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'Price Is Right' Suit - They Called Me 'Wide Load'

3/1/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A former "Price Is Right" model claims the show was so cruel about staffers becoming pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage from stress and abuse.

'Price Is Right

Brandi Cochran claims she became pregnant in 2007 but didn't tell anyone because she was afraid of getting fired. Brandi claims the stress was so severe, "that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage."

Brandi claims when she told a producer about the miscarriage, the producer told her, "It's natures way of getting rid of a bad baby."

In late 2008, Cochran became pregnant again. She claims, in the lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a producer put his hands on his head when he learned she was having twins.

In the docs, Brandi claims when she walked past a producer he said, "Wide load coming through."

Brandi says she had complications from the pregnancy and went on disability. She claims she was eventually squeezed out of her job on February 23.

Brandi was a prize model during Bob Barker's reign as well as Drew Carey's.

CBS had no comment on the lawsuit.


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She needs to get over herself!!

1699 days ago


Not to be rude but she was stressed the first time b/c she never said anything and was afraid to get fired. Well that's her fault then. Maybe if she didn't keep it a secret she wouldn't have been so stressed and lost the baby. She can sue b/c she got fired from being on disabilty but who knows if she'll win.

1699 days ago

Jerry Martin    

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1699 days ago

you just don't get it    

If she was in such a stressful environment why didn't she leave long ago? Is pointing to cars and crap more important than the health of your baby? Maybe she's the one that should be prosecuted for fetal endangerment.

1699 days ago


To start with most models are nuts and second if they had a real job they would probably have to kill themselves.

1699 days ago

you just don't get it    

"A producer put his hands on his head when he learned she was having twins."

1699 days ago


maybe she had the miscarriage because she was lying and hiding the pregnancy from the producers. STRESS.... sounds like the stress was caused by her. Due to her lie maybe she will never know the true cause to the stress that caused her miscarriage. The fact of the matter is she doesn't care she wants $

1699 days ago


She was the default Miss USA in 1997 when Brook Lee won Miss Universe. Her name back then was Brandi Sherwood. Also was Miss Teen USA in 1989.

1699 days ago


"Help control the Model population. Have your Models spayed or neutered."

1699 days ago


Did she not realize her career was based on her looks?
Must be a little more dense than everyone else.

1699 days ago

Enough Already    


1699 days ago


Pump more stuff in your lips and face and shut up.

1699 days ago

two cents    

Drama queen troublemaker. Pfft.

Frivolous lawsuits need to stop. Is she a doctor now? There are plenty of women that suffer miscarriages but to sue over it? Ridiculous.

1699 days ago

Lori Peters    

Do these women think they are hired for their "talent"? They are supposed to be decoration for the set. I can see why a producer would be upset if their decoration is going to be out of commission for awhile!

1699 days ago

Enough Already    


1699 days ago
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