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Apolo Ohno:

I Can Basically

Leg Press a Ton

3/3/2010 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apolo Ohno's lower body is so powerful -- dude claims he can leg press 1800 pounds of raw steel ... which is the Hollywood equivalent of 20 Nicole Richies.

Apolo Ohno: I Can Basically Leg Press a Ton

For the record, Ohno only weighs about 145 -- without his eight Olympic medals of course.

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I enjoyed watching Apolo and the other speed skaters. Shani Davis is another of my favorites. I even found myself happy that Chad finally got another gold medal, arrogant man that he is.
Apolo isn't arrogant, he simply answered a question. If you cannot do, what he can, then don't be hating.
The young man that cut his femoral artery in (training) practice, forgotten his name, but great watching that young man too.
Congratulations to all these men and Canada you too.

1640 days ago


you are a bunch of f*cking haters! i'd like to see you bunch of f*cking lard a$$e$ perform just ONE of the workouts that apolo ohno performs. he has EIGHT medals, people!! you don't EARN eight medals without being one hell of an athlete!

1640 days ago


65. Anyone on here dissing Apolo is clearly jealous. It might seem impossible for people sittin on their asses all day behind the computer doing nothing, but for an this Olympic athlete and gold medalist, I'm sure he's telling the truth! Why would he lie about something so stupid? Umm...he has to get his legs worked out pretty damn good to be the world's best speed skater! GO APOLO!!! America LOVES you!!!

Posted at 7:19AM on Mar 4th 2010 by Bitchen

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/03/apolo-ohno-leg-press-1800-pounds-video/5#comments#ixzz0hEKOvU7H
Jealous? You moron no one is Jealous people on here are speaking the truth trashing this buffoon! No Gold Go away plain and simple. Oh No!

1640 days ago


Maybe you ought to talk to his thought-controlling Dad.
Makes Hitler look like Mr. Rogers.
That and the fact that you are queer as a 3 dollar bill.

1639 days ago


@ Dorinha (#69)

Once you used pissing and tripe in your argument, i realized you were just spewing pointless banter. All you added to the "discussion" was an array of puzzling context and a metaphor to boxing; quite appealing to idiocy. Maybe should hit the gym, champ, and move down a few weight classes b/c your big 'ole brain is producing a truckload of hot air

1639 days ago


There was nothing puzzling about my reply, Tim. In short, you need to smarten up. Had you argued simple facts rather than tossing around bush-league insults about Canada, I wouldn't have called you on your behavior. Rather than manning up to your childishness, you wrote another immature reply.

1638 days ago


regarding the leg-pressing argument : my 83-year old mom was recently hospitalized for 6 weeks for a serious abdominal surgery. what do you think she had tacked to her bulletin board for inspiration for her rehab - ? a photo from a magazine of apolo ohno leg pressing 1800 pounds. YES - its for real, people.

as for the DQ in the 500m race : i agree with the poster above that had the canadian remained standing, no DQ would have been called on ohno. intersting that in the final of the 1000m race the week before apolo was clearly pushed out of a contending position (from second to last place) by one of the candian skaters which should have resulted in the canadian skater being DQ'd but none was called...still, apolo was strong enough not only to remain on his feet but to pass on the outside to gain a(nother) medal.

maybe it was all the hard work, prep and leg pressing?

1637 days ago


....probably not?? if he's so awesome....why no gold at 2010??? hmmmm...weird...oh wait.. canadian judges messed it up for him, NOT! he sucks...

1637 days ago



Id rather be "childish" b/c this is tmz.com not the f'in new york post. If you want to argue with someone more intelligent then go to their website *yawn*. BTW thanks for calling me out on my comment...that was the whole reason for me putting it on here :D

Tim the Troll

PS Don't take everything so personally

1636 days ago


Suck it up, stupid Koreans/Canadians (but mostly Koreans).
lol Don't be jealous, just because you're sitting in front of a computer screen, reading TMZ, and Apolo is at numerous media events with his 8 medals and his trophy from Dancing With The Stars.
He's a celebrity, you're a fat-ass reading TMZ.

1533 days ago
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