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Two Day Investigation in Jackson Stun Gun Case

3/2/2010 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will conduct a two day investigation into the stun gun incident at the home of Michael Jackson's family ... sources tell TMZ.

katherine jackson

We're told DCFS will come to the house today after Michael Jackson's kids -- as well as the other kids living at the home -- return from school. DCFS will interview each of the children separately today and tomorrow. DCFS also wants to interview all the employees on the property, one by one. DCFS is also asking off-duty employees to come over for interviews.

As we reported, security personnel on the property heard strange sounds coming from the second floor of the house last week. When they investigated, they found the children upstairs playing with the stun gun "trying to zap each other, including Blanket." One source says Jermaine's kids were also pointing the stun gun at Michael's son, Prince.

We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, purchased the stun gun online.

The gun was confiscated by DCFS last night.


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Words worth repeating.
Thank you, JanieJ
"Oh my god, someone needs to remove Michael's kids from the care of Katherine J.. Why isn't Jermaine watching is own kids and isn't she too old to be a mom to such young children? Jermaines kids are jealous of how rich their cousins are and I wouldn't be surprised if they pick on them. This is serious and it's a known fact that Michaels kids are let to run wild and Jermaine doesn't have good parenting skills. His kids are wild and feel entitled. I am scared for Michaels kids and Michael would be so sad if he saw his kids not being protected. What if one of those kids had died or become seriously injured? Someone needs to take Michaels kids away from that Jackson house and find them stable parents. I don't think any of the Jacksons are stable people and this includes Katherine. Jermaine is a worthless jerk who is too busy putting grease on his hair to be a good parent and it shows in his childrens lack of stability. A bunch of running wild children at the jackson house and child services should take them away."

1604 days ago


1) I know that MJ's children see a therapist. Do Jermaine's children also see a therapist after the loss of their wonderful uncle? Perhaps this is Jaafar's way of seeking out help (I know that's sappy, but it's still a good idea).

2) I hope that the Jackson family starts to transition MJ's children to a new guardian (e.g. Janet, Debbie). Not because of this, which is, generally, typical of children this age. I just think of Blanket being only 8 yrs. old. Katherine's 80 (or 81 now?), and not getting younger (no one does). I don't think it would be good for them to loose another parent (a guardian is a parent) before they grow up. It's hard to loose a parent even when you're an adult. They need more stability.

3) I think it is great that they get to spend so much time with their cousins, but is it really what MJ intended? They didn't spend that much time together when he was alive. The 3 are more used to a Quartet, a more nuclear family.

4) Katherine could move into Janet's house with MJ3, and leave the Encino (yes?) house for Jermaine children to live in. Or for Joe to live in (with them - he'd discipline them :0 ). I think Katherine should get to "retire" and be taken care of (at Janet's house). It's the next generation's turn to be the parents, and her time to be JUST the Grandma (of course there's no JUST about Grandmas).

Both of my parents battled cancer, and I was one of their primary care givers. I know it's hard for the parents to be taken care of, and I know what it's like to be the child who becomes the care giver. But, I had to accept my new role. I think it's time for the next generation to accept their's, even if it is hard.

I was 31, far younger than any of the Jackson kids, e.g. Janet. I can't imagine putting this kind of responsibility on my mother if she had lived to be 80. The Jackson family members take a long time to grow up.

1604 days ago


Those poor kids don't have a chance, they will grow up spoiled & used & just as crazy & messed up as Michael was. If Michael hated his Father so much, why did he leave the kids to his Mother? He knew Joe Jackson has all the power in that household. Everyday we here of another celeb's child ending there lives.. Money is the root of all evil. Those kids will never know who really loves them or loves there money. Very sad!

1604 days ago


SHEESH..could you imagine if Michael was around to witness this. It seems that history is repeating itself...Mikes brothers bugged him and made his life miserable because he was the most famous of them all and now the cousins are starting up on Mikes kids because they are jealous because they are the most famous kids in the world. They are probably rivaling over which cousin is most famous now!! The other grandchildren would be living a very meager life if it wasnt for uncle Mikes success so they should be kissing the butts of Michaels kids right about now.WHY IN HELL DOES KATHERINE HAVE ALL THOSE OTHER GRANDCHILDREN LIVING WITH HER??? The Jackson Bro's go preaching in jails and promoting family and can't even house and care for their own kids day to day.... My life is starting to look better and better everyday. Jermaine I really don't like you...with Mike gone u ain't that important!!!

1604 days ago


The morons that are commenting this is "no big deal", and "leave them alone", obviously do not have any children. A very small child like Blanket could have been SERIOUSLY injured.

I am not even a Michael fan, but someone actually USING this weapon is cause for alarm!!!!!!!!!!!!

1604 days ago


Jermaine Jackson has been trying to gain custody of his children for a long time.

DCFS have already been involved when the boys went to school and their teacher called detailing the physical abuse at the hands of their mother Alijandra.

If she were an active parent she would have been watching her children and none of this wouldn't happen.

Please people don't bash the Jackson's if you don't know them. This has nothing to do with Jermaine. The children live with their unfit mother who is leeching off of Katherine Jackson.

The sheer number of people that live at Hayvenhurst that are irresponsible adults is staggering. Maybe TMZ should do a report on that.

If Katherine Jackson were in sole control of the raising of all of her grandchildren the situation would be so different.

And yes, the children are home schooled.

1604 days ago


It,s all wackos fault he chose drugs over his kids now they are suffering the consequence.

1604 days ago


1st of all, these three children are a cash cow. They are worth a fortune, there is no telling how the other family members are benefiting from them just living there.

2ndly I seriously believe there is some sort of jealously between Jermaine's kids and Michael's kid. Hell Jermaine was jealous of Michael his whole life, and I am sure the kids are jealous of all the special treatment Michael's kids receive.

I believe that the children should be removed, and placed somewhere they are loved and nurtured not chased with a stun gun, that's sickening, they gave the jackson family a try but, personally there are to many kids there. Michael wanted his kids to have a normal life , and this is not what i think he had in mind.

1604 days ago


I can only imagine what South Park is going to do with this one.

1604 days ago

danger baby    

So much for 'the kids are happy and healthy'. Send Jermaine's kid to juvie hall. This is outrageous. Then fire whoever it is who is supposed to be minding the children and get someone who actually knows how to do their job.

MJ would be very angry about this if he were here. R.I.P. MJ.

1604 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

Did you know Marlon Brando was a child abuser, he raped his own stepdaughter.

Posted at 5:56PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by freak

Really? I only know he was a womaniser. I didn't know about his stepdaughter. Oh boy!

1604 days ago


This is horrible.
Those poor children are never going to be able to live a normal life.

1604 days ago


I'm scared for MJ3. Not because of the alleged stun gun stuff, but because they (especially Prince) must have been witness to activities by Dr. Murray and others. You know....witness to a murder....not safe.
It may sound a bit paranoid, but after what has happened to MJ, nothing seems out of the realm of possibility.

Please be kind in your comments. Clearly, if those kids get online (allegedly) to make purchses, they have access to all that is said about them and their father.



1604 days ago


Where was Hermione when this was going on?

I mean, where was Paris when this was going on?

I always think of Paris Jackson as being like Hermione Granger in the HP books, so I call her Hermione Jackson. :)

1604 days ago


Why is Jermaine's kids there anyway. Katherine needs to put them out. But she has not backbone it will never happen!

1604 days ago
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