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Smithsonian to OJ:

Thanks, But No Thanks

3/2/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

2:16 PM ET: The Smithsonian has officially rejected O.J.'s suit.

It was generous of noted killer OJ Simpson to donate his "acquittal suit" to the Smithsonian Institution, but an official there told TMZ, "It is highly unlikely we will accept it."

A judge yesterday green lit the move to donate the suit Simpson was wearing when the misguided jury found him not guilty of murdering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

An official from the Smithsonian ... who did not want to be ID'd ... told TMZ this AM before accepting anything the item would go to museum curators for review. The curator then sends the item to one of the various museums -- e.g., the National Museum of American History. A review is then conducted.

The official said no one has offered the suit to the Institution yet, but the official does not believe OJ Simpson's acquittal suit will pass muster.

FYI ... We're told there is no "Crime Section." Oh, and one more thing. The Smithsonian passed on Monica Lewinsky's famous blue


No Avatar


The whole thing is a joke

1696 days ago


Isn't there a Black History Museum? It can go in the section, "Another 1000 Ways We Screwed Whitey."

1696 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about this man and this case. The only thing Iam more sick of is seeing is the gold digging goldmans on tv and every news show.Their son was trash and they did not even talk to him but after he was dead they came out of the woodwork to get media coverage.

1696 days ago


How about the glove...hear there's another one somewhere!

1696 days ago


Put the glove and suit back on the murderer and then let the Goldman and Simpson Families bury the entire heap in a landfill at the center of the Earth.

1696 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

MAX!!!! Defending him??? Who do YOU THINK KILLED THEM? Innocent and NOT GUILTY are quite different things. If he wasn't famous, it wouldn't have taken a theft conviction - he would have been long gone...

1696 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

That suit would look a lot better with a bullet hole through it!

1696 days ago


The suit belongs there for the simple reason that it should be a reminder of how the law can be manipulated and a killer can be set feee while two families and countless people remain behind to suffer th lose and injustice.

This suit is a reminder of a sad day in our history and a victory for criminals. It proves that anyone with the right amount of money, conections, press, and lawyers you can beat the judicial system in america. Unfortunately if you're poor and not guilty but can't afford to pay for freedom you will most likely spend years if not he rest of your life rotting in jail.

1696 days ago

Politico Pablo    

In Hell, if there is such a place, along with the person who once wore it!

1696 days ago


OJ nearly cut their heads off you idiot. Manslaughter?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a sick person. Hopefully karma will get you like it finally got OJ.

1696 days ago


Tina You are wrong the whole thing is a joke

1696 days ago

happy day    

Has anyone noticed he is the only person still alive out og that whole group, WoW John Lennon wrote a song about Karma??? All those Lawyers are dead wonder why???

1696 days ago


Two people being killed is a joke? There are no words. I hope the same thing happens to you and then they can get off. You have no soul.

1696 days ago


I not only second it, Gladhe8her, I third, fourth and fifth it.

1696 days ago


I hope the Smithsonian does not accept that suit. I think OJ would like that and that makes me sick. The limo driver's testimony was the clincher for me. But it would have taken a video tape of the murder to convince the jury and then the defense would say it was doctored. Johnny Cochran was a smart man, and because of that no one will ever convince me he didn't think OJ was guilty. OJ's wife called it. She said he would kill her some day and he would get away with it.

1696 days ago
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