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President Obama's Image High-Jacked for Pot Ad

3/2/2010 2:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is now the poster child for an upcoming pot party celebrating his first year in office. Only problem: No one asked his high-ness for permission before Photoshopping a fake joint in his mouth.

President Obama's Image High-Jacked for Pot Ad

The ganja gala is set to go down this weekend in L.A. -- and according to the ad, marijuana patients are going to "celebrate Obama ending DEA raids" on weed stores.

A rep for the White House told TMZ there's a longstanding policy "disapproving of the use of the President's name and likeness for commercial purposes" -- but the rep wouldn't say if the Photoshoppin' potheads were going to face legal action over the ad.

Either way ... we're guessing the wave of paranoia that's about to engulf the tokers responsible for messing with the Most Powerful Man on the Planet will be punishment enough.


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I can't wait until you white Americans get what is coming to you. I hope it is much better than what happen before.

1658 days ago


I wouldn't place any money on Obama ending raids on Medical Marijuana patients, dispensaries, and grows. We've already seen a few DEA raids within the last month.

1658 days ago


@Dan, et. al.

I take offense to that "right-wing" comment. I happen to be "right-wing", and I support legalization 100%.

1658 days ago


Why does everyone disrespect this man because he is black? I'm ashamed of America.

1658 days ago

Your Mom    

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's the NJ Weedman lighting up the president! That guy ran for office in NJ a couple years ago.

1658 days ago

Your Mom    

and he lives in Browns Mills! He's a Browns Millionaire!

1658 days ago


I don't see what all the fuss is. Everyone knows it's photo shopped & no one believes it anyway. If they start going after everyone who uses his pic to make funny pictures, they'll be going after over half the people on the internet. But I gotta admit, it is funny.

1658 days ago


My Aunt just died of cancer.

If she took marijuana, I would still have her here.

Marijuana is a gift from god, for the people who need it.

And many people need it!

Not just for cancer or life!

1658 days ago


i'm high right noww hahahaa
one love

1658 days ago


it has nothing to do with the color of his skin he is half white. it has everything to do with his failure to lead

1658 days ago


This ad is a disgrace! How disrespectful to our President!

Fyi: Marijuana causes cancer. Find out more at:

1658 days ago


The only reason why marijuana is illegal:

Back in the day the Mexicans grew it and the black man smoked it.

Whitey didn't like that, so they made it a class A drug.

Now it is a class C next to some painkillers.

Marijuana is not for children or stupid people, because it will enhance the dumb.

Marijuana is for intelligent people and the sick only.

It actually enhances creativity and makes a smart person smarter. Look it up!

People just need to get educated!

And if you don’t like what I wrote, you are most likely very low on the IQ scale and will never get it!!!

Freedom people! Freedom!

1658 days ago


To #66 ocmli2010

You have to be retarded!!!!
That website you gave is about fungus (mold) on the plants causing problems.

If marijuana were regulated, there would be no problems with mold!

God, I hate ignorant people!!!!

1658 days ago

Chris Bundy    

Bunch of pot head bums, they should all be dragged out to the street and executed. Why does that guy on the left have his hair matted together in clumps, look like he has a bunch of turds hanging off his head. Is it because he spent all his money on dope that he couldn't afford a hair brush?

1658 days ago


Rasta Dude has a white arm

1657 days ago
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