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Warrant Singer Arrested for DUI

5/10/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jani Lane from the 80s hairband Warrant is currently being booked on suspicion of DUI.

LAPD arrested Lane in Woodland Hills, CA on Sunday night.

Police sources tell us Lane was driving a black Infiniti sedan when he allegedly hit a parked car. Officers arrived on the scene and gave Lane a field sobriety test -- we're told he did not do well and was arrested.  Lane's car is pretty mangled, but there were no injuries reported.

According to sources, Lane blew more than twice the legal limit of .08 when officers gave him a breathalyzer test at the police station. He was released at 3:17 AM.

Lane -- who is no longer with the band Warrant -- pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI in July 2009. A hit-and-run charge was dropped as part of that plea deal, and the judge put him on probation for three years.

Bonus fact: We're told Jani was arrested today by the same cop who arrested him last summer.  Go figure.


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I understand all of the degrading comments from those who have no talent or ambition! I even understand the need to kick someone when they're down. What I don't understand is the need to make each comment nastier and meaner than the last. You don't know my Brother and NONE of you understand "alcoholism". Grow up, grow balls and talk to ME! Not each other. That's right sit at your computers and call a Human Beig names while the family has to read them..God, I hope you're Mother's are proud of no better than a drunk, in fact, you are worse cause you know what you are writing!

1626 days ago


Jani did quit for a bit. It's very hard for anyone to mantain though. He really needs to stay @ home & get blasted...or get a driver. Time catches up to all of us & then we have to pay.

1626 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

A lot of these "who" comments only serve to show how out-of-touch and clueless the average TMZ poster is. Not that anyone needs any more evidence, but there it is again, a bunch of self-loathing losers showing us all how clueless they are.

Now get back to work, wage slaves!!!

1626 days ago


I am 42, and have been drinking since I was 21. I used to bar hop for years, and now I drink much less frequently and usually at home because I like to smoke when I drink. I have never had a DUI. I have never been in an accident. Why are there so many people, especially known people, driving when they know they shouldn't be? We used to drink a lot, and stay until closing time, but, we stayed in the parking lot hanging out until we were all OK to drive.

1626 days ago


Drink all you want, that is an individual's decision... Just DON"T DRIVE! There could have been a person or a child in the way of what stopped him. GEEZ

1626 days ago


Gotta get this guy back on the Celeb Rehab/Sober House treadmill....

1626 days ago


why are people so harsh....??? he is a very nice guy and has a disease... he's obviously big enough to make tmz.. so people chill

1626 days ago


WOW! YIKES! Man, people sure do like to "add their 2 cents". Hey Joe Sanford, go to effing Hell, he hasn't hurt anyone! Ever heard of DISEASES? misstigarloves: good for you, but you are not Jani Lane. He's no better or worse than most of the alcoholics out there that you never hear about. Whatever they give him, it will only sober him up and that's a good thing. ..where the Hell was his wife?

1626 days ago


He's pretty much hopeless at this point. He started to make a breakthrough when he was on Celebrity Fit Club and it looked like he would turn his life around. That didn't work so he ended up on Celebrity Rehab. It is sad, but if you can't turn your life around after getting help at least twice I don't see much chance of it happening in the future.

1626 days ago


I hope they put him in jail for a long time (but they probably won't).

I don't care if he drinks himself to death, but stop being selfish and endangering the lives of innocent people because of his destructive and careless actions.

1626 days ago


Comments like these show how out of touch most people are with what it means being human beings, a suposed higher life form, filled with compassion, care, and understanding, especially Americans should rise above and be decent towards one another. Not low life parasites attacking the weakest amoung us like animals. While I will never condone driving while drunk because it is how I lost my first child when I was hit by a drunk driver. I also lost my best friend when he was 16 yrs old because he was drinking and driving. He was decapitated after his car flew 150 ft into the air striking trees, severing his head and limbs, there was no body to bury. I pray for Jani Lane, his children, his family, that they find the support and help they need to keep him alive long enough for him to heal and realize he has so much to actually live for, I pray they find the strength to endure this horrid disease. I have younger brother who is also an alcoholic and its nothing you can do to save them. They have to save themselves or die. I pray Jani he finds the will to live and fight harder than ever. He needs to learn and accept that the past is gone, the future isnt even here yet, so all that remains is for him to just live for today in the present, then it would all work out. He has alot more then he realizes. "Faith is the bird that sees the light yet sings while the dawn is still dark" May Love and Light heal the weak and down hearted.

1626 days ago


Jani Lane needs help.

1626 days ago

No Comment    

Rub the lotion on the skin

1625 days ago


Although your words were meant to be helpful Dove, I doubt anyone on this website would care. It's the "one upmanship" on nastiness that they feed on. It is a constant up hill battle for the entire family and we will NEVER give up. Thank you to all of "kind" responses and to Hell with all of the "death to Jani" parasites!

1625 days ago

a friend    

damn that car was so pretty too i hope all his equipment in the trunk is ok, we had lunch and he had told me that he ws sober and no longer drank... oh jani...

1622 days ago
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