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Smithsonian to OJ:

Thanks, But No Thanks

3/2/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

2:16 PM ET: The Smithsonian has officially rejected O.J.'s suit.

It was generous of noted killer OJ Simpson to donate his "acquittal suit" to the Smithsonian Institution, but an official there told TMZ, "It is highly unlikely we will accept it."

A judge yesterday green lit the move to donate the suit Simpson was wearing when the misguided jury found him not guilty of murdering Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

An official from the Smithsonian ... who did not want to be ID'd ... told TMZ this AM before accepting anything the item would go to museum curators for review. The curator then sends the item to one of the various museums -- e.g., the National Museum of American History. A review is then conducted.

The official said no one has offered the suit to the Institution yet, but the official does not believe OJ Simpson's acquittal suit will pass muster.

FYI ... We're told there is no "Crime Section." Oh, and one more thing. The Smithsonian passed on Monica Lewinsky's famous blue


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Tina You are wrong the whole thing is a joke

1594 days ago


I hope to God that the Smithsonain does not except it Its a bad reminder how a abuser got off It proves that he didn't face the charge the first time and his crookenness got him THats why this crook is locked up now its hard when you look at your face and know you killed the beautifule people who side with oj will never see to true thing they see race But the fact is he is locked up now You cant run from it oj you loser!!

1594 days ago


Not all of the defense lawyers are dead. F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro and Barry Scheck are still living.

1594 days ago


Should be in D.C. Exhibit called "Most @#$%ed up cases by states!!!" Forced the jury to vote NG(So @#$%ed case by CA)!!! If DNA Tests existed then, he would've been in the house so fast. They all were annoying!!! Can't be surprised when he killed that byatch. Think of or listen to the song s#$t, d#$n, MFer!! by D'Angelo.

1594 days ago

don't believe it    

I'll never forget the scene where they showed the Brown college and there was about 200 students standing up cheering when OJ was let off the hook for killing those two human beings ...It just struck me as cold blooded for the black community to feel its OK to kill as long as its one of their own ...Disgusting ....You'd have to be a mental midget to watch that trial and not know he was guilty ...

1594 days ago


Johnny Cochran died not so long afterwards of a cancerous, inoperable brain tumor.
Robert Kardashian died of cancer.
Robert Shapiro is still alive, but his son died from an overdose on drugs.
F. Lee Bailey, last I heard, was having legal/financial/drunkenness problems, something like that.

1594 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Auction it off and give the proceeds to the Goldmans.

1594 days ago


I have knowledge that would have convicted Simpson!You see I like Leather! And I have sewn leather collars on some jackets of mine!And if you get leather wet and leave it in the sun to dry,or put it in a dryer,it will shrink! And that is why the glove that OJ used was too small on him when he tried it on in court!They cannot try him twice for the same charge!But they can change the charge and put him in jail for a long time!

1594 days ago


Yes, they should put it in some tacky, tabloid-esque museum of crime and punishment, along with crime scene and autopsy photos of Nicole and Ron Goldman.

1594 days ago


Spiderman, I will never forget the way he mugged "trying" to pull on those shrunken gloves over his bare skin.

Can you imagine a human being with a heart and soul even bringing himself to TOUCH the gloves presumed to be soaked in the blood of the decapitated mother of your children?

Yet he played it like a party joke, without hesitation, evincing not the slightest disgust for the tools of her murder.

I do wonder how Justin and Sydney are these days and how they deal with the truth of what happened to their mother in their own hearts.

1594 days ago


release him to free

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1593 days ago


The whole thing is a joke

1592 days ago

bertina batteries    

I think they should donate the white bronco and the gloves. Then pictures of those fools cheering OJ on while he runs from a murder charge,

Read more:

1592 days ago


it is cool LCD Monitor

1547 days ago


cut off the head of his penis and make him eat it raw !!! then skin him alive ..... this would be to good for this piece of s___t.. cochran got what he deserved ,lets get the rest!!!!

1527 days ago
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