose to have children, you should not mix the two EVER! I know people say their dogs are wonderful, blah blah blah - but really is it worth the risk? Better safe than sorry. Have a baby, get rid of the dog!

1695 days ago


lived in north idaho mountains...saw much logging/many loggers...idiots all...

1695 days ago


Omg. Those dogs are good for nothing.. I say put them all down.

1695 days ago

you just don't get it    


Bad parenting results in problem children. Don't delude yourself.

1695 days ago


"My dogs are raised in a loving enviroment with boundries and rules. They know who is the pack leader and where they fall in our family "pack"." Fine. Then don't come looking for sympathy if one of them freaks out and eats your child.

1695 days ago


Rotties require a lot of walks and socialization. WHEN they receive this and decent training then they are among the smartest, most interesting dogs to have a relationship with. They are just so smart, highly loving, and yes even very sweet, and have remarkable personalities. But they are "a LOT of dog!" People absolutely must understand this before taking on the serious responsibility of owning one!!

When they do NOT receive what they need, then they become dangerous. No question. And I love rotties.

As others have said, Mr. Browning probably liked them to be mean. THAT is just tragedy waiting to happen. I really love rotties and I have to admit that because it seems clear that some people just can not responsibly own them it does call into question whether there needs to be more restrictions of some sort. I just don't know how you do that. At minimum there needs to be some sort of very clear description of what the REAL requirements of rotties are that anyone even considering owning one MUST understand before making that choice. Because it is NOT a decision to make lightly.

1695 days ago


Yes lets ban Rotts and Pitbulls cause some redneck keeps a couple kenneled up there whole lives and then cant figure out why they attack a little kid. You dumb Azzes that think we can save the world one ban at a time kill me. We cant stop stupid. These tragedys could be stopped, not by banning the dog but by banning stupid people from owning a dog. All dogs are animals and if you cage them up or tie them to a pole their whole lives,whether they are a chihuahua or a Rotty they will not behave like pets they will behave like the animals they are. Sad story, could have been prevented.

1695 days ago



NO AMOUNT OF TRAINING OR LOVE OR DISCIPLINE CAN STOP A DOG FROM ATTACKING IF IT WANTS TO!!!!! If you love your small child you will keep them away from most animals. THEY ARE ANIMALS!! Just because you put clothes on them and take them to the spa doesn't mean they aren't ANIMALS!! I cannot believe there are so many people on here who think they know what they are talking about...
OMG! Wake up people. IQ testing should be mandatory for anyone thinking of having a kid!

1695 days ago

J. Jen    

Poor little girl must have been terrified. Sorry, but people who own these types of dogs seem like they have something to prove - like 'I don't care what anyone says, I can control my dog' My neighbor used to own a rottie, sweet girl, big baby, loved her like she was mine but never would I allow my son to be left alone with her or to get her too wound up when playing. It just doesn't make I say it seems like a certain mentality that goes along with ownership of pits, rotties. Wonder how 'bad ass' Daddy is feeling today?

1695 days ago


PETA, any comments!!!

1695 days ago
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