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Howard Stern: Leno Makes Me Wanna Puke

3/2/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern unleashed the fury all over Jay Leno this morning, brutally tearing into the "Tonight Show" host on a segment for the "CBS Early Show."

Howard Stern: Click to watch

One day after Leno returned to late night, CBS asked Stern for his thoughts, which went like this: "The mere mention of Jay Leno's name makes me wanna vomit. I don't like this guy."

Stern, who has a long gestating hatred of the talk show host, also referred to Leno as a "lap dog" and a "thief" ... once again accusing Jay of stealing material from himself, Letterman and even people in England.

Long story short -- don't expect Stern on "The Tonight Show" anytime soon.


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Robin Darling    

Anyone ripping apart Howard Stern clearly does not have the facts. Basing an opinion of someone solely upon their appearance, rumor or a minute of listening to his show demonstrates your ignorance as well as a clear lack of intelligence.

Howard brought MILLIONS of people to PAY for radio that is free - no one, NOT EVEN OPRAH could do this, she tried and FAILED.

He is a best selling author.

He is immensely influential on the radio.

He is a success on television.

He was one of the first to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual community when others refused to allow them to be seen on television as such.

He was an enormous success with his movie.

What other celebrities can bring in people to pay for radio and be a huge success with it, television, movies and books? No one.

Unlike Leno, Howard has NEVER had to HIDE IN CLOSETS TO SPY ON BUSINESS MEETINGS to gain his success. Nor has he EVER STOLE MATERIAL or JOBS from others.

LENO'S Prime Time show FAILED - not Conan.

1698 days ago


I've been Howard's biggest fan ever since he started drugging up that bimbo Anna Nicole.
He'a a funny guy.

1698 days ago


In order to understand Howard Stern and his show - you must listen at least 1 hour a day for a period of at least two weeks. You need to get a feel of all the personalities and how they play off one another, be around for all the different parts of the show - the news, celebrity guests, and just the normal bashing/trashing/ridiculing that goes on between the staff - all in fun. Once you've done that, you'll see the angle of the show and just how hilarious it is. I am a 50 year old woman - I've listened to Howard for 20+ years, missed him desperately when he moved to Sirius until I was able to get Sirius in my car. Sure, when it's all about b**bs and *ss, guess what. . . I either wait for it to return to what I enjoy, or I change the channel for a few minutes. . . but I ALWAYS come back. There is so much more to Stern's show than just flashing and sex - way more!

I'm a fan forever!

(and to those who think simply because Howard's divorced means he's a cheat - no, it was his wife who initiated the separation/divorce. Now, are you going to call her a cheat? I don't believe either one cheated, I think they both had more respect for each other. Ultimately, their relationship just ran its course.)

1698 days ago

Sad sad    

Team coco ?:^(0)

1698 days ago


HOWARD STERN IS COMPLETELY BALD. SOMEONE SHOULD GRAB THAT HIDEOUS WIG OFF OF HIS UGLY HEAD. I bet Jay Leno would pay anyone $5,000 to pull Stern's wig off of his shiny bald head in public! Jay has a full head of natural hair, and that is why Baldy Sternbag is jealous!

1698 days ago


Howard Stern makes me and thousands more wanting to vomit. He's got the nerve.

1698 days ago


A lot of you on here are just mindlessly repeating stuff you've heard about howard in the media. If you are going to trash him at least have some credability and name something specific he did to offend you. NONE of you could give an example of why you are calling him these names because you've never listened to him. So what does that make you?? None of you can think for yourselves and just look for someone to tell you how to think. I'd even go as far as to say that most of you believe the bible is true too because you are robots and have no ability to form your own opinions. Don't be afraid to think for yourselves people!

1698 days ago


howards comments are relevant because he's been saying (correctly) for years that leno would do this to conan.
howard doesnt kiss celebrities asses, which is why hes an outsider.
attacking his looks is juvenile and a complete non sequitur.
most people who hate howard have never even heard him.

1698 days ago


I think he killed Anna Nicole!

1698 days ago


I can chime in when you talk about making someone want to puke.I don't see where anyone sees Stern as having any talent. He is nasty!!!! I heard he may replace Simon on American Idol. I can only say that if he does, my days of watching Idol are limited.

1698 days ago


Couldn't be happier that Stern won't be a guest on Jay's show. He's the personification of what's wrong with today's society.

Jay on the other hand, a nice, unpretentious, everyday kinda guy with morals.

1698 days ago

mike in chicago    

isnt it amazing how all the howard haters here keep proving over and over here that they're the one with a lack of intelligence and juvenile?

1698 days ago


Lets see. Leno lies, backstabs, manipulates, steals shows, forces kings like Carson to retire, kisses pampered A-List celebrities asses, and is a passive aggressive jackass. yeah those are great morals, lol

1698 days ago


EXAMPLES PEOPLE...EXAMPLES! Its easy to sit there and bash someone because you heard someone else do it. Why dont some of you stern haters give reasons why you dont like him? YOU CANT because you've never heard him. How can you give an opinion on someone you've never heard? You are all mindless robots who cant think for yourselves and just repeat what you hear you lemmings. ITS EASY TO CONFORM TO THE POPULAR OPINION, IT TAKES COURAGE TO THINK FOR YOURSELF...

1698 days ago


Howard Stern makes me want to throw up. He's trash and his radio show is boring. Anyone who listens to him is wasting their time.

1698 days ago
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