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Brittany Murphy's House Up for Sale

3/2/2010 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's mom has just put her house up for sale -- the house where Brittany died ... TMZ has learned.

Simon Monjack tells us Sharon Murphy listed the house today for $7.25 million. The house, located in the Hollywood Hills, is 8,000 square feet on 1.29 acres.

Brittany bought the house for just under $4 million in 2003. She purchased the home from Britney Spears.

We're told the title to the house is held in a blind trust, and Sharon is the sole trustee.

As we first reported, Brittany has left all of her assets to Sharon.

Monjack tells TMZ when the house is sold and Brittany's estate is wrapped up, he and Sharon are moving to New York.


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12. id like to know why simon and the mom are so close... they are moving to new york together, creepy!

Posted at 9:11PM on Mar 1st 2010 by erin

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Something about this mother has seemed suspicious from day one. Something about her being there, pills all over the place, her pills, watching as her own daughter get sicker and sicker until she died. Then it all becomes about money. I don't know.

1633 days ago

Bad Girl Wendy    

Okay.. aside from people thinking that her mom is greedy...Doesn't anyone think that Simon's relationship with the mom is kind of "close" in a weird way? I mean... "moving to NY together"? Yeah...weird.

1633 days ago



1633 days ago


Isn’t this a rerun? I could have sworn I saw this movie before. Sorry if I spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it.

1. Celebrity dies a “mysterious” death (Celebrity’s husband doesn’t have a financial motive - he’s not in the Will).
2. Celebrity’s husband becomes very friendly with the sole heir (Celebrity’s Mom) and assists her in drafting her Will.
3. Celebrity’s Mom and Celebrity’s husband move to another State perhaps to start a new life together
4. Celebrity’s husband obtains prescription drugs for his sickness and Celebrity’s Mom acquires different prescription drugs for her illness.
5. Celebrity’s husband haphazardly places his drugs throughout the house (some in mislabeled bottles).
6. Celebrity’s Mom “mistakenly” takes the wrong combination of drugs and she experiences deathlike symptoms
7. Celebrity’s husband mistakes her deathlike symptoms for the common cold and doesn’t bother to call a doctor or take her to the hospital.
8. After a week of suffering Celebrity’s Mom dies while the Celebrity’s husband is off somewhere (that has plenty of closed circuit cameras) thereby securing his alibi
9. Celebrity’s husband inherits everything from Celebrity’s Mom.
10. Celebrity’s husband creates a movie detailing the tragic events of his wife and Mother-in-law /Lover.
11. Celebrity’s husband gets away with a double homicide.
12. Celebrity’s husband returns to his country of origin to live out the rest of his life.


1633 days ago

Bend over    

I just think it's a little odd that Simon & Sharon are so close. I don't know but something doesn't sound right.

1633 days ago


these two are involved. why on earth would her mother and her widower be moving to ny?

1633 days ago


"Monjack tells TMZ when the house is sold and Brittany's estate is wrapped up, he and Sharon are moving to New York."


1633 days ago


I find this entire situation strange. There were two adults in the house when Brittany died but neither of them had the motivation to check on her even though they know that she was very ill. Now Simon says that they will move to NY together. Are they going to marry. Is he going to live off of Brittany's money through her mother.

These are very "different" people. No wonder Brittany had problems.

1633 days ago


I'd sell the house too if my daughter died in it. No one wants to be reminded of that. It's good that Simon's sticking with Sharon. They're still family and they need each other to get through this. Simon may look sleazy but Brittany was friends with him for many years and obviously loved him. Sharon obviously does too so there's got to be something there that we don't see.

1633 days ago


Well well they are going to sell the house and take off to New York and start anew...with each other? isnt that special...wonder how long this has been planned? You know i saw them on Larry King Live and i smelled a rat then...unbelievable...maybe GOD took her away from THEM on purpose. They are evil.....shame on you two!!!

1633 days ago


i think you will lose your 10 bucks shelly, i think he already had her and brittany dependent on him , mentally i mean, i think he's done a head trip on them, the mother looked "weak" and not from her daughter dying...noone in hollywood like monjack, he was ONLY here because of brittany so now hes going to "take care" of sharon like he did brittany????hahahahahaha yea you watch in only a matter of time it will hit the papers that sharon is dead and monjack was left everything...mark my words.

1633 days ago


Brittany SHOULD NEVER HAVE DIED!!!!!!!! mommy dearest and monjack WERE NOT TAKING CARE OF HER!!!!!!!!!NOW we know why!!!

1633 days ago



Brittany's mom and husband are going to move to NY and LIVE TOGETHER??????

that's very ...... odd.

1633 days ago


I don't blame her I'd get out of Hollyweird while the getting is good.

1618 days ago
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