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Howard Stern: Leno Makes Me Wanna Puke

3/2/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern unleashed the fury all over Jay Leno this morning, brutally tearing into the "Tonight Show" host on a segment for the "CBS Early Show."

Howard Stern: Click to watch

One day after Leno returned to late night, CBS asked Stern for his thoughts, which went like this: "The mere mention of Jay Leno's name makes me wanna vomit. I don't like this guy."

Stern, who has a long gestating hatred of the talk show host, also referred to Leno as a "lap dog" and a "thief" ... once again accusing Jay of stealing material from himself, Letterman and even people in England.

Long story short -- don't expect Stern on "The Tonight Show" anytime soon.


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Red-in-Phoenix - Did you forget that NBC pulled the rug on Leno after 4 months, at least Conan got 7! That's after firing Leno from the 11:35 slot. They made a huge mistake and corrected it. Conan just isn't right for the 11:35 more mature audience time-slot, get over it. Howard Stern is contradition of himself and quite the freak. Go away, Howard,not one cares what you think and I'm sure you are not Tonight Show guest material. What a sell-out and disgusting excuse for a man.

1695 days ago


Jake, you are so wrong - if older viewers will gravitate toward Conan,where were they for theose 7 months??? There was no movement of Leno fans to Conan's 11:35 pm show - Leno's 10:00 pm show numbers were the same percentage as when he was on at 11:35 which says that his fans followed him. It's that simple. Conan's brand of so-called humor is more suited to the 16-24 year-olds, it's is far too juvenile for the older demigraphic which favors Leno. Leno is the money-maker at 11:35, I see him back at #1 over Dave and Conan.

1695 days ago


Does anyone still listen to Howard Stern? He's boooooooring......

1695 days ago


Uh oh... the NBC interns are back on TMZ defending satan aka Leno.


(and now, TEAM STERN too!)

1695 days ago


ANY man, literally AS UGLY as Howard Stern is...his face, his sqinty, beaty, little, wrinkly eyes, his horrendous hair, his skinny little girlsih looking body...and did I mention his FACE? ANY MAN as truly scary ugly looking as Howard, DESERVES to be rich if for no other reason other then as COMPENSATION for having been born such a pathetic, FUGLY looking man like HOWARD. No one should ever be jealous of his money CUZ HE HAD TO LOOK LIKE HE DOES IN ORDER TO ATTAIN IT! Thank goodness he is not planning any more children....he is too damn ugly to reproduce.

1695 days ago


Dream on, Jake, dream on - that's LOL! Delusional youth, HA HA HA

1695 days ago


Those seven months were not enough time for Conan to find his footing. I can almost guarantee you this will happen. Its also a good sign that Conan did better in ratings his first "year" as host than Leno did his first year. Leno would have lost his job to in 92 if Carson had pulled a Leno and gotten a 10pm show.

1695 days ago


Howard is right on, Jay Leno is a loser who stole Conan's show. Howard is the only one in the industry who speaks the truth. All the others are fake!

1695 days ago


Trust me Conan always wins 18-49 year olds. Thats why NBC valued him so much, but when Leno failed at 10pm, NBC knew they could not keep both. So this is where money came in. Conans contract buyout was at $40 million, where as a buyout of Jays contract is $150 million. So NBC decided keeping Jay was cheaper and he already had his established cult audience where as Conan was still finding his. It had nothing to do with Conans ratings at 11:35 (they were better then Jays first seven months of Tonight) but rather money. When given the chance to find his audience at 11:30, Conan could actually dominate.

1695 days ago


Howard is right about this the thief comment. I don't believe it's Leno's fault. The blame falls directly on his staff. They steal from G4's Attack of the Show almost daily. If AotS has a youtube clip that's pretty funny, expect to see it on Leno a day or two later. Leno needs to get his staff in shape. They need to be setting the standard, not recycling bits from other sources.

1695 days ago


Sorry I was born in the late 1980's and didn't know who howard stern was until I googled it. I guess there are a lot of old farts on this board.

1695 days ago


Go Howard!!! You are the best!!!!

1695 days ago

mike in chicago    

so many are right on track here, one can definately teel that the strern bashers have never listened to his show,"he's so vulgar and rude and disgusting". i guess that these people sit in their homes and do not endulge in modern culture where probably 95% of the television programs and movies out there today have some sort of sexual tension/inuendo.
did you think that you would become a hater when you grew up? ignoring facts and blindly following peoples opinions who have no clue what they are talking about?
howard is still relevant, he signed on to sirius and within two and a half years sirius was able to buy xm who was the first satelite radio conpany and now combined has over 20 million suscribers. bravo howard!
jay lameo is a theif, he has stolen all of his bits on the tonight show from elsewhere, not an original idea in any of their heads at nbc. and as jake pointed out conan did have higher ratings for his first 7 months than jay lameo did when he stole the show from letterman and johnny. had johnny decided he wanted the show back nbc would have fired his lame ass on the spot.
howard has never cheated on his wife, past or present, dont know where that idea sprung up from and as far as him degrading women, he asks them to do the things they do on his show, he does not make them do anything.
as far as howard on AI, it was the media that started the story, not howard but he said he would consider the idea if asked, who wouldnt take the opportunity to make that much money just giving their opinion. some one mentioned that he is bashing the show which he is not, it is his favorite television show, you'd know that if you listened to his show. he is however bashing ellen and kara for the unintelligent comments that they are making in regards to him. they say he has no musical knowledge but he has been in radio for over 30 years and has helped promote bands such as bon jovi when they were nobodys.
also for those who are interested rosie odonell?{sp} has the same opinion of jay lameo and is not afraid to voice it.
bravo howard and rosie, one day the blind will see!

1695 days ago

Dani G    


Where are all the Stern fans you ask?....we're listening to the KING OF ALL MEDIA and laughing at a real comedy show. It's a private club on Sirius Radio - Moron's are not allowed to listen. Bub-bye now...

1695 days ago


I don't appreciate people bashing Howard Stern fans. I'm an intelligent, successful, woman who has listened, and enjoyed Howard Stern for 15 years. Just because you don't like what his show talks about, or what he does, doesn't mean you need to slander anyone who enjoys his show. Fact of the matter is, none of you can take away the success he's had with his career.

Howard Stern has opinion, last time I checked, that’s a US right. And CBS Early Show KNEW his opinion, and KNEW what he was going to say, they obviously were interested.

If you don't like Howard, or his opinions, simply walk away from the TV or don’t turn on Sirus. But for christ sakes, quit the childish slander of the people who do enjoy his ENTERTAINMENT.

1695 days ago
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