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Howard Stern: Leno Makes Me Wanna Puke

3/2/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern unleashed the fury all over Jay Leno this morning, brutally tearing into the "Tonight Show" host on a segment for the "CBS Early Show."

Howard Stern: Click to watch

One day after Leno returned to late night, CBS asked Stern for his thoughts, which went like this: "The mere mention of Jay Leno's name makes me wanna vomit. I don't like this guy."

Stern, who has a long gestating hatred of the talk show host, also referred to Leno as a "lap dog" and a "thief" ... once again accusing Jay of stealing material from himself, Letterman and even people in England.

Long story short -- don't expect Stern on "The Tonight Show" anytime soon.


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Howard Stern will never grow up. He's just jealous! He's a vulgar nasty despicable person who constantly demands attention. So glad he left the mainstream. He appeals to the dregs of society. He has no class and contributes to everything that is wrong with our society. Who gives a flip about what he thinks! Retire already and just "go away".

1693 days ago


Yep #84- that's exactly what they did; Used Howard to trash talk their late night competition, because he's the only one with the nerve to say what others think. He knew that's why they asked him on and acknowledged it on his show before his interview. And he was happy to do it, when he has an opinion he's not scared to voice it. He has many other valid, verifiable reasons for his opinion of Jay that he wasn't able to mention in the short time frame. He's not just saying this stuff to hear himself talk or for shock value. If any of you listened to him you would know that's not what he's about.

1693 days ago


I don't find Leno funny. I don't find Stern funny. I remember when Stern was on free radio, I tried to listen to his show, but I found it rather boring. High school locker room humor. I have never understood the attraction to his act.

1693 days ago


Howard hasn't been relevant in 10 years. He went the way of imus

1693 days ago


WOOO Howard speaks the truth!!!! GO TEAM COCO!!!!!!!

1693 days ago


Howard Stern is a disgusting human being. Robin Quivers has sold her soul working with him. His wife knows he is a bad person but looks the other way because of money.

Howards Stern makes money degrading people.

Howard Stern is gross and I would not trust anything he says.

Jay Leno is a competitor and a business man and a hard worker.
He should not be faulted for that.

1693 days ago


I think Howard Stern is an unfunny pig of a person but I have to agree with him on this particular issue.

Jay Lameo is NBC's lap dog and I will not be watching his show ever again and I will give a serious side-eye to anyone that appears as his guest.

Conan can't come back soon enough for me.

1693 days ago


Stern's had an a$$ kickin' comin' for too long now..even his little butboys are trying to off themselves to get away from the shame of being his crotch-licker...he hasn't been entertaining since the Summer of '94 and needs to choke on his own puke...(Angry letter to follow.)

1693 days ago


Stern is right!!!

1693 days ago


That's funny. I don't care who you are.

1693 days ago


Those who live in glass houses...

1693 days ago


I wonder why stern is on stupid radio & not tv now i know why

1693 days ago


Sorry just had to throw this on the post thread. BA-BA BOOEY! =P

1693 days ago


Howard Stern is disgusting!!!! Can't stand him. Jay's the MAN!

1693 days ago


All that money and the poor guy cant go anywhere----no place...without getting recognized and things yelled at and to him---most in support of him, but he hates the publicity and attention away from the "showbiz" part of his limited life. He is painfully Johnny Carson shy like in public, unless its a performance event...He is awkward, humble, polite, but tragically shy and introverted in every social situation outside of a paid performance.

Poor and no place to go unless its a deserted island, an empty castle, or a cave.

I suspect he is miserable away from the mic....Carson like. On when the lights on, so off as to be anti social when the light is off.

He can say whatever he chooses about Leno or anyone or anything, dudes loaded, but few pay attention to these days to him---even with the light on.

1693 days ago
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