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L.A. Dodgers Wife - It's Expensive to Be Me

3/1/2010 8:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why the L.A. Dodgers divorce case between Frank and Jamie McCourt is so high-stakes ... it costs a bundle to be them.

Jamie McCourt

Jamie submitted an expense declaration with the court in her quest for $988,845. Here are some of her MONTHLY expenses:

- Expenses for Holmby Hills home - $202,715
- Expenses for L.A. home - $9,007
- Expenses for Malibu home - $151,054
- Expenses for other Malibu home - $88,106
- Expenses for Cape Cod house - $93,279
- Expenses for Willowbend house (we don't even know where that is) - $5,048
- Expenses for Vail house - $7,784
- Expenses for Cabo house - $2,530

In all, the homes cost her $568,829 a month. Her total nut is almost twice that. But in her declaration, Jamie says she was only pulling in $166,667 a month from the Dodgers. Someone missed their home ec classes!


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Sell a few freakin' homes! At least 7 families could live off of what you make from the Dodgers. How pathetic you are.

1664 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

It's a shame how people get paid so much money for hardly doing anything.

1664 days ago


well, i am SO glad to finally know that my $20/game dodger parking fee, $75/seat ticket fee, $13/beer charge, $6/water fee, $7/dodger dog charge and all the other crazy costs i pay to attend a dodger game are going to such a GOOD CAUSE! yeah, right. and, these are 2009 charges... i sure hope they raise everything because who better than the loyal fans should be paying for this outrageous divorce? certainly not the mccourts!

1664 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

To Jerry,

"Stop supporting the Dodgers"? Do you realize that every team you support or show you watch is owned by super rich people? Every product you buy or entertainment you indulge in has super rich people behind it. If you are a billionaire, this is not unusual! Rich people supply jobs and spend lots of money which means stimulating the economy. You get out of a recession by spending not saving! Will you stop using your computer because Bill Gates is worth 56 billion dollars? Have you seen his house? How much do you think his wife spends? Mr Common Sense, saving TMZ idiots one comment at a time!

1664 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

I need help. I need a man with money. I'd marry and get a divorce. Let's see what I need.

My toilet is leaking from behind - $56.79.
My refrigerator is just about on it's last legs - $289. 08.
My car has an oil leak - $129.56.
My rent is due this Friday - $1,250.00.
My cat is sick - $375.00.
My Butt needs a high colonic - $189.75. (Cheap)

Come on, guy's, step up to the plate. You''ll get away real cheap.

Suckin' Sally

1664 days ago


if i were the judge i would tell her to pick a home and thats what you get paid for.who in their right mind needs 8 houses.

1664 days ago


that f-in bit*h is going to ruin my DODGER TEAM....
no wonder we cant afford to sign a great free-agent this season..
because of that bi*ch ticket prices also skyrocketted... I HOPE JAMIE MCCOURT DIES

1664 days ago


Mother F*cking B*itch, you're so f*cking greedy. GO TO HELL B*TCH!!!!

1664 days ago


This is just absolutely sick... there are millions of people starving in this country and she has to "upkeep" 8 homes.. How about just living in 1!!!

1664 days ago


Willowbend is a community on a golf course in Mashpee started by the CEO of Reebok. It is only 5 minutes from their mansion in Cotuit and you need to own a house on the course to play golf there.

1664 days ago


F***king sick...I wonder if she helps anyone out, like a family member who may need a home or some help finacially? Like my brother who has 4 homes and I have none and am poor and he cannot find his way to being kind or empathatic to my life's journey. Not right when these people do not share in their over abundance. What is it anyway? Greed is an addiction. Seek help you selfish ones. I'm just saying...

1664 days ago


First this bitch needs to sell off her homes.

Second this is why men shouldn't marry gold digging whores.

Third if you want to make that much money, GET A JOB. Get a back story on this bitch, is she educated, what did she do before she got a job BECAUSE of who she married?

Fourth would anyone be sad if this bitch ended up swimming with the fishes?

1664 days ago


Hey, he's got it, she should have 1/2 it. You go girl. I'm wit ya!! Represent!!

1664 days ago


That chick is not even cute to be flaunting this attitude..

1664 days ago


Willow bend is in Mashpee MA ( cape cod)

1664 days ago
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