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Two Day Investigation in Jackson Stun Gun Case

3/2/2010 6:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will conduct a two day investigation into the stun gun incident at the home of Michael Jackson's family ... sources tell TMZ.

katherine jackson

We're told DCFS will come to the house today after Michael Jackson's kids -- as well as the other kids living at the home -- return from school. DCFS will interview each of the children separately today and tomorrow. DCFS also wants to interview all the employees on the property, one by one. DCFS is also asking off-duty employees to come over for interviews.

As we reported, security personnel on the property heard strange sounds coming from the second floor of the house last week. When they investigated, they found the children upstairs playing with the stun gun "trying to zap each other, including Blanket." One source says Jermaine's kids were also pointing the stun gun at Michael's son, Prince.

We broke the story that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, purchased the stun gun online.

The gun was confiscated by DCFS last night.


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Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

Well obviously this kid has access to a credit card to be ordering on line...who PAYS that...Jermaine??..Yeah Right!LOLOLOL
Why is Jermaine NOT taking care of his own kids instead of having his 80 year old mom do it??? Looks like he has money to sport around town with a fancy as$ car, travel the world and buy a whole new wardrobe so he can dress like Michael!!
Well if Jermaines kids have NO supervision on the computer...just imagine what MJ3 sees on the internet??? Sad:(

1639 days ago

danger baby    

This is indeed very serious. If the children are removed from custody, bye bye ka-ching!

1639 days ago


To those who comment that we aren't taking the stun gun part seriously, I say: remember that this is hardly more than a rumour, and it is also a very preliminary report.

It's also not really our business. It's the business of the Jackson Family, the Family Court, and Social Services.

I know that sounds contradictory to what I said about Katherine being too old, and should move in with Janet, but that is a suggestion, not a legal issue. Some of the people are posting that this 13 year old boy should go to jail or be whipped. I'm just suggesting that they change some of the living situations for the children, so there is better supervision. And, since I have experience with it, I'm suggesting that the Jackson Kids - MJ's generation - should take responsibility and let Katherine "retire". No prison time involved, no physical assaults. But, loving, caring family action of adult kids taking care of their parents.

If you haven't had to take care of your parents, you probably will one day.

1639 days ago


The only children that should be removed are Jermaines along with his ex-wife! If MJ were alive Prince,Paris and Blanket would be with him! MJ always took care of HIS children,and made sure they were provided for!

1639 days ago


what's sad is the intense brainwashing that's taking place right now with Michael's children to make sure their stories are straight. "Remember kids tell the social worker nothing happened" I have always felt katherine really wasn't taking care of MJ3, more so just collecting the monthly checks. and as for the "cousins" their kids and I'm sure highly jealous of P P & B.


1639 days ago


Jermaine needs to start paying child support and their mother needs to get off her a$$ and get a job and move out and support her kids like most other single moms have to do instead of living off Michael's money through Katherine.

What is going to happen to these kids (Jermaine's) when they grow up and have to leave home (HA like that would ever happen), get jobs and support themselves? They obviously do not have good supervision and I doubt anyone is really teaching them any morals or how to act. I'm sorry, but a 13 year old is old enough to know that they could hurt someone with that stun gun. And a kid of Blanket's size could easily get an arrhythmia and drop dead. It's happened to adults for crying out loud, much less a little kid!

This just solidifies my opinion that most of the Jackson family are nothing but low-life ne'er-do-wells who will always expect a hand out. In this case you can blame Jermaine and Alejandra. It's sickening.

1639 days ago


These kids do not need to live in this house. They need to be with Rebie, or Diana , which is what Michael wanted. Jermaine need to take care of his own kids with his new wife. This is disgusting.

1639 days ago



1639 days ago


TMZ, find something else to talk about~~you are fricking reaching~~leave these people alone(you can f*** with Jermaine and his kids, but Michael Jackson was put through hell and you will not give his kids or Catherine a break~~~I might have to start reading the National Inquirer, would be a first for me~you guys are just too scuzzy, sleazy and skanky~~~

1639 days ago



1639 days ago

dont beLIEve the hype...    

92. RUBBISH...

Posted at 8:32PM on Mar 2nd 2010 by lankandiva:beLIEves,open your mind


1639 days ago


I have to hand it to you TMZ. If there wasn't something relating to MJ you would be out of business. Wake up smell the coffee and move on. Enough is enough.

1639 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

It's timee for Jermaine's ex-wife to move out of and get her own place. The children from Jermaine and his brother born by this women need to be returned to their Dad's. If these were real men, they would take care of their children, instead of making their grandmother responsible. She's 80 years old, way too old to be raising children even with help. You guy, get jobs and start taking responsiblity for your own families.
Thank goodness it was only a stun-gun and not a real gun that Jermaine's son purchased this time. Stun-guns are very dangerous and can cause death.
DPS should have removed all the children and let the court resolve the issue of child protection for Michael's children.
This is not a game, the Jackson's have to realize that they are not above the law.
Where's the attorney who represents Michael's children? Step up and take care of Michael's children. They need you now before they are hurt or injured.

Let's not take anymore chances with their lives, Michael is probably looking down and crying to see what his family is doing to his children.

1638 days ago

kat If this were any other family it wouldn't be all over the news. It's "news"(tabloid junk) because they are the Jacksons. More specifically, Michael Jackson's children. Even more specific, another dig at Michael Jackson. Let's here some real news. Not speculation and innuendo. On second thought, I don't think the tabloid media is capable of that. I think you would make just as much money if you told the truth. ;)

1637 days ago


I hate the fact that when mj was living the media mess with him his whole life about anything and everything he couldn't get peace in life and now they're after his children! I'm sick and tired of them messing with his entire family mother, kids, or whoever has that last name jackson, leave his family alone and mind their own business. To many folks are trying to run the jackson household but the media isn't the one paying any bills!!
I'm a fan of michael jackson and I'm so sad he is gone he was a sweet person it's to bad so many people couldn't see that .

1512 days ago
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