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Two Day Investigation in Jackson Stun Gun Case

3/2/2010 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will conduct a two day investigation into the stun gun incident at the home of Michael Jackson's family ... sources tell TMZ.

katherine jackson

We're told DCFS will come to the house today after Michael Jackson's kids -- as well as the other kids living at the home -- return from school. DCFS will interview each of the children separately today and tomorrow. DCFS also wants to interview all the employees on the property, one by one. DCFS is also asking off-duty employees to come over for interviews.

As we reported, security personnel on the property heard strange sounds coming from the second floor of the house last week. When they investigated, they found the children upstairs playing with the stun gun "trying to zap each other, including Blanket." One source says Jermaine's kids were also pointing the stun gun at Michael's son, Prince.

We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, purchased the stun gun online.

The gun was confiscated by DCFS last night.


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by raggmopp28

Get your facts! No he isn't! Stop being jealous those children beautiful children are from MJ!

1593 days ago


One day a kid is picking up stun guns online, the next.....automatic weapons?? Sounds like there are 2 types of kids in this house; decent ones & little hellions. I agree that with all the nanny & bodyguard help, WTH??

Yes absolutely DCFS should be involved! Something wrong when a 13 y/o wants to zap his family members with a stun gun, particularly a 7 yr. old. Come get your kids Jermaine & stop dumping them off on Granny so your wife can go get her hair done.

1593 days ago


There might be some resentment there.
I'm glad the Department of Children's Services is involved.
Jermaine Jackson needs to take his children away to their own
home. If Michael Jackson were here on Earth his children would not have to live with Jermaine's, Jamal, who likes stun guns.

1593 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

14. *** I thought everybody said that the kiddos were home schooled?

Posted at 5:09PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by Tellit

This doesn't gel. Why are they waiting for the children to get home from school when it has been said that they are home schooled. If any of these children are in public or private schools DCFS will also conduct on site interviews at that facility with the children and teachers/staff.

Why was DCFS told that the children were at school? Guess they're just waiting to go back out when EVERYONE that they want to question will be present. (this gives the Jackson clan/employees plenty of time to get their stories straight with each other! lol)

1593 days ago


Jaffar is a ass. Jermaine shoould leanr how to take care of his own kids instead of having his loving mother do it. She has enough to deal with and now she has to deal with this. Jermaine's kids are a bad influence on Michael's. Stay strong Katherine and Paris, Prince, and Blanket. I love you!

1593 days ago


Michael would be so proud.

1593 days ago


It figures it's Jerlame's kids that are the thugs.

1593 days ago


sounds like michael always had activities for those children learning stuff now they are being infected and jeopardized by has been people, sounds like when the cat is away the mice will play, only now there is a rat in the house.

1593 days ago


I regretably saw one of the "Jackson Family Dynasty" shows. Did you see that Jermaine's wife was putting on his shoes for him? Jeez Jermaine, never even learned how to put on your own shoes? You are the biggest ass****. Marrying your brothers ex-wife. Where is Michael's sister Rebbie? I know she is in Vegas and she was supposed to be a main stay in MJ's kids lives. I say, give Jermaine's kids the boot and raise those monsters yourself. Katherine is trying to give MJ's kids a sense of normalcy, and there is nothing normal about Jermaine and HIS family! No wonder why Michael called them all money hungry lazy ass moochers. Katherine is old and grieving for her son. He doesn't need this extra BS going on in her home. She needs to have the stength to give everyone the boot except the MJ's kids, security and the nannies.

1593 days ago


Since Michael died these kids have been in danger since the car accident caused by paps and now their cousin tries to stun gun them. MICHAEL COME BACK YOUR KIDS NEED YOU THEY ARE BEING RUINED.

1593 days ago


Can you imagine what Michael would do??!! LOL! Well let's see...AFTER he got done tearing Jermaine a new a..hole & slapping that little Jaffar silly....hehe.

There's a REASON Michael didn't come 'home' to the Encino compound very often. I realize he left his kids to his mom but don't think he bargained for this!


1593 days ago


This is why Michael didn't want black kids or want his kids around them. I don't blame him. They're animals. The family is getting 80K a month to care for the children as well as a large support system and they can't do it. How long before Mohammed Jackson rapes Paris or cuts off one of Prince's body parts or drowns Blanket?
They need to take those kids away and place them with a white family.

1593 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Oh my god, someone needs to remove Michael's kids from the care of Katherine J.. Why isn't Jermaine watching is own kids and isn't she too old to be a mom to such young children? Jermaines kids are jealous of how rich their cousins are and I wouldn't be surprised if they pick on them. This is serious and it's a known fact that Michaels kids are let to run wild and Jermaine doesn't have good parenting skills. His kids are wild and feel entitled. I am scared for Michaels kids and Michael would be so sad if he saw his kids not being protected. What if one of those kids had died or become seriously injured? Someone needs to take Michaels kids away from that Jackson house and find them stable parents. I don't think any of the Jacksons are stable people and this includes Katherine. Jermaine is a worthless jerk who is too busy putting grease on his hair to be a good parent and it shows in his childrens lack of stability. A bunch of running wild children at the jackson house and child services should take them away.

1593 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

Quite obviously, Jermaine is the white sheep of the Jackson family.

1593 days ago


What the hell is one individual going on about the Brando's they are nothing to do with Michael's children. Did you know Marlon Brando was a child abuser, he raped his own stepdaughter.

1593 days ago
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